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    2.32 Officially Released

    Patch through the launcher, or download from here.

    * Changes for the 2.32c patch of Vae Victis *

    - AI Army agents are now properly ended and deleted, not just flagged inactive
    - AI Army: Fixed a bug with armies with inland bases not returning from overseas
    - AI Army: Fixed a transportation deadlock issue
    - AI Invasion: Some stubborn invasion fixes
    - Fixed a problem with units getting stuck in neutral territory after a war
    - Unemployed characters in monarchies are now much less likely to want to become rulers
    - Added an ambition to become Censor for republican characters
    - Fixed a glitch with moving the trade route creation window and the diplomatic action selection window
    - Ptolemy I Soter is now properly dead at game start
    - Fixed a missing string glitch in alerts for disloyal governors and generals
    - Commanding mercenary regiments no longers gives a loyalty bonus
    - Mercenaries are now twice as expensive to maintain, but reinforce at a slow pace (exported to defines as _MDEF_MERCENARY_REINFORCE_MULT_)
    - Removed some citation marks from the bookmark descriptions
    - Removed the extra colon for morale in the regiment tooltips
    - The alert for no active omen no longer mentions the populist faction in non-republics
    - Fixed some problems with the ESC key
    - The ransom prisoner action now works again
    - Fixed a crash in the ledger
    - Corrected the Credits text location

    * Changes for the 2.32b patch of Vae Victis *

    - Updated to fix some issues with the latest Clausewitz and interface objects
    - Speeded up load times a lot
    - Number of defender ship in Naval Combat shown correctly in the outliner
    - Bars should now correctly be shown over the portraits of imprisoned characters in the character views
    - Army AI: Added back an unintentionally deactivated check for army cooperation

    * Changes for the 2.32 patch of Vae Victis *

    - Added more historical background characters
    - Made Tylis bigger and a real threat in 474, to simulate the Gallic Invasion of the Balkans.
    - Army AI: More prio on hunting down big enemy armies
    - Fixed some issues with tributaries/sovereigns and allies never declaring war on each other
    - Optimized leader choice when merging units (prevents lots of "became general" type history entries for AI characters).
    - Fixed the character history scroll bug
    - Fixed some issues with Agnatic Succession and nephews
    - Agnatic Seniority Succession Law now works as intended (most senior male in the agnatic family tree.)
    - Halved character maintenance costs for loyal troops
    - The honorary titles in a monarchy no longer give negative prominence. Instead, they very slighly increase loyalty each month.
    - Diplo AI: Will now call in allies like it should
    - Republican Faction opinions are now correct for revocation of military and trade access
    - Fixed an issue with female ruler titles not defaulting to the male title correctly
    - Fixed some oddities with rebels having the same morale modifiers as their spawning country
    - Pirates now also fight as if they had a martial 7 admiral
    - Plugged a stability exploit with the piracy laws
    - Went through character ambitions to add more abort conditions
    - Changed special hardcoded female job rules for CAT and SIL to be defined in countries as "gender_equality"
    - Added event trigger 'gender_equality'
    - Fixed a bug with captured rulers being succeeded twice
    - Tightened up the trigger for the event "Affairs of State" and made it a bit rarer
    - Added more checks on royal bastard birth
    - When Barbarians take over a country, any provinces they occupy at the time will now change culture
    - All imprisoned characters should now be released whan a country is annexed (though some may end up imprisoned again by the annexer)
    - Agnatic Seniority Succession Law is now possible to pass if the ruler has at least one brother but no sons

    * Changes for the 2.31c patch of Vae Victis *

    - Character objectives are now properly updated in the character view
    - Effects of new traits and titles are now properly added to the numbers in the character view
    - Halved the combat dice roll effect of leaders
    - Rebel armies now fight like they had a leader with martial skill 7.
    - Rebel, Pirate and Barbarian forces now use your own modifiers when you fight them
    - Army AI: Will now make sure armies do not stand around and suffer attrition while at peace (this caused countries to "consolidate" forever due to lack of manpower, and never declaring any wars.)
    - Diplo AI: Much more stubborn and less likely to accept a white peace
    - Diplo AI: Fixed a problem where there would be no peace despite complete overrun
    - Rebellious generals in republics will always want to institute dictatorship
    - Added event 564 - 'A Bastard no More!"
    - Fixed a problem with the leader choice for defensive alliances
    - Fixed an exit crash
    - Diplo AI: Tweaked acceptance and breaking of alliances

    * Changes for the 2.31b patch of Vae Victis *

    - Fixed a problem where the dynasty info button in the government screen would not work after assigning a new character to office
    - Added tooltips explaining the reasons why you cannot call an ally
    - Diplo AI: reduced peace offer spam
    - Event 'Affairs of State' should no longer fire for female rulers
    - The Clausewitz TAB-chat crash bug should now be fixed
    - More powerful countries should now be more likely to take over leadership in a defensive war
    - Imported more advanced on_action system from HttT
    - Scripts: 'on_country_broken' will now always have a result
    - Fixed an issue where characters were not always properly imprisoned
    - Successors are now recalculated immediately when a character is imprisoned
    - Successors are now recalculated immediately after a character's reputation has been smeared
    - Should no longer be possible to receive exorbitant tributes
    - Occupied provinces are no longer counted for trade route effects on Faction attraction
    - Improved handling of foreign occupation of provinces at the end of a civil war (no more gamey auto-conquests)
    - Fixed a bug with too many provinces taken in the creation of Barbarian client states
    - Offer and Demand Tribute: Fixed a bug which would cause the new suzerain's tributaries and alliances to be cancelled
    - The Slave uprising event (4903) can no longer result in the death of the governor
    - The Mission 'take_control_of_macedonia' for Rome gives a correct -10 popularity to ruler when failed
    - CAT and SIL women can now be consuls and party leaders as well, and will be more likely to marry
    - The Child Sacrifice invention now correctly decreases stability costs
    - Event 4002 (Province Cultural Absorbtion) is now more likely to happen in uncivilized provinces

