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Thread: Werewolf LXXXIX: Werewolf Air

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    Werewolf LXXXIX: Werewolf Air

    Werewolf LXXXIX: Werewolf Air Flight 89

    Nowadays, with the game of Werewolf or Mafia spreading through geek and nerd circles around the world, gaming conventions involving some form of it have sprouted in different places, bringing people of different nationalities and origins together. However, there are some who wish to use the game for their own ends. Whether malevolent or benign, we do not know for sure. As we leave Stockholm Arlanda Airport, their plans have been put in place, and are about to move into action.


    I. Overview:

    The players represent a village where each member has a role that is kept secret. Most of them are just plain, ordinary Villagers, but there are some Werewolves lurking in their midst. The goal of the Villagers is to eliminate all of the Werewolves, while the goal of the Werewolves (and allies) is to achieve 1:1 parity with the villagers (at which point they can openly rise up and overwhelm the Villagers, thereby winning the game). Of course only one pack can remain. After only one pack remains, all baddies (werewolves, all cultists, sorcerers, and sorc. apprentices) are counted towards parity.

    The game is split in two sections, Day and Night. Game starts with a NIGHT Deadline.

    II. Lynching:

    During the Day, the Villagers (including the Werewolves, who have assumed a human form) meet together to decide who is the Werewolf and therefore to be lynched for the greater good of the village. When a player has decided who to vote for, they type vote Player X in bold font and preferabbly at least size 3 (or clear from other text), this to ensure that your GM notices the vote. If they decide to change their vote, they type unvote Player X - vote Player Y.

    Abstaining from voting without declaring absence three times during the game will result in an autolynching or more likely, a substitution.

    III. Night Events and Orders:

    The game begins with a Night, the time when the Werewolves decide among themselves who to eat and special abilities are used. The Werewolves and the "special villagers" submit their choices/orders to the Game Moderator. Any orders not delivered in time will be IGNORED.

    Nightly orders are handled in the following order (if the role is present):

    1. Lover
    2. Spy
    3. Cultist
    4. Sorcerer
    5. Seer
    6. Priest
    7. Hunter
    8. Guardian Angel
    9. Doctor
    10. Changeling
    11. Werewolf

    If multiple attack orders are sent from the same pack, the last order submitted is the one that counts. Only one werewolf attack takes place during the night (unless no valid hunting order is submitted, in which case there is no werewolf attack at all), no matter how many werewolves or werewolf packs there are.

    12. Witness


    The deadline for ALL NIGHT ORDERS and VOTES is 0000 UTC+8/1700 CET/1100 EST After this, the vote results and the night's events will be posted, along with an RP update.

    V. Absence and Substitution:

    No new players will be admitted into the game once it has started but it is possible to substitute for dropouts.

    VI. Non-Player Participation:

    Spectators and Ghosts ("dead" players) may haunt, taunt and flaunt. They may not reveal any secret/inside information nor may they do voting records. Anyone caught doing it risk being banned from later Werewolf games. When making a ghost/spectator comment, please use a non-white colour (and GTFO the GM colour, #FFFF99).

    VII. Player Actions:

    Forged Private Messages (PMs) from players are allowed.
    Sharing any PMs from the GM (forged or not) is NOT allowed.

    Alliances between players which aren't based on your roles in the game are frowned upon. These alliances which continue from one game to another undermine the whole idea of the game.

    Screenshots of PMs from players or the GM are not allowed and anyone caught doing it will be autolynched.


    Roles will have an RP name, but will also have their ordinary names attached to them to help players distinguish their role/s.

    These roles will ALWAYS be present in this game.

    Werewolf Addict (Villager): Has no special abilities. An ordinary Werewolf Player/Conventioneer.

    Werewolfers with an Agenda (Werewolf): Will choose a victim to eat each night. More specific eating rules might be given to the werewolves but will not be public knowledge. Has an agenda for boarding the flight with their fellow players.

