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Thread: The Rise of Malacca

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    The Rise of Malacca

    Welcome to yet another Malacca AAR
    (inspired by Rastar's Original Malacca AAR)

    This thread is played with EU3 with all HTTT and the latest patches at normal difficulty setting.

    I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed playing it.

    1) Having 5 colonial province in South America.
    2) Having 10 colonial provinces in Africa
    3) Having control of Mecca and Medina
    4) Having own 15 Chihan provinces (having Chihan as an accepted culture)
    5) Taking over Ceylon.
    6) Vassalized Britain.

    1) Maximum number of provinces owned at any one time: 40

    I hope for a continuation to Victoria 2 and HOI3...so this will not be world conquest.

    The Rulers of Malacca

    Sultan Sam Agi Srivijaya (1399 - 1403)
    Sultan Abu Sayyid (1403 - 1421)
    Sultan Riayat Shah (1421 - 1435)
    Chapter Three: Into India
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    Malacca 1399, October 14th

    It was the year that Tengku Sam Agi Srivijaya (Parameswara) founded the sultanate of Malacca after fleeing from Singapura when the time of change had arrived.

    It was in the same year that he had a dream. He dreamt that a person in white garb and green turban came to him, proclaiming the Islamic creed.

    Afterwards, Parameswara dreamt again, this time of a Meccan man named Sayyid Abu Al-Hassan who lectured him about Islam; later, the same Meccan came and performed his Asar (evening) prayer.

    Convinced, Parameswara adopted an Islamic name, Sultan Iskandar Shah, and the new religion spread quickly throughout his realm. And thus began our story

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    The Court of 1399

    The Sultan soon made preparations for the holy conquest of Ayutthaya and Pegu as he called his generals, advisors and orangkayas (merchant princes) to court to brief him on the general well being of his administration. Are they ready for war?

    Military Might

    "Your Majesty, our troop is well trained in bows and kris-fighting but we are too few in numbers to launch an attack." said one of the generals.

    "I see. In your expert view, how many troops do we need and how soon can we be ready?" asked the sultan.

    "In my humble opinion, your Majesty, we will need 4000 more men and we need 5 years to prepare."

    "FIVE YEARS! By my royal decree, I hereby order you to get ready 2 regiments of horsemen armed with bows and swords by 3 years time. Is that understood? Great.. Next person...

    Economic Capability

    "Your majesty, we are currently making profits with our trades." said the royal treasurer.

    "Great news indeed. Do we have people trading outside Malacca?"

    "No, your majesty."

    "By my royal decree, I hereby order you to get people to trade far and beyond. And also do some minting..."


    "I want our administration to be more centralised. I want to know everything. Is that clear?" said the Sultan to his administrators. "But focus on improving our government administration, leaning towards a more centralised government."

    War Intelligence

    "General, what is the status of our good neighbour the Ayutthaya. Who are their allies and can we take them on?"

    "They are allied with Lan Xang and Champa, your Majesty. Lan Xang has no access to our land and Champa can only take us on from the seas."

    "Good. Keep a close watch on those and inform me when there are new changes to that status. Court diminished. Bring out the Food!"
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    Year 1400

    New Status Updates:

    The Orangkayas (Merchant Princes) have made their way to the lucrative Japanese market. This should help the fund the war.

    July 1400 - Declaration of War (Holy) : Ayutthaya

    .... The battle continues...
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    Year 1401

    Finally defeated the remaining Ayutthaya's army in July 1401, Friday 13th.


    The Emirate of Pattani was established in July 1401. A Pattani Emir for the Pattani people. May we both live in happiness and luxury!

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    The War for Pegu - 1401

    After the recent victory, the Sultan set his eyes on the land of Pegu. He called for the War Council.

    Pegu's Allies : Sukhothai, Lan Xang and Assam. (All of them have no land access to Pegu or Malacca). Ripe for the taking.

    And so our beloved Sultan declared war the very same month.

    Our Pattani emir answered our call for arms. Their job was to garrison the border and clean up any battle mess.

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    Into Battle

    Pattani has garrisoned an infantry regiment to hold the fort.

    The Sultan himself took lead of the army ( 2 cavalry and 1 infantry regiments). Another infantry regiment had been commissioned in Malacca to join in the battle as soon as possible.

    The army of Pegu fell into our trap. Hopefully we can make use of this opportunity to 3-way attack.

    Pattani was dead serious about garrisoning the border and didnt join in the battle..

    The newly commissioned regiment joined in the battle.

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    News back home while the war was brewing in Pegu...

    Troubling news back home... instead of bringing honour to the family, the heir ...

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    It was a long battle and the enemy slipped away.

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    Tragedy struck twice..

