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Thread: Deo juvante, vinco – A Papal State AAR

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    Deo juvante, vinco – A Papal State AAR

    Deo Juvante, Vinco – A Papal State AAR

    The year is 1399, the location is Rome, and the person in question is Piero Tomacelli, more commonly known as Pope Boniface IX of the Papal State. He was the second Roman Pope of the Western Schism and he was a man who built Universities and who canonized Saints.
    He wasn’t a man who was keen on maintaining peace, but he was nevertheless forced to live in it for most of the time. Mostly because the major Catholic countries weren’t interested in crusading against the Muslims of the East, even though Bayezid I of the Ottoman Empire have been threatening the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaeologus. But also because of Naples, and the Western Schism now consists of powerful, powerful nations. Nations which would not take Boniface's military decisions lightly for they want him, the Roman Pope of the Papacy to abdicate and they want him to do so now. Taking arms against one of those nations would lead to further tension within the Schismatic conflict.

    He has been restless for too long. Not many days have passed since he made sure to kill the leader of the White Penitents. This, after false encouragement towards the wandering crowd from both himself & The Curia itself. He's gotten tired of it. Tired of the Western Schism, tired of the "pretender of Avignon", and tired of the incredibly disrespectful behaviour from the French States and the countries of Germany & England who wanted his abdication.
    He, was the true pope. He, was the rightful leader of the Catholic Church, and he is going to make it very clear to those who opposes him and the Papal State that they will not be left to do as they please anymore. Not under his reign, and not under any of his successors reign. That time is over.

    He looked out over Rome from a window in the Great Hall of his Palace, said to himself "Deo juvante, vinco..." and then left to meet with his generals and advisor.
    He knows that what he's about to do is going to forever affect the Papal State and the rest of the known world, but he also knows it is necessary. For he will conquer, by the help of God.

    Game Settings


    Moving one to Free Subjects, waiting to Centralise until my second slider change when I have built up my country a little. Don't want to encounter a revolt which will lead to one or more of the following;

    a) Halter my expansion
    b) Cost me money
    c) Slaughter my army

    -2 Inflation... Wouldn't mind saving it as a "Get out of Jail" - card in case I get some Inflation later on...

    Great Men of the Court

    Getting myself a 4* Land Tech Investor which means while I spend most of my money on teching for Gov 4, I will still get some investing done in Land. Imma need those Men at Arms for my WORLD CONQUEST *laughs maniacally*

    *cough cough*.. Oh, very well.

    1. End the Western Schism
    2. Declare the Kingdom of God on Earth
    3. Conquer Judea, Mecca, Constantinople and Alexandria
    4. Take over the rest of the world, obviously

    I must say that I, for one are not afraid of what the world thinks of me. Such word as "Infamy" doesn't exist in my world. I will try to make sure I'm not hated, nor dishonourable but I can't promise anyone anything until the time for me to take that decision actually comes.
    I am always an expanding bastard who takes everything I get and who ruthlessly slaughter all of my rebels. I will make sure to play this game as nice as I can. If I play my cards wrong I might not even get the chance to expand properly.

    I will not re-start any saves or re-make any decisions during the game. I'm giving myself one chance and if I screw up, I screw up. I certainly hope I won't though because it's my first AAR.. >,>

    Question - Is it okay for me to post screenies that are wide-screen or do you wish me to resize them to 800x600 before posting?

    Remember; Deus protector noster - God our protector
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    Chapter I - Friends or Foes?

    "Curae cedit fato".. Boniface IX is concerned... The days of the glorious crusades, the might of the Papal State with their mighty alliances are long gone, and with nations such as Milan and Naples bordering the Papacy, he has the right to be. He wishes to once again strengthen the country's diplomatic level and to make people think of glory when they think of the Papal State. He sends couriers to countries who have stood by his nation's side for a long time, he doubles the nations army and he even starts to mint to make sure his country will afford the wars he knows he has to enter...

    First thing that happens is that I get an alliance offer from Mantua which I decline. Mantua is way small, (one province and one thousand men) and bordering Milan. That's both a dangerous ally (Milan might want to eat them) and it's not a very strong ally (might get eaten by any other country at all really...)

    I am not sure I would have declined their offer if I knew what was upon me though

    I proceed to check out my yummy yummy mission

    FUN! This means I have to declare war upon a country which is a part of the empire AND since I did let two days slip before I hovered over the "Declare War" icon, was guaranteed by Milan, Switzerland, Mantua, Savoy and Tuscany. Not my ideal first war... I guess I have to wait a little bit with that mission...