    Sky Marshal (Seer): May scan one person per night to see if he is a Werewolf of a certain kind or unclaimed Apprentice. Any other role will appear as a regular Villager to the Seer. More specific information will be provided to the Seer/s and will not be public knowledge. The front line for security in the plane, they can check the passenger manifest for any suspicious activity among the passengers.

    All roles below MAY or MAY NOT exist in this game.

    Clandestine Operative (Van Helsing): May be disguised as either a Sky Marshal or a Private Investigator, and thus possesses their limitations. Their disguise grants them complete capability to tell a passenger's allegiance and tendencies. Scans as baddie to other scanners. Can use their covert databases and sources to determine allegiance. However, they will be disavowed by their governments if their cover is blown.

    Private Investigator (Priest): May scan one person each night to see if he is a Seer, a Sorcerer, an unclaimed Apprentice or a Cultist. Any other role will appear as a regular Villager to the Priest. These investigators are on the plane because they both play Werewolf, and are interested in some of the passengers. Interesting.

    Sympathizers (Sorcerer): Works with the Werewolves, and wins if the Werewolves win. May scan one person each night to see if he is a scanner, an unclaimed Apprentice, a lover, cultist or wolf. Any other role will appear as a regular Villager to the Sorcerer. Are sensitive to the plight of certain people on the plane, and thus have sworn to secretly help them

    Trainee (Apprentice): Only becomes active if his master is killed. A scanner can have more than one Apprentice but in case of the scanner's death only the first Apprentice will become active. Apprentices works just like their former master. If an Apprentice is in the game, the first scanner who finds him (and survives the night) will make him his Apprentice. There might be claimed Apprentices at game start in which case these claimed Apprentices will know their role. Apprentices scanned by other players cannot be stolen, but will show they are claimed. Trainees in an airplane. What are they training for? Snakes on a plane?

    Religious Freak (Guardian Angel): May protect one person against a Werewolf attack, but can't choose to protect the same person two nights in a row and can never protect themselves. Can call on divine intervention to save someone from harm, though he does not realize it.

    Doctor (Doctor): May protect one person each night. Cannot protect the same person two nights in a row. In case of an attack, the Doctor has a 50% chance of saving that person. The person saved will be unable to send in any votes or orders for the next day/night cycle but may also not be attacked directly while recovering. If the doctor is attacked, however, all patients are also attacked. If a patient wakes up again, he/she will remember one of the attackers. The patient does not learn the identity of the doctor. A doctor can never protect himself. Of course, what does a doctor do?

    Behavioral Analyst (Cultist): Works with the Werewolves, and wins if the Werewolves win. Cultists can be pack specific and the cultists, sorcerer and werewolves will be given more detailed information.Can read people's body language for clues on their behavior.

    Steward/ess (Witness): Once per game, the Witness may try to see the nightly attack. Witness success rate is 1/6, but is not lost when the attempt fails. If successful, he learns the identity of one Werewolf in the pack that hunted that night and the ability is used up. If no kill takes place, the ability is used up nonetheless (but the Game Moderator might decide in special cases that the ability is not used). Their job is to make sure everyone is comfortable and note anything of interest.

    Seductress (Lover/s): May choose someone every night to be with and protect. If the Lover is the target of a hunt, has a 50% chance of surviving one attack, otherwise becoming the hunting pack's Cultist. In either case: "No hunt during the night." or some variation thereof will be posted. If the hunt target is the same as his, nobody dies during the night. Also prevents night actions by the target. Member of the Mile-High Club, prefers to be kinky in public.

    Siblings (Brothers): Two people who are related by blood to each other. Counts towards parity, both win as long as they survive to the end of the game. Has specific rules revealed only to them if one is killed one way or another. Obviously bound by blood

    EUROpean (Changeling): Will send in an order every night. If hunt target is the same as that of the Changeling, it will redirect it to the Changeling's chosen target. May choose the same target to change away from, but will have to choose different persons to redirect to. May not choose themselves as the target away from a hunt. You know how they are, they can convince you to kill someone else instead.