    Almost tasting victory at the capital province of Pegu, the Sultan heard the news of his heir's death. The lad was due for some serious prep-talk and bashing after this battle but he died. Shocked from the news, the Sultan fell into coma and died a few days later..

    The Sultan's cousin, a general of the army took charge of the leadership of the Sultanate.

    While he was a capable general and diplomat, people questioned his Legitimacy to the throne as his mother was not from the Malay royal blood but of a Ming Princess (Hang Li Po).

    Nevertheless, the new sultan led the troop forward.

    The last battle at Pegu. The only thing left was to storm the castle.

    Being a people person, Sultan Abu Sayyid send a messenger to the King of Pegu. Either accept us as the new protector or be replaced!
    It was the best interest of the common people to have this war ended as soon as possible.
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    Tragedy stuck home again!

    Back home, more bad news...

    Fortunately, the Sultan did not died soon afterward. It seems like the throne of the Malaccan Sultanate was jinxed.

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    The Conquest of Pegu

    In May 1403, Pegu was vassalized and the new Emirate of Pegu was established.

    Since the king of Pegu had spared his people of more sufferings by submitting to our law, Sultan Abu Sayyid gifted him 3 new provinces to manage. With these, Pegu will be stronger and more able to support us in the future war.

    Court Advisor: Your Majesty, pardon me for asking. Why cede our hard fought land to a conquered kingdom? Shouldn't it be the other ways?

    Sultan: Perhaps. But it is better for the Mon people to be rule by their own king than an outsider. Since Ligore, Ratchaburi and Tenaserim are all
    Mon lands, I think it is better for us to let the Pegu King manage it for us. He would be happy and an adarmant supporter of the Malaccan Sultanate.

    Court Advisor: I am speechless.

    Sultan: Good. I hereby gifted the 3 province to Pegu and let it be known to all that the Malaccan Sultanate care for his people!
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    Financial Assessment

    "Your Majesty. Here is the final assessment of our Treasury", said the Royal Treasurer.

    Year 1400

    Year 1403

    "Very good." Said the Sultan as he scrolled out the map of the known world.

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    The conquest of Pegu and Ayutthaya was just the beginning of a long string of holy war. While conqueror of foreign lands, the Sultanate adopted an emirate system where the conquered land will be ruled by an emir from that land. And so the ermirates of Pegu and Ayutthaya were established to serve as the military arm of the Malaccan Sultanate.

    Following that year, Sukhothai and Khmer were conquered and annexed to the young but powerful Ayutthaya emirate.

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    Sultan Abu Shayyid passed away suddenly at a young age of 35. Rumored had it that he was poisoned. His heir Riayat Shah was too young to rule and so a council of noblemen ruled in his stead.

    During that period of time, fire of rebellions lit brightly and were put down quickly.

    In 1421, Sultan Riayat Shah was coronated and followed in his father's plan to conquer La Na and assimilated it into the Ayutthaya's emirate.

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    With the fall of La Na, Malacca proceeded north and then west into Indian territory. The King of Bengal sent an invitation for a military alliance and assistance but Malacca believed it was prudent to be cautious.

    True enough within weeks of that letter, the massive armies of Manipur brought down the Palace of Bengal and sent its Sultan fleeing deeper west.

    The Sultan called for a war council to devise a plan to take on Manipur and secure a foothold on Indian land.

    Meanwhile, a Bengali prince requested an audience with the Sultan.

    "Your Majesty, Sultan of Malacca. I am Prince Hasan Ul Adin from the province not far from here. I begged your assistance to free my homeland from King Asava and his oppressing armies. In return of your assistance, I, Prince Hasan and my army of 4000 strong men will pledge our allegiance to you."

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    Onwards to India

    Intel indicated Manipur and her allies were 15000 men strong and they were exhausted from the many months of fighting Bengal. One of the allies, Taungo, was among those countries that Malacca had fought weeks before and she is no match for the might of Malacca.

    And so the war for Deva Bengal had begun.

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    nice AAR i will be following this

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    It took almost 8 years to bring down the mighty Manipur Kingdom to just one tiny province. Gaining strength as Malacca drove deeper west, she gained new allies and vassals which swell the military strength to 60,000 men.

    While the army of a United Malaccan Alliance laid siege upon the last Manipur stronghold, Deva Bengal was no more. Annexed by the Bengal Sultanate just weeks after the start of the siege. Angered by the betrayal, the Alliance stormed the castle and annexed the once great empire.

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    Northern Indian Alliance

    The reign of Sultan Riayat Shah set a foundation for future leaders to emulate. Unlike his father, Sultan Riayat was a people's person. He waged war for peace and not for conquest. Conquered lands were distributed among staunch allied countries and made them rich and powerful.

    In the year 1432, he erected a monument of his father to celebrate the victory of uniting the Northeastern India.

    Sultan Riayat Shah died five years later, childless.

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