    I offer Urbino my alliance and they gladly accept, as I will need a couple of alliances in Italy if I wish to survive Naples, Milan and the other despicable sorry excuses for nations! Urbino also gives me military access which is a necessity for securing my two provinces.

    I then get an insult from Milan and decides to check out their mission... Uh-oh.

    I feel that Urbino might not be enough of an ally in case Milan decides to be mean towards me so I ask the Merchant Republic of Venice, and they accept the offer, happy to aid the pope.

    A nice start with two decent alliances - Urbino to secure my land, and Venice, in case Milan gets messy... Or?

    ..... Seriously guys?

    But what's this? During the war I get two new alliance offers, not from Urbino or Venice though but from Mantua (again) and Sicily. Sicily is a strategical good ally because in case I find myself battling with Naples I'll have Sicily to attack from the other side, and Mantua... Well I figured that if that little nation wants to be my ally that bad, then I can't say no. Also, Milan won't be a problem after the current war, I'm going to make sure of that!

    Amicus certus in incerta re cernit - A sure friend is found in an unsure situation
    War, it's faaaaantastic.

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    @Boris - Thanks a lot! I've been playing EU3 since vanilla and I've been lurking here for over a year, reading great AARs so I decided to finally make one myself. I'm a little nervous though because there are so many great AARs out there already and I'm kinda new so I don't know many people here already! Happy to see you find it promising though
    War, it's faaaaantastic.

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    Do you wish me to continue in a narrative sense of writing or should it be more action-oriented?
    War, it's faaaaantastic.

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    Chapter II - Alone and strong

    "Nec hostium timete, nec amicum reusate" Boniface IX yelled while looking out over his army of four thousand strong men. He himself was of course going to participate in the war, for who is he to talk about God's will and justice if he won't stand at the soldiers side to show them the meaning of being blessed?
    Boniface IX was a Pope that has taken very good care of the resources he had. He spent enough on the fleet to make it a feared navy, even though the number of ships was few. His army, consisting then of three thousand infantry and one thousand cavalry was a small well-trained army who strongly believed that god was on their side, their moral was sky-high and they would back down for no-one.
    Not even in the death of their leader...

    The Duchy of Milan was split into two land-masses, having Modena between them. Modena which was said to be a neutral country did not want to give either part military access because they felt it safest to let those who fight do so in their own lands and Modena did not want to become the one who determines the outcome of the war by allowing one of the nations to pass through with their men.

    This forced Milan to use their small and vurnerable cog-fleet to transport men who stood in Liguria to the lands of Pisa and Siena. Something that Boniface could not allow, so he sent out his fleet from Rome to battle the Milano Navy while he ordered his troops from Romagna to aid the city of Rome that was under attack by the army from Siena.

    The navy battle was successful and the amount of money spent on the fleet payed off. The ships then continued to stand outside of the Milanese coast to prevent further ships for moving south towards Papal land.

    The battle of Rome was a fierce battle between the two nations leaders. A battle where Boniface IX's military skills became compensated with the great use of his cavalry, as well as the high morale his troops had.

    The Milanese army was overrun and fled to take shelter in the city of Siena. Boniface IX ordered his army to follow them because he needed to set an example to the world. A Papal enemy is a dead enemy.

    The Milanese army got reinforcements from the city of Siena and Pisa, but it didn't help at all because of the confusion in their regiments and a Papal army that fought like they had god's hand protecting them.

    Boniface IX hunted the army down to Pisa and killed every last one of them, however, he did let the Ruler of Milano to live so that he would remember the day he lost in battle to God.

    With Modena being "neutral", not allowing Milan military access, and with the Papal fleet standing in Milan's way to ship men with their navy, Milan could do nothing but wait for the Papacy to siege their southern provinces.

    The Papal army had no rush, they simply waited for the garrison to fall from desertion, disease and low morale. Pisa was the first to fall after 311 days of terror. Siena on the other hand stood ready for a 528 days. During which Boniface IX got sick from Dysentery and passed away. Many of his soldiers cried on that day because they saw him as the one, true, leader of Catholicism and no man have awaken greater hope for a mighty Papal nation than he did. Last words anyone heard him say was "Ad mortem fidelis" which meant "Faithful unto death"...