    The traits (extra roles) MAY be had in addition to any of the above roles. They may NOT necessarily be present in the game.

    Pilot (Leader): May declare that the victim of a lynching will not be lynched, and pick another character to be lynched instead. May save themselves if they are the victim of a lynch. If the lynched character is not a baddie the Leader ability is used up. There will never be more than one Leader at any given time. In the event of a tie, only one lynchee can be replaced with the choice of the leader. If there is a tie, only one village person can be saved.

    Co-Pilot (Second in command): Will become the Leader if the current Leader is used up (eg killed or has leaderlynched a goodie). There will be no more than one Second in command at game start.

    Flight Engineer (Third in command): Will become the Leader if the Leader and Second in command are used up (eg killed or has leaderlynched goodies). There will be no more than one Third in command at game start.

    Relief Pilot (Fourth in Command): After the Leader, Second and Third in command have died, has leader abilities. Acts the same as other leaders.

    The plane's flying crew. You know, they keep everyone alive

    Marshal Artist (Brutal): If lynched, has the power to immediately kill one person before being subdued. Knows a bit of marshal arts to take out the first person who becomes a threat

    Weak-Willed (Cursed): If a Cursed person is targeted by the Werewolves, they become one themselves. It will be revealed as a "no kill during the night". The Cursed will be unaware he is cursed until attacked by a Werewolf. A cursed apprentice that turns into a werewolf loses his apprenticehood. Cowards who just want to get out of this trouble spot.

    Swiss-Knifed (Hunter): If the Hunter is attacked by wolves at night he has a 50% chance (not caught asleep/off guard) of killing one of the attacking wolves. He can also send a nightly order to kill someone in which case his ability is used up (including the 50% chance to kill an attacking werewolf). Has managed to smuggle a Swiss Knife on board, and happens to know how to use it

    Lucky (Blessed): A Blessed person will survive a werewolf attack, but only once (the next attack will be fatal as usual). Will be revealed as a "no kill during the night". The Blessed might be unaware he is blessed, but if attacked he will be notified of this. If he had bet on the lottery today, he'd win the jackpot

    Annoying (Scan Disruptor): Can redirect scans on one person to another. Must send in an order detailing from which player to which player scan redirection will occur. ALL scans for that day are redirected. May not send an order for the same person on consecutive days.
    I know, they're the annoying brats who make us notice the smallest things.

    Paranoid (Spiritually Attuned): A Spiritually Attuned person has a 100% chance to sense when someone is scanning them. If they do, they will have a 50% chance to learn the name of the person and a 25% chance to learn of the actual role. Notes everyone who tries to take some attention of them.

    Observant (Spy): If a player has the Spy trait, he will have the ability to spy on another player, revealing clues to the role of that player (60% success on clue, 20% useless information, 20% misdirected information), but never the role itself. Some clues may be useless, others not. The spy may spy on the same player again to try to obtain more information. Less self-centered than the paranoid person, they take note of whatever actions others take

    Embezzler (Thief): May steal someone else's role/trait/s resulting in that person getting killed; has a 20% failure rate, resulting in his own death. Limited to a single use. Wanted, he wants to escape custody

    With a Vendetta (Rival): Is partner to someone else, who if alive at game's end, will cause this player to lose, even if he/she is part of the winning team. Has issues... very bad issues

    Psychic (Clairvoyant): Has a one time super-scan (100% success), revealing all roles and traits (including hidden ones). A crackpot who happens to be right just at the perfect time.

    Scheming (Plotting): Can PM his vote to the GM, can be used more than once. Vote will be revealed during final vote count. Likes to hide their choices


    Special Roles/Traits:

    Role: Identity Thief (Chameleon) Neutral, wins as long as he survives, does NOT count towards parity if still a thief, may fake a choice of one role and trait per day, but does not gain the trait. May not choose the same role in succession, but may stick w/ a trait. Does not become a claimed apprentice. If there are no orders, shows up as a no-scan to regular scanners. Has a one time ability to steal a person's role and traits, thus killing that person.

