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Thread: PON Developer's Diary

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    I have a look for that game
    For Sure!

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    Can't wait for the release day.

    Though I have a few questions,the 1st screen shot which is a Japan photo is rather strange.The name of one of units is displayed as "Edo Res.Bde".But in 1904 period,this name was rather out of date.Didn't used certainly.

    Also,Displayed as "Oyama Army(inside Edo Fortifications)Edo",but capital name of Japan is Tokyo instead of Edo after the Meiji restoresion.(For me,disappointed in Vicky2 is there)

    Hope correct these.

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    after playing aacw and rop i can tell you that if this was only a game which simulates all the military conflicts from 1850 until 1920 it would be a very good one

    considering the whole scope of the game, i´m lost for words

    if only a part of my expectations get fullfilled this will be my favourite game ever !!!

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    good luck guys, lookimg forwards to this

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    I am very happy about this announcement and the good infos as an old AGEOD fan who has played most of the Ageod games...


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    Thanks for the support and trust
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