    "By the time he was dying it rained, by the time he was gone the sun shined like it never did before. He is with God now" - Mirici Di Loreno, 2nd Regiment Latin Medieval Infantry - Armata Di Roma

    His succeedor, Hadrianus VI was a man of noble descent who was raised in England and who went to Rome in 1396. There he became Boniface IX's right hand who helped him with the military advising and it was his idea to place the Papal fleet outside the Harbour of Milano to incite a status quo in the duchy.

    Hadrianus VI was a man who was hard to bargain with, when he wanted something, then by the hand of God he will get it. He was a strong fighter for a Papal universalmonarchy and his time alongside Boniface IX have done nothing but strengthening his wish to achieve it.

    During his first years of reign the Papal State was still in a war with Milan. A war where the only thing Papal State did, was occupying the provinces of Siena and Pisa while awaiting a generous peace offer from the duchy of Milan. A duchy who could not aid their fallen provinces but who neither could agree to a peace offer of defeat when having a much larger army than their enemies.

    Since he was ruling a nation in war without any fighting he spent time finding local experts in various areas, supporting technological advances, and strategically joining the Holy Roman Empire to increase relations with countries within the Empire as well as getting the option to declare war upon countries, with the right casus belli without getting a dispute with the Emperor.

    However, after realising they would never be allowed to aid their provinces in the south, Milan unwillingly signed a peace offer on the 22nd of July 1405 where they would cede Siena to the Papal State, while annulling their treaties with Ferrara - the latter being something Hadrianus VI would use to his advantages in the next war...

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    Excellent work! A great new AAR with one of my favs, the Papal States!

    Do it in whichever style you prefer, but I personally love the mix of narrative and gameplay you have now.
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    I agree. I prefer gameplay AARs myself, but the mix is cool. I'll keep reading!

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    Started out well! I prefer gameplay with a slight bit of narrative thrown in. Keep continuing the way you are doing now I'd say.

    When I use this color I am speaking as a Moderator.

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    Great work. Subscribed.
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    Ashantai: Thank you! You're one of the writAARs that got me interested in writing one myself, so I should thank you for that! Also, what could go wrong with a little Popey action? Expand until implosion!
    Omen: Thanks for the support, glad to have you aboard
    Qorten: Cheers!
    Boris: Thanks, glad you like it!
    JDMS: Thanks, welcome aboard on the crazy train!
    War, it's faaaaantastic.

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    Chapter III - If glory comes after death, I'm not in a hurry

    Something wasn’t right... Hadrianus VI had a hard time concentrating that day. Milan has been defeated in battle, the local manpower have increased in Rome and the fortification expert Pietro Palore is currently working on constructing new ways to increase the defensiveness of the fort in Romagna. The country has been in peace for over a year and a half and it prospered. He also managed to raise an army of nine thousand strong men. Everyone was between twenty and thirty-five years old. Strictly catholic, virgins, tall and well built. They were the Italian elite. His old friend, Paulus Trento has been hired to help with the reducing of the currency inflation and he was doing a pretty good job. Xystus Anconna was also doing a great job as the nation’s leading Natural Scientist.
    All this but still something wasn’t right... Maybe it was his old age... After all he was just past seventy and that’s a very old age even for someone with the title of Pope. Maybe he wasn’t even going to live long enough to celebrate his seventy-second birthday... He looked at the southern European map in front of him and for a moment he froze when he saw the wooden X over the nation of Ferrara, then he knew what to do.

    War was declared upon the nation of Ferrara on June the 19th, 1407 and it was going to be the last war that Hadrianus VI was going to participate in.

    Mantua, the Papacy’s faithful ally stood by their side against nations such as Aquilea, Savoy, Sicily, Ferrara and Modena. It was a battle for central Italy and Hadrianus VI was not going to give any other nation a piece of the pie.

    On the 6h of July 1407 Hadrianus VI himself led the armies of Rome to Ferrara where he ferociously crushed the Ferraran royal guard led by their king Niccolς III d’Este in a matter of minutes. Hadrianus VI rode in the front of his cavalrymen with the Papal banner in his hand, yelling “SEQUARE ME, SEQUARE ME ENIM GLORIA”.
    They seemed unstoppable with only 199 casualties against the total annihilation of the Ferraran army and sent a clear message to the rest of the countries they were at war with.

    The battle wore him out immensely and his soldiers were more worried about him than the Sicilian army moving in to Rome. An army can be defeated but a Pope can’t be replaced that easily. He brushed the questions off like they were dust and ordered four thousand soldiers to siege the fortress of Ferrara while he takes five thousand men to the west and the nation of Modena.