    Role: Hacker (Mindbreaker) Counts to baddie parity, shows up as goodie to regular scans, sends in an order selecting one player per night, any orders except for hunter/wolf will be canceled/not carried out that night, and will disable the player's ability for the next day

    Role: Fugitive (Con Man) Neutral, must declare nightly which side he supports, and counts for parity on that side, whether Goodie or Baddie, will win only if all scanners are dead. Scans will ping him according to his allegiance, and will also affect leader-lynchings.

    Trait: Money Launderer (Silencer): May choose a single person every night, the vote of that person for the next day is not counted. The invalidation of the vote is not revealed until AFTER voting ends. May not choose the same person consecutively.


    1. If all members of the flight crew (aka the four leaders) are killed, the second-placed vote receiver after the day the last crewman dies cannot vote on the day after. Ex. Last crew member dies on Day 6; Second placed vote-getter on Day 7 cannot vote on Day 8, second place on Day 8 may not vote on Day 9 etc. Players encumbered in this way may still talk or PM, however, they cannot engage in night actions for the same night, simulating the need to fly the plane.

    2. As this is a real-life type of situation, players will be acting on even more limited information than normal. Details will be provided to the relevant parties in their role PMs.

    RP "DAYS" will be in chunks of approx 30 mins in-game

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    The Flight Manifest

    1. Rysz as a Dutch Air Traffic Controller w/ experience from Flight 67 was forced to commit suicide on 1901 hunted on Night 4
    2. Emperor Walter the lucky Pilot was thrown out of the plane at 1900 lynched on Day 4
    3. Yakman was hammered by a fire extinguisher at 1945 lynched on Day 7
    4. White Daimon the Sympathizer escaped
    5. Saintis was subbed by Velasco v2 was killed for good on 1950 lynched on Day 8
    6. Eternaly_Lost the FSB agent disguised as a confused traveler was stampeded at 1921 lynched on Day 5
    7. Calamity the disaster-foretelling trainee was choked at 1821 hunted on Night 2
    8. jonti-h the Jaunty Linux hacker was gutted at 1950 lynched on Day 8
    9. Teep was beaten to death at 1945 hunted by trespoe on Night 7
    10. marty99 the observant and paranoid flight engineer is run down by a trolley at 1939 hunted on Night 6
    11. randakar the Sky Marshal had his neck snapped in the galley 1945 killed on day 7
    12. Hax as the bad-ass motherfrakker on the plane escaped
    13. Tornadoli the Mormon preacher was knifed in the guts at 1945 near the stewardesses' seatskilled on Day 7
    14. Kaetje as the clueless blonde Seductress is locked in the cargo hold at 1728 lynched on Day 1
    15. OrangeYoshi the horny teenager was thrown into the tail section at 1848 lynched on Day 3
    16. EUROO7 as two Zimbabwean dollars vacationing in Siberia. was flushed down the sewage pipe at 1945 killed on Day 7
    17. JDMS the Co-Pilot had his throat slashed at 1945 killed on Day 7
    18. the_hdk the Sympathizer was drowned in the toilet at 1945 hunted on Night 7
    19. Lord Strange the British Noble moonlighting as a Private Investigator, is poisoned at 1717 hunted on Night 0
    20. johho888 the unlucky Doctor was stabbed in the back at 2000 lynched on Day 9
    21. Paendrag the honest Swede, the SAS Sky Marshal, was found dead with an icepick through the ear at 1750 hunted on Night 1
    22. okyriosy was subbed by walrus the blubbery baddie was poisoned at 2001 hunted on Day 9
    23. Slinky the Annoying Scan Disrupting Toy was found tangled at 1953 hunted on Night 8
    24. Snoopdogg the disguised rapper who turned out to be a Covert Operative for Mossad was stabbed by Velasco at 1746 hunted by Velasco on Night 1
    25. Syber_sid was subbed by AOK. 11 was smashed in by a laptop at 1950 killed on Day 8
    26. hebelecan the Behavioral Analyst was killed at 1945 lynched on Day 7
    27. Lemeard the Con Man died at the plane crash on 2010 lost the game
    28. rexodia48 was found dead of a heart attack at 1815 died on night 2
    29. GeneralHannibal as Hermione Granger, Witch, found out by her refugee papers on 1815 lynched on Day 2
    30. Velasco the crazed swiss-knife, wielding weakling had his neck broken at 1936 lynched on Day 6
    31. trespoe the vengeful brother died on the crash on 2010 lost the game


