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Thread: Pictures of soldiers

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    Pictures of soldiers

    I am playing for Prussia, so I do not write about allied units, but Prussian (especially infantry) units have completely ahistorical illustrative pictures:
    1) Line infantry and both grenadiers (guards and regular) are OK
    2) "Trained" infantry unit has a picture of soldier with low-mittre cap (grenadiers had high-mittre cap with pom-pom). This cap was worn by Prussian fusilers, not infantry (musketeers)
    3) Fusilers have picture of musketeer with bright blue coat - this picture is completely wrong. I suggest to remove it and give fusilers the picture used for "trained infantry" (the one with mittre cap)
    4) Elite infantry has a picture of musician (drummer) with musket in his hand, which is also wrong. The picture would be OK without "nests" on soldier's shouldres and without stripes on his arms
    5) Militia has also completely wrong picture. It should have picture like "Line infantry", but with dark blue trousers and blouse.

    James Wood: Armies and Uniforms of the Sevem Years War, Volume 1

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    Hi Bijov,

    Thanks for your input. I'll forward your remarks to the Historical Data Team, some are very knowledged in the era, but perhaps they missed some things (and yes, we also used Osprey as one of our source!)

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