    Hadrianus VI was nevertheless tired, old and his military knowledge flickered a little during the upcoming battles versus the defending army of Modena, but nevertheless they outnumbered the Modenese army vastly and first defeated them in Modena, then hunted them down in Romagna, this time with aid from Mantua where they crushed their enemies on the plains outside of Cesena City.

    Meanwhile the garrison in Ferrara gave up and allowed Hadrianus VI to make one last decision before he passed away. “Annex them... Dante Deo.”

    Hadrianus VI died sometime during the night between the 25th and 26th of January 1408, and he would forever be known as Hadrianus VI Beatus (The Blessed One) for his military skill, his prosperous lands and his ability to conquer what needed to be conquered. He passed away leaving a Papal State that was one of the wealthier lands in the world despite its rather small geographic area.

    There was nothing glorious about his death, it is his life in which people found tales of greatness and glory and that is, I believe, what he wanted. One of his most famous quotes was “Si post fata venit gloria non propero” - If glory comes after death, I'm not in a hurry.

    His successor was one of the most war-greedy Popes that have yet to be seen. He didn’t share his preceedors thoughts about “Spreading Catholicism to the world” but instead he believed in “Conquering and forcibly converting the world under a Papal Governing.”
    He cared not much for diplomacy but he knew how to rule his country and he was a monster on the battlefield. If countries wanted the Papal aid, then they should prove themselves to him first.

    His name?

    Benedictus XIII, a former Archbishop of Avignon.

    This caused no problem for the Papal State because Benedictus had an offer along with his election. An offer they couldn’t refuse.

    The city of Modena fell swiftly after Benedictus XIII rose to the “throne” and he wasn’t late with giving orders of what to do with the land. After all, his administrative skill were top notch and he knew how to utilize the country to max without owning it himself. He made sure to appoint the title of Duke to someone he knew personally from France.

    Then, while Benedictus XIII was fighting off Sicilian mercenaries he got a rather peculiar alliance offer.

    He quickly agreed thinking that it might be interesting to see what they could offer the Papal state but shortly after he accepted their proposal he got caught up in what could lead to a second war.

    He looked at the courier, smiled slyly and replied:
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    I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the Papal States. Will be following this.

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    Dun dun dun!

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    Chapter IV - There cannot be war without fighting..right?

    War. Everyone talked about it. Was the Papal State really in a war, or was it just another way for Benedictus XIII to raise the taxes? The Papal State was in a so-called war with the Turks, their allies, and Sicily. Word reached the Papal Palace that the nation of Byzantium signed a peace treaty with the Turks before Benedictus even mobilized a fleet large enough to safely ship troops to Southern Greece. He understood that there was no reason for further fighting so he signed a white peace treaty with them of five years where both parts agreed not to wage war upon the other or their allies. Some months after that a messenger from Sicily came with a white peace offer similar to the one Benedictus XIII signed with the Turks. He forgot all about the war with the Sicilians and accepted their offer half-heartedly.

    Benedictus XIII wasn’t very liked by his people. His white peace treaty with the Turks and Sicily angered his people – what were they really paying for with all those extra taxes, and how, will the Papacy become a glorious nation if they sign white peace treaties with Heathens and nations less powerful than them? Benedictus also had a problem with Urbino who stood in the way for a unification of the Papal State. Not only were they separating the Papal State, they also had the nerve to openly support the arch pope of Avignon.

    Therefore Benedictus XIII, (after ferociously crushing the rebels of Pisa who later re-mobilized in Siena and there broke free from Milan to from their own nation) declared war upon the nation of Urbino who only was protected by Savoy.

    The fact that he now focused on Urbino rather than Avignon angered the College of Cardinals who believed that he was diverting more and more from his first and more important mission, the reason he got elected - the annexation of Avignon.

    War was declared fifth of February 1411 and the annexation followed on the 23rd of September following year with only one battle being fought. It was not a war from which legends erupts, but it was a very important war in the conquest of Italy.

    Afraid of might await them, Savoy offered a white peace treaty and Benedictus XIII agreed. After all, he once again had his eyes laid upon the Theocratic land of Avignon and this time, not even France will be able to stand in his way.

    Peace. After years of war without actually fighting the people finally would be able to spend that extra money on universities, markets and cultural events... but not for long.

    Before they knew it, it was time for the
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    I'm in!

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    Nice work. Crush the false Pope!
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