    White Daimon, Hax
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    Flight Log:

    (Day 0)

    1700 Flight takes off from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, first destination has been reported to be London Heathrow

    1717 Flight 89 disappears off civilian air radars. Military radars detect it climbing to 45,000 feet.

    Lord Strange, the British noble moonlighting as a Scheming Private Investigator (Plotting Priest), is apparently poisoned at this time.

    (Day 1)

    1728 Kaetje the blonde seductress is forced into the cargo hold for distracting everyone on the plane with her kinky antics.

    1746 A surprised Luis Martin Velasco, with a Swiss Knife, stabs snoopdogg the Covert Operative of the Mossad disguised as an El Al Sky Marshal, bleeding him out to death.

    1750 A pocket of turbulence lurches Paendrag the Swedish Sky Marshal of SAS out from his seat onto the floor, revealing an ice-pick embedded in his ear and a sticky pool of blood.

    Kaetje the Moneyed Seductress with a Vendetta (Silencer Lover with a Rival) was lynched
    Velasco the hunter killed snoopdogg the Marshal Artist Covert Mossad Operative (Brutal Van Helsing Seer)
    Paendrag the Sky Marshal (Seer)[/color] was hunted

    (Day 2)

    1801 The Libyan General Hannibal is found to be Hermione, witch, with a stack of refugee application papers and is hog-tied by Muggles into the tail area.

    1815 Rex O. Diaz, 48 was found dead in his seat of an apparent heart attack.

    1821 Calamity the disaster-courting redhead training for certain nefarious purposes is found choked in the mouth with a blanket.

    GeneralHannibal the Observant Passenger with an Agenda (Spying Wolf) was lynched.
    rexodia48 was found dead in his seat.
    Calamity the Lucky (GM Error) Corrupted Trainee was lunched(Blessed Sorcerer's Apprentice)

    (Day 3)

    1848 The young guy with an Orange Yoshi plushie was caught peeping at women's skirts and was thrown into the tail section for being too scandalous.

    OrangeYoshi the Scheming Behavioral Analyst Trainee (Thief Plotting Cultist Apprentice) was blindfolded and thrown into the tail-section.
    There was NO HUNT during the night.

    (Day 4)

    1851 okyriosy the Greek parachuted out of the aircraft, and a walrus was found in the cargo hold.

    1900 The now unlucky Captain Emperor Walter was lynch-mobbed for diverting the plane to Amsterdam.

    1901 Rysz the paranoid elder brother went out the plane straight to Canary Wharf

    Emperor Walter the formerly lucky Pilot (Blessed Leader) was thrown out by the passengers for diverting the plane to Amsterdam
    Rysz the elder paranoid Brother (SA Brother) was pushed off the plane without a parachute.

    (Day 5)

    1921 Eternaly_Lost the FSB agent disguised as a Private Investigator died from being crushed by a lot of soles in a stampede to break open the cockpit doors.

    Eternaly_Lost the Blessed Van Helsing Priest was stampeded by the passengers.
    There was no hunt during the night.

    (Day 6)

    1936 Luis Velasco the swiss-knifed weak-willed passenger's neck is broken by some passengers who could not stand his moaning and mumbling.

    1939 Marty the Observant, Paranoid Flight Engineer is run down by a "runaway" trolley, knocking him unconscious.

    Velasco the former Hunter Cursed villager was given a mercy-killing for his earlier actions.
    marty99 the Spying Spiritually Attuned 3rd in Command Villager was crushed by a food trolley.

