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Thread: No Iron, One Lion, Maybe Zion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malurous View Post
    Well, yes in the sense that MEIOU lasts until 1856. Other than that, I imagine it would be next to impossible to convert... And besides, I still have nearly three centuries to work with in EU III.
    True... and by then you should have conquered the world anyway

    Quote Originally Posted by el.oscuro View Post
    Haha I've just read this whole thing in one sitting inspired me try them out and focus on a pan-african ampire lol thanks for the great AAR!
    Thank you! Glad it gave you some inspiration, I hope your African adventures turned out well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Watch View Post
    Congratulations on this AAR! I got here from Rensslaer's Siam AAR, of course - it shows up along with his on Google searches.

    I only wish I'd seen this while it was ongoing. I've got so many things to comment on, but I'll just mention a few.
    Thanks! Luckily it's never too late to read an AAR

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Watch
    Those wars with Russian and Spain were vicious. The body counts alone would have made me back out if I were in your place. Only in Victoria can we have battles where one side loses 7000 men and the other side loses 77000, and that side wins.
    The game certainly has a very WWI approach to casualties...

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Watch
    1.1 seems to have much higher prestige gain and population growth. On the other hand, the GPs don't expand their industry so aggressively.
    Except the UK

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Watch
    In 1.2, population growth and prestige growth have both been reduced (I don't think the entire land area covered by your empire has even fifty million people in my games). No luck on nerfing the UK though. In one of my games, it's the turn of the century and the UK has an industry score of 30000.
    Insane, the UK gets off the scale.

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Watch
    I am also impressed at how many technologies you researched with only 27% literacy and TWO Philosophy techs researched. Research speed must really have been nerfed in 1.2.
    I believe so, and it is fair, playing uncivs in 1.1 is too easy
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    Just read through the AAR and it was really good, informative, good use of screens, and you did a great job of showing us what was going on excellent job!
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