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Thread: Thoughts so far

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    Afther 2 games from 33 to 39 i now finally have some view on the techtree, mostly afther i found out about the Technoview to be honest and the fact that i (and clearly others) need it to figure the techtree out does say something... It might be great, massive and new i still think its a bit over the top, i mean i dont think anybody would have complained about it if you just added a few small things like AOD did.

    I did had another surprize with events playing Germany, think the event was called Plan-Z and i just had about every first shipmodel research done when it popped up and it gave me the blueprints of about every shipmodel i had allready researched wich got me a bit pissed, and shortly afther that i got another one for the Luftwaffe that gave me every blueprint for the first planemodels and well afther that i restarted the game^^.
    If there are other similair events it would be great if somebody could inform about it cause i cant find out about it in the event list cause its in Spanish.

    Apart from these small isseus it does look really promising and 'massive'.
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    As Germany you can gain blueprints for most shipmodels (depends on the choices during plan-z), including carrier and adapted cag, for most airplanes, all jet-engine related techs and the first and last nuclear tech. This all happens until september 1939. After that I didn't see any new tech_gain entries in the event file.

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    My thoughts:
    • I like the expanded map.
    • The additional nations/ministers are good.
    • I like the improved AI, though it needs some work.
    • The changes to the GUI are unnecessary and ugly.
    • I don't personally care for the new tech tree, though I imagine it's great for mod34 fans.
    • The English localization is really, really bad.

    I don't know if it's possible, but it would be great if there was a "light" version of Iron Cross with just the new map and AI for those of us who don't want a total mod34 style conversion.

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    Just for the record bismarck was launched and ready only by mid 1941 and not 1940,and its sister ship tirpitz only came in 1942.

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    I might be wrong, but was it possible in the mod34 to trigger a communist revolution in germany early in a game..and is this possible in iron cross too?

    great game!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarcticCG View Post
    My icons group? This is probably going to be an unbelievably stupid question, but where would I find that?
    If you are still looking for this I found it via Start menu > Programs > Iron Cross > Utilities - extremely useful little utility!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meanmanturbo View Post
    I dont think he actually speak any English at all and get by with translation programs, which leads to some very odd language. I certainly looked that way in the version of Mod34 I tried about 2 years ago anyway.
    I think "prove" is " Test".

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