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Thread: Effectiveness of administration size?

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    Effectiveness of administration size?

    So I've started a game as the Yuan, because ALL HAIL THE GREAT KHAN OF THE MONGOL EMPIRE. (Even if this one is sinicized and dealing with massive rebellions.) I put down the initial rebellions through a mixture of military force, attrition, and concessions, and manually ended (or cheated) to get rid of the time of troubles after thirteen years of constant rebellion.

    Which leads me to my question. The "effectiveness of administration size" modifier, hitting me for a whopping 0.25% inflation a year. How often does it check for changes, and what do I need to do to make it stop hyperinflating my poor empire? (I'm okay if it takes a while - I mean, magna mundi has similar modifiers - I more want to know how much I must do and whatnot.)
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    Hmm cant really remeber all the modifiers, but centralization is good, and "better" goverment also.. They talked about rewriting the system to make it more complex, however I am afraid that it got "lost" in the "pile"..

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    "DeI Systems:
    - "Large country" penalty changed. New, hidden variable: the Effectiveness of Administration (EA). Many factors influence it. The penalty will occur on the level 15 (previously 10), from the lowest at 10to the greatest, at 250. Each level has 12 levels of the EA (previously 5).The higher the EA level, the lower the penalty. You can get the lower or the greater penalty, comparing with the earlier system. The EA is influenced by:
    *the government - the more modern the better,
    *internal politics: centralization, innovativeness and imperialism (the strongest factor) makes the EA stronger, and decentralization makes it weaker,
    *some doctrines, including the bureaucracy and the intelligence make it stronger,
    *technologies - especially governmental - gradually make the EA better,
    *administrative advisors
    *monarch stats, especially the ADM
    - Personality system. Each ruler will receive his own personality. There are 27 typse of it. Each type gives special modifier for the time of his rule. It increases the role of the monarchs in the country. Later versions will include events for each personality. In the governments with weaker ruler's influence (republics, constitutional countries) personality modifiers are circa 1/3 weaker.
    - Reduction of inflation in good economical condition - it's weaker however and independent of the taxes.
    - Income depending on taxes and the population is now balanced.."
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