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Thread: Z-Plan Revision 2

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    Z-Plan Revision 2

    I know the devs made changes to this event and I have gotten to the start of it, I have chose to go with Large Submarine Fleet and I have the first 2 VIIC U-boats from event in production. I notice now that there is a "z" in the upper left of the unit icon stating its from the Z Plan obviously.

    Now my question is this, after the initial 2 Z Plan U Boats VIIC, the remaining 4 that have come up via the event have not been the same type U Boats, they are version IIc boats I believe and they come up with the appropriate icon for that type of boat unlike the Z plan version, so what I did is cancel them an added production runs to the initial 2 version VIIC boats which is working fine.

    Now is there a reason that the Z Plan is coded this way? I would have assumed or predicted that the series of U Boats would be of the same type and have the same "Z" icon for it. However this is not the case.

    Also my first 2 Destroyers have a "z" icon and are version 1938c, however the next 2 such ships came up with 1936c versions and the origianl icon for the ship appeared.

    Can one of the devs explain why this is so? I dont know much about the planning and the ship status of the Z Plan from history but the differences in lesser units for the fleet is puzzling to me. I would think the Germans would not have settled for lesser versions after building their top of line ships first.

    Anyone else notice this playing Germany or is it my wacked game playing tricks on me?
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    looked up the plan-z event and in the submarine line it says
    action_a = {
    name = "OK"
    command = { type = new_model which = submarine value = 8 }
    command = { type = build_division which = submarine }
    command = { type = build_division which = submarine }
    #command = { type = build_division which = submarine }
    command = { type = scrap_model which = submarine value = 8 }

    i dont know very much about event lines but it gives you for the event time a specific subamrine model, so it makes no sense that you get after the second firing a other model of destroyers, the event for the destoryer is the same

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    Anyone else notice this playing Germany or is it my wacked game playing tricks on me?
    It's the same for me. I checked the files and there are extra z unis in the unit files, eg. the extra z destroyer.
    #####  8 z-plan 
    model = {
         cost = 3
         buildtime = 110
         defaultorganisation = 10
         morale = 5
         manpower = 0.50
         maxspeed = 15
         surfacedetectioncapability = 4
         airdetectioncapability = 1
         subdetectioncapability = 1
         visibility = 4
         seadefence = 5
         airdefence = 7
         seaattack = 4
         subattack = 1
         airattack = 0
         shorebombardment = 0
         transportcapability = 0
         range = 2500
         supplyconsumption = 0.30
         fuelconsumption = 0.37
         distance = 0.13
        convoyattack                    = 9
        max_supply_stock = 15
        max_oil_stock = 25
    It is marked as class 8 destroyer, but at the level between class 2 destroyer

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    Cool thanks for making me feel better, whew!

    Ok Devs what gives here? Why new units for Z Plan? Is it really necessary? The units are exactly the same as the units that get researched its just you give them to us earlier then suppose to. I dont get this new sequence for the Z Plan. I checked the Cruiser builds too and they do build to CA VII but once more the brigades getting attached are only Capital Torpedoes.

    I guess I will be doing my own editing of the Z Plan unless one of you devs can explain why you choose to make new units for it? I can understand that you would like the player to know they were from Z Plan but that has no bearing on the game asthetically. Unless I am completely missing the point here, I see no reason to have the same unit named differently for just this event. I think the Elite events are fine but this event now has just baffled me as to what you all are trying to portray here.

    Confused and dazed! lol

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    I think it's because of the building time. It seems the new model is the way to create a unit with smaller build time, that is only buildable via event.

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    makes sense, better than the previous plan-z xD

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