    (Day 7)

    1945 A massacre occured. People were just too agitated to remain calm, and everyone exploded.

    hebelecan the brutal cultist and Yakman the hunter wolf was lynched
    hebelecan brutalized JDMS the 2nd in command Brutal Villager
    JDMS brutalized EUROO7 the former Identity Thief (role to be posted in the "extra role section of the fromt page") double Brutal, Spying Wolf
    EUROO7 brutalized Tornadoli the Spiritually Attuned Guardian Angel and randakar the Seer
    trespoe the hunter killed Teep the Plotting Wolf
    the_hdk the SA Brutal Sorcerer was hunted

    (Day 8)

    1950 A zombie Velasco guts jonti-h, who smashes his laptop to a responding AOK

    1953 A broken Slinky was found on the floor in a huge mess.

    jonti-h the SA Brutal Hacker (Role description to be posted) was lynched.
    Velasco v2 the Silencer Wolf was also lynched.
    AOK. 11 the SA Doctor was brutalized by jonti-h
    Slinky the Scan-Disruptor Villager was hunted.

    (Day 9)

    2000 The unlucky Doctor Johho gets sliced from behind by the relief pilot.

    2001 The stench of blubber from underneath the floor wafts upward as a walrus is poisoned then slashed to death.

    johho the Cursed Doctor was backstabbed by Hax
    walrus the observant evil walrus was butchered after being poisoned


    2010 Plane crashes into the Le Tour Eiffel with trespoe and Lemeard on it. Two people escape...

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    You may NOW post. However, I am still placing thematic names on roles and traits, so bear with me. I WILL NEED 28 players to make this set-up work.

    RP Note: You are encouraged to play plane passengers, OF COURSE, playing an IRL Werewolf game.
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    Although I have to ask, is the Doctor weaker in this game then the last one? Last game the doctor had a 50% chance of saving themselves, was that a change for that game or did you make him weaker?

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    A few questions:

    Can Leaders, Changelings and Lovers protect/save themselves? (Insert crude joke about lovers 'being with themselves' here... )

    Can Doctors, Changelings and Lovers protect the same person every night?

    Can Apprentices be stolen by other scanners?

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    I'll provide a briefing of some of the changes later. I am still fine-tuning the set-up to ensure balance between both sides. There will be minimal information given out publicly, that I can tell you, and I will ask you to PM your questions when I am finished in tweaking my set-up, so I can't exactly answer some of them right now.

    Make sure to read up on the roles and traits once I am finished with them. There are changes from the regular set-up.
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    The best bit in that game is this PM from OY to his packmates:

    OrangeYoshi: ... I'll also put in a preliminary hunt order to Hunt Oky's replacement. (THE_SPLIT if I'm not mistaken). He publicly asked for a sub, and that is slightly more common in Lite if you have some sort of important role.

    This is OY putting in a hunt order on Oky's replacement, who is none other than OY.

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    Wish I wasn't, as your GM'ing is always good. I can sub after the 14th, or even play if you demand 28 players and it takes a long time.
    Ask me about Anarcho-Stalinism!

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    Roles and traits are now FIXED for the game settings. Please PM me for any issues regarding them.


    Van Helsing, Brothers roles added.
    Doctor does not have a 50% self-save chance.
    Minor buff to cultist role.

    Hunter is now a trait.
    Scan Disruptor trait added.
    Changed success rates to buff Spy and nerf Spiritually Attuned

    Thematic Rules Added

    Player list updated.

    You may now start PMing concerns, issues and niggles.
    AAR Commentator and Werewolf Whackjob

    "Getting paid for reading is the best way to make a living."

    The best bit in that game is this PM from OY to his packmates:

    OrangeYoshi: ... I'll also put in a preliminary hunt order to Hunt Oky's replacement. (THE_SPLIT if I'm not mistaken). He publicly asked for a sub, and that is slightly more common in Lite if you have some sort of important role.

    This is OY putting in a hunt order on Oky's replacement, who is none other than OY.

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