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Thread: Kaiserreich GFX Options

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    Quote Originally Posted by K W View Post
    Perhaps you should write a PM to Trot as he has been offline for several days.
    Perhaps a charitable citizen of this thread could re-upload what they downloaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenwhirl View Post
    Perhaps a charitable citizen of this thread could re-upload what they downloaded.

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    Model Pics

    Flags and Shields

    I knew I behaved like a digital packrat for something.
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    Thanks so much! Now I'm off to rewrite history with flashy graphics!

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    For some strange reason whenever I try to use the SKIF icons they are for the wrong unit. My 1936 infantry has the icon for the 1951 ones, and my early war aircraft are all jets. Is there something I'm doing wrong with the installation?

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    I have the same problem. It appears the game is ignoring the pre-war unit models, and skipping right to the ww2 models. That means that the 1918 interceptor is using the 1936 interceptor model, great war tank using the 1936 light tank, etc.

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    You can still have infantry,armor units pretty much complete.You can just erase the units that are not fitting to the tech dates.And you will have somewhat complete set.
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    It'd be possible to fix for DH, I imagine, but a lot of work renaming every single file correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Serenissima View Post
    It'd be possible to fix for DH, I imagine, but a lot of work renaming every single file correctly.
    Yet another problem is that there were created tons of other units, fitting between the existing ones. Not only it's necessary to rename it all, but also create new pics to those units. Indeed it is a lot of work to do.

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    download links are from good ol' megaupload, so we get a nice message from the fbi

    could someone reupload those packages?

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    Replace the links the ones you put work no more

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    Yeah, these look great, unfortunately I can't download them. If someone could be so kind...
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    Quote Originally Posted by erica View Post
    I have made and collected the Kaiserreich flags in VIC style and also add some new flags~

    Download here
    Do you any other download link that isn't from a site infested with viruses and worms?

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