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Thread: Changing country name

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    Changing country name

    I have been through every thread plus looked in the guides and i can not seem to find it so i'll just ask here.

    Is it possible to change the name of a country by decision like it was in EUIII or do i have to mod in another country 90% similar and tag change to be able to get another name?

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    You can define different names for different government forms (for example, you can call the Papal States "Roman Republic", if it becomes a republic), but AFAIK it's not possible to change the country name. It's possible, however, to change the name of a Province or State by decision... maybe Paradox could add this possibility in the next patch for the modders (as well as the possibility to change the main culture, so you would not need extra tags to show a California dominated by mexicans or a South Africa controlled by Boers.
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    How do I do that, make the changes so my country changes namne with goverment? I've been trying to figure it out for quite a while now but I just cant find out how...

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    It's fairly easy to do, you just have to know how.

    Just go to you Victoria 2 game folder (wherever you have it installed) and then go into the "localisation" folder. Open the file called "text" (or "text.CSV") with Notepad or some similar program; there you'll find lists of what the game will call certain countries in different circumstances. The first one of the countries should be Albania and will look like this:

    The three letter code is that country's tag (every country has a unique one) and the names are what the game will call the country in different languages (English, French, German and Spanish, in that order). So if you want to change the name of a country, just change those entries. There's also another line which specifies what the descriptive adjective for that country will be, in this case:
    ALB_ADJ;Albanian;Albanais;Albanisch;;Alana;;;;;;;; ;x

    Then, if you want to get a little more advanced, you can create another line which tells the game to change the name of the country depending on what government type it has. Albania doesn't have one of these (most countries don't), but I've created a few of them when making new countries for mods, for instance here's what the code for my Ashanti Empire looks like:

    ASH;Ashanti;Ashanti;Aschanti;;Asantia;;;;;;;;;;x;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_ADJ;Ashanti;Ashanti;Aschanti;;;;;;;;;;;;x;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_conservative;Royal Faction;Faction royale;Königsfraktion;;;;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_liberal;Reform Faction;Faction de réforme;Verbesserung Fraktion;;;;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_reactionary;Empire Faction;Faction d'empire;Reich Fraktion;;;;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_anarcho_liberal;Radical Faction;Faction radicale;Die radikale Fraktion;;;;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_socialist;Socialist Faction;Faction socialiste;Die sozialistische Fraktion;;;;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_communist;Communist Faction;Faction communiste;Die kommunistische Fraktion;;;;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_fascist;Fascist Faction;Faction fasciste;Die faschistische Fraktion;;;;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_proletarian_dictatorship;Ghana;Ghana;Ghana;;Gh ana;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_proletarian_dictatorship_ADJ;Ghanaian;Ghanaian ;Ghanaisch;;Ghanés;;;;;;;;;x
    ASH_fascist_dictatorship;Ghana;Ghana;Ghana;;Ghana; ;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_fascist_dictatorship_ADJ;Ghanaian;Ghanaian;Gha naisch;;Ghanés;;;;;;;;;x
    ASH_bourgeois_dictatorship;Ghana;Ghana;Ghana;;Ghan a;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_bourgeois_dictatorship_ADJ;Ghanaian;Ghanaian;G hanaisch;;Ghanés;;;;;;;;;x
    ASH_presidential_dictatorship;Ghana;Ghana;Ghana;;G hana;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_presidential_dictatorship_ADJ;Ghanaian;Ghanaia n;Ghanaisch;;Ghanés;;;;;;;;;x
    ASH_democracy;Ghana;Ghana;Ghana;;Ghana;;;;;;;;;x;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;
    ASH_democracy_ADJ;Ghanaian;Ghanaian;Ghanaisch;;Gha nés;;;;;;;;;x
    You can see the political parties there too, but if it's country renaming you're interested in you can see that I've set it so that if the Ashanti stops being a Monarchy it will be renamed Ghana and the adjective will also change to Ghanaian, etc. You can do this with any country (just make sure they don't already have one), the valid government types are:

    So, to recap, the code to use is simply:
    TAG_government type;English name;French name;German name;;Spanish name;;;;;;;;;x;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    TAG_government type_ADJ;English adjective;French adjective ;German adjective;;Spanish adjective;;;;;;;;;x

    Just put these lines in with the rest of the country localisation lines and it should work (not you don't need to actually translate the words into different languages, but I think you do need to put something in those spaces). And do remember, when editing these things to not mess up or change the ";;;;;;;;;x" parts, as the game needs those to read the text properly.

    Hope that explains it for you.

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    Hibernian... Thx mate! I got it now!

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    Where is the localisation folder? I can't find it anywhere on my computer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poggle View Post
    Where is the localisation folder? I can't find it anywhere on my computer!
    where ever your victoria 2 folder is\localisation

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    Well when I do click on my Victoria 2 folder I get these new folders non of them are called or have in them the localisation folder I need. These are the folder I get when I click on the Victoria 2 folder.

    save games

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    Never mind I found the localisation folder! But which mod should I use because I've seen a few types of this. I am trying to keep the name of The German Empire in the game but it keeps changing to Germany when I become a HM's Government.

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