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    I bought Mount and Blade: Warband recently. This is my second Paradox game, I also own HOI3. I really like Hearts of Iron so I figured I would give Mount and Blade a chance. I’ve read some reviews; they describe M&B as less than stellar, but a serviceable game. I bought the game at Fry's and loaded it onto my pc and I am very disappointed.

    My major complaint; the Steam Client is mandatory in order for the game to operate. First, since I bought the game retail, as I did HOI3, I expected it to come in the same format i.e. original software that I install on my pc and play. However, with M&B there is a twist, it includes the Steam client. Every single pc game I have purchased prior to M&B comes in a format that does not require third party software for the game to run. Paradox does not make a reasonable attempt to communicate this to the consumer. A disclaimer in very fine print, states, "Notice product offered subject to your acceptance of Steam Subscriber Application”. The disclaimer is not written in a prominent place on the case. Its location and text size is an attempt to disguise the fact that Steam is required. Frankly, Steam is glorified junkware, it clutters up my pc, garners information and discloses it to Ghandi knows who, and wants to run at start up. Some people may be ok with this, but I am not. Steam is an invasive unnecessary breach of my privacy. Why is it important for Steam to know every single software program I have installed on my pc, why does it need to monitor my usage. I am sure there reasoning falls in line with “it helps us to work out game crashes etc.”. Do they want my phone number, a picture of me, my finger prints, my age, sexual orientation, race, blood type too?

    I once read an article in which the author, who is from a security firm, concludes that” the internet is a hostile environment”. Now do I really want my personal info floating around cyberspace in trust of some unknown third party without any allegiance to me that does whatever they wish for my info, NO! NO! NO!

    I feel deceived I would not have bought M&B had I known steam was required. Paradox does not make a good faith attempt to convey this. Now, I have to figure out what to do: keep that gawd awful invasive piece of crap software know as Steam or take the hit and toss M&B. really, my privacy is that important. Most people accept these applications as harmless inconveniences. I feel they inhibit my right to be on the web with a reasonable degree of anonymity.

    In retrospect, Gamersgate seem like a better option than Steam for purchasing downloadable games “As it seems like Gamers Gate is the only digital distributor out there that do not manipulate the games to fit their own system” i.e. include crapware. Oh! I wish I had known. Next time I purchase a game I will have to bring a magnifying glass to read the fine print. GRRRRR Paradox you should know better.
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    Yes putting steam on the retail was a mistake, actually dealing with steam at all is a mistake.
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    After Empire Total war, i'm not touching any games that requires steam.
    Or any game made by CA.

    I'm glad that gamersgate is so convenient. And it gives you free blue coins for every purchase!

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    I really like Steam--it makes keeping track of my games really easy. I have something like 20 years worth of old game diskettes and CDs gathering dust on my shelves and I'd trade them all for their Steam counterparts, no question.

    OTOH I've purchased from Gamersgate and they're nice, too!

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    I suggest you look into the thread "Installing without Steam"

    As long as you have access to downloading somewhere, you can download and install the game from Taleworlds and activate with your steam code.

    Paradox has admitted that the "warning" about Steam was too subtle, but have also argued that from a publisher and developer view there were benefits with Steam. (See )

    Also, if you decide against installing at all, you need not necessarily take a hit. Refer to post and then PM Susana about it. (I think she is still working. Worst case scenario is that you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for a reply. It is holiday season in Sweden right now)

    Finally I'll just refer you to the link in the beginning of my post again. As long as you are willing to have Steam installed for about five minutes, you can get rid of it for ever.

    I hope this helps you either way.
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    I'll also confirm a few things.

    a. Yes, we will release more retail games with the Steam installer. (mostly devs choice). And yes, there will still be non Steam installer versions available for all those games on most other digital download portals.

    b. The retail games with Steam installer will have the logo prominently displayed on the front of box so that there's no misunderstandings.

    Kind regards
    Susana Meza

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