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Thread: How to modify save game?

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    How to modify save game?

    I just want to add some MP to ITA because they have lost 579 MP (attrition) since 36 by leaving most of their forces on the Libya/Egypt border. I need to know what program to use and how to use it. Apprecite any help.

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    I use notepad and that seems to work fine. Just open your savegame file and use the find function to search for tag = ITA. Continue searching until you find that line preceded by the line country = {. That's the start of the Italian section so click there, search down for manpower = and there you are.

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    Notepad++ is infinitely better than notepad (Its also free as its open source).

    Its quicker to open, edit and save games than using notepad.
    Notepad can hang when editing for a few seconds; ++ doesnt do that..


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    Window's default wordpad works fine (relatively) too. Notepad usually can't open such big files.
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