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Thread: Advantages of Laissez-faire

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    Advantages of Laissez-faire

    I've just begun to play V2, and as of yet I don't understand the appeal of laissez-faire economics. It seems to be to your advantage to be able to direct the building of factories, rather than having your hands tied by the whims of capitalists.

    Am I right or am I way off base?

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    actually laissez faire is where only capitalists control the economy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grievous5226 View Post
    actually laissez faire is where only capitalists control the economy.
    Yeah that's what he's concerned with.

    The only advantage that I know of is that L-F increases your overall factory (and RGO?) production. This would net you more tax revenue, while increasing your Capitalists' savings (if you already have a factory base).
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    There are certain production bonuses I believe and it frees up your budget (and mouse/keyboard) to take care of the military, etc rather than building railroads or subsidizing factories. At the moment though LF seems to be FUBAR because, from what I've seen, capitalists never seem to reopen or destroy factories...

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    Nominally, there are production advantages, I believe. Frankly, I think there are few people who choose it.

    Look at IND scores from various countries and it is very tough to get close to them with a comparable country while using a LF economic policy. In fact, its far more common to hear of people with very good scores who switch to LF and watch their economies collapse. Someone may chime in and regale us with their vast industrial might, and I'm sure I could be doing better, but LF is just a tougher road to travel.
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    Great Britain getting a LF government in is usually great for everyone else in the world. They stop subsidising their MASSIVE fabric and regular clothes factories. On a serious note LF isn't completely bad, the increased throughput is certainly a boon to a profitable and devoloped industry, so mainly the GPs. That been said you will want a different government in from time to time to destroy/reopen some industries. Loading a game while you have LF with the odd effects on the economy on reload can sometimes be rather destructive to your industry.

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