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Thread: localisation files

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    localisation files

    I with Tleilaxu from polish forum http://wayofwar.org/ have updated localisation files from this mod (yes, now wou will see i.e. event text when gaining great advisor! )
    here's download link: http://wrzucacz.pl/file/4311285841945

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    We have also corrected plenty of old grammar and spelling mistakes, but we are aware that there are still many left.

    If you are a grammar nazi or simply want to contribute, feel free to correct us with the brand new konserw-made application that simplifies localisation editing:

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    yeah - i've forgotten to write that in the first place - thanks
    P.S. kim jesteś z wowa? Taliexau? (nigdy nie pamietam jak się ten nick dokładnie pisze :P )

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