    * Changes for the 2.31 patch of Vae Victis *

    - Fixed two serious multiplayer issues
    - Armies now have access to civil war faction provinces under rebel or barbarian control
    - Faster character selection and character view windows
    - Capped and reduced military maintenance effect on populist popularity
    - Civil wars no longer affect trade routes
    - Fixed some problems with civil war faction fleets being disbanded
    - The 'seduce_cost' and 'siege_speed' modifiers now have the correct colors
    - Fixed events 1069 and 1071 to check if a character is imprisoned
    - Temporary province modifiers can now have infinite duration (-1)
    - Previous alliances are now broken when countries become tributaries
    - No longer possible to appoint governors through the ledger if it's still too early
    - Fixed a problem with some character families not being added correctly at game start
    - Fixed a slight bug in event 1061
    - Pirates now merge ships into fleets
    - Exiled characters are now very likely to end up with the other side if there is a civil war
    - Imprisoned generals no longer switch allegiance to the winner
    - Added events 5500 and 5501, barbarians asking for ransom for captured leaders
    - Added "on action" on_return_of_the_king, which fires when an old king returns from foreign captivity
    - Added event 5502, "Return of the King"
    - Fixed an issue with the naming of victorious civil war rebels
    - Pirates should now spawn whole fleet units at once
    - Fixed a bug with disabled dynastic buttons for newly appointed ministers
    - Annexed regional countries get all core provinces cleared
    - Fixed a bug with country names not being updated on a tag change
    - Women are allowed to hold offices among the Siluri and Catavellauni
    - Peace AI: Tweaked to be better at aiming for annexation
    - Fixed a missing string in event 5207

    * Changes for the 2.3 patch of Vae Victis *

    - Finally fixed the infamous noculture bug that would occur when starting a new game after resigning
    - Cohort/ship loyalty now correctly reloaded from saved games
    - Cohort/ship loyalty no longer cleared on unit reorganization
    - Ruler starting portraits no longer always the same
    - Increased starting Carthaginian navy size in bookmarks prior to 202BC
    - Increased civilization in the Carthaginian Iberian provinces
    - Speed optimizations
    - Senate will no longer ask that you appoint prisoners and foreign envoys to command
    - Decreased the effects of looted provinces on populism
    - Armies should not be able to loot a province until no enemy armies remain standing still in it
    - Added icons for "foreign_rebels" and "desecrated" static modifiers
    - Strike Army AI: Fixed a crash bug that could occur when colonies were destroyed
    - Tweaked Roman alliances with Cleopatra
    - Fixed an error in Ager Bruttius' history
    - No longer possible to give titles to dead characters, or attempt to assassinate them
    - No longer possible to grant titles to foreign envoys
    - Fixed missing text bug for 'manpower_percentage' trigger
    - New characters will be created as previous rulers for all republics at game start if necessary
    - No longer possible to have a negative stability cost (gain money for sacrificing.)
    - Event 7401 can no longer fire for envoys
    - Added an ambition to become a minister for eligible characters in monarchies
    - Toned down the likelihood of the "Become Ruler" ambition in monarchies
    - Monarchs no longer retain minor granted titles on assuming the throne
    - Generals and admirals no longer lose or gain loyalty and family prestige when assigned or dismised, or when units are reorganized
    - Generals and admirals gain some monthly loyalty for each cohort or ship they command that is _not_ personally loyal to them
    - No longer possible to disband units with personal loyalties
    - Added modifier 'monthly_character_fam_prestige'
    - Fixed some problems with date checking triggers
    - Fixed a bug with colonizable provinces being shown in the Decision alert
    - Support for true dynamic naming of countries (also fixes barbarian "name jumping" bug)
    - 'name' and 'adjective' can be used in country history scripts
    - 'country_name' and 'country_adjective' event effects added.
    - Annexation of two province states allowed
    - Rebels can now declare independence
    - Fixed a bug in the 'family' effect
    - Fixed a bug with the South Levantine barbarian name tags
    - Winning wars gives ruler popularity, losing costs popularity
    - Rulers lose popularity from being at war rather than from war exhaustion
    - Added static modifier 'civil_war'
    - Fixed a bug preventing the 'on_civil_war_won' On Action from firing.
    - Winning a civil war now gives a big loyalty boost to all characters
    - Fixed a bug sometimes preventing former generals and admirals from receiving the title correctly
    - Rebel units are now tougher
    - The Trade map mode will now update the goods icon if the goods type changes during the game
    - Revised childhood events

    Note that this patch is good for Paradox/GamersGate versions of Rome/VV or Rome:Gold ONLY. As always Steam and Impulse will have to release their own versions and if you need to know more please ask them; Paradox have no control over when this will be.

    If you get an error about a missing DLL you need to update Microsoft's DirectX 9.0c to the latest version; you have to download the installer (dxwebsetup.exe), save it to a local directory, and then run it.
    Note that this Microsoft patch will not overwrite any later DirectX version, but run happily alongside it.
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