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Thread: The Fuhrer's War, Germany 1941, version 1.4

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    The Fuhrer's War, Germany 1941, version 1.4

    Ok so this is my first AAR ever, I have been playing HOI2 a lot over the last two years, but I have decided to make the AAR using HOI3, I am not that experienced in that game, but I will give it a shot.
    It's nice if you people give me feedback as I go along, this way I can improve my future AAR's.
    I have chosen the "Barbarossa" scenario, my allegiance will go to Germany, we will be following Hitler's daily meetings with his ministers, and army, navy and air officers as the war goes on, so there will be a lot of rage from the Hitler whenever an operation is poorly executed. I will try to base my decisions on what I think Hitler would have wanted to do in order to achieve victory in the war.

    I will use screenshots, and historical pictures to illustrate as I go along. I will also be practicing my German here and there, if anyone wants to correct me, feel free to do it, I am happy to improve.
    Hope you will enjoy it folks.

    June 22. 1941, Wolfschanze, Rastenburg, East Prussia.

    A conference is held in Hitler's newly built headquarters as he wishes to make some changes before Barbarossa gets underway.

    Martin Bormann: Gentlemen please be seated, the Fuhrer will be joining us shortly, he has just taken Blondie for a walk. I know what time it is and I know you would rather be home sleeping at this hour or, with you troops as they prepare to march into Russia. However you being here is a Fuhrer directive, I trust you all know what this means.

    Hitler after the conference together with a couple of curious officers.

    Heinrich Himmler: Of course we do, Mein liber Martin. The Fuhrer has something important to share with us, his intellect will be of great need as...

    *Himmler is being interrupted by the opening of the conference door, Hitler enters the room, as he walks towards his chair at the end of the table he notes everyone's faces, the armaments minister Walter Funk looks nervous, perhaps he is afraid of his job... *

    Hitler: Meine Herren, bitte, nehmen sie platz. I have some changes in mind before this whole mess starts in the East, we can't rely on inefficient leaders as the hole future of the Reich is at stake.

    Martin Bormann: What did you have in mind, Mein Fuhrer?
    Hitler: In order to beat the Soviets we need to be efficient, ruthless, and merciless. So obviously we need our production to work at its maximum, yes?

    Walter Funk: Yes of course Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: That is why I am relieving you of your work. However, gentlemen, he is not the only one, Wilhelm, you too are relived. Our espionage have been inefficient for years, it is time we clear up things, and in order to do that we need a new man for the job. Now, get out of my sight, both of you!

    *As the room becomes silent, the two dismissed ministers leave the room, they look around for someone to speak on their behalf, no such thing happens. The Fuhrers will have been executed, quickly and brutally as always.*

    Hitler: Herr Bormann, I want you to inform Herr Schacht that he is the new armaments minister of the Third Reich, and also be kind enough to tell Herr Frick that he will from now on be answering to the post of "Head of Intelligence".

    The new German government after Hitler's changes had been made.

    Hermann Göring: Is it anything else Mein Fuhrer?

    Hitler: Yes..... When it comes to our researchers, they are to focus on new bombs for the Luftwaffe, there are a lot of Russian tanks waiting to be bombed, we also need to work on new tank designs, even thou we all know that nothing can beat out Panzer II's, III's and IV's. We also need a new small arm for the infantry, those MP 40's are getting quite old, don't you agree?

    The Reich's distribution of leadership

    Keitel and Jodl: Yes Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: Güt, güt, güt... The rest of the research is to be used on are up to you gentlemen. Our factories are to focus on new equipment for our troops, but we also need to form some new panzer and panzergrenadier divisions, I expect that Himmler want to raise some new Waffen SS divisions to, feel free to do that mein liber Himmler. And be sure to tell Herr Frick that there better not be any foreign agents inside The Reich! He is also to spread our influence by supporting national socialist parties in other countries, and I want to know what the MR Churchill is up to.

    Heinrich Himmler: Vielen Dank mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: That is all for now meine herren, I will see about half of you in a few hours, then we will go through our plan to destroy the soviets, alles für Deutchland.

    Everyone except Hitler: Sieg Heil!

    *After Hitler leaves the room the ministers discuss what to use the rest of the researchers and the available production capacity on.*

    Herman Göring: We need more interceptors for the west wall, no doubt about that, where will we be if the British are allowed to carpet bomb our cities? We will be fighting with a medieval society!

    Alfred Jodl: Yes Hermann, we should allocate some production for your beloved ME 109's, but let's not forget about the Western front's ground troops. We need more infantry divisions to bolster up the Atlantic wall. I have made a suggestion on how these divisions should be equipped, they will be effective, but it will come at a price of course gentlemen.

    Jodl's new infantry model for the western defenses.

    Wilhelm Keitel: I agree with Jodl, we need to beef up the western defenses. If the allies try to land, we must be ready for it! Remember, the Fuhrer has always been afraid of, "The second front".

    Heinrich Himmler: I think we can all agree about this, however, we have to build more tanks, that is a Fuhrer directive, leadership must also be allocated to develop mechanized infantry.

    Erich Raeder: We have to continue work on the "Graf Zeppelin", and the u-bots need more allocation of resources, Dönitz says he can bring Churchill to the negotiating table with more boats, and I agree with him on that issue. I also demand that the Kriegsmarine get some new light cruisers, we can't fight the Royal navy with interwar ships!

    Joachim Von Ribbentrop: Then I think we have agreed on most of the issues meine herren, untill later, Heil Hitler!

    The others reply with: "Heil Hitler." Thereafter leaving the room, each with their own thoughts about the future of the war.
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    looks promising ill keep an eye on it and maybe a few screen shots as the war progresses of course

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    3AM 22. June 1941 Wolfschanze, Rastenburg, East Prussia

    *A locked conference is being held for the men responsible for carrying out Barbarossa, present are General Keitel, Jodl, Grand Admiral Erich Raeder and Herman Göring. They are to be instructed by Hitler how the attack will be executed.*

    General Jodl: I hope the Fuhrer will be arriving soon, we need to know his plans quickly, otherwise this operation wont start before dawn!

    General Keitel: Be patient Alfred, the Fuhrer is surely making a master plan as always. Like the Fall Gelb.

    Erich Raeder: Let's not pretend gentlemen, that was Von Manstein's plan, The Fuhrer only realized it's potential.

    Herman Göring: How dare you?! Are you not a real national socialist Erich!
    Erich Raeder: I am a nationalist, the Fuhrer is however just a new Keizer, except in name.

    *Luckily for Raeder, their rather heated conversation is interrupted by one of Hitler's SS guards, he opens the door and the Fuhrer enters the room, and takes his usual seat at the end of the table.*

    Hitler: So gentlemen, unternehmen Barbarossa will commence in one hour, at exactly 4 in the morning. I will present to you in detail my plan. Here is a rough copy of it, merely to show you our first objectives.

    *Hitler hands over the map*

    General Jodl: You have all our ears Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: We will start with Von Leebs Armegruppe Nord. Von Leeb has three main objectives to start with, he must secure Riga, and Kaunas, and this is to be done in a fashion which will encircle the Russian troops stationed in Lithuania and southern Latvia. Here is my plan in detail gentlemen.

    *Hitler hands over the map to Keitel and Jodl*

    Hitler: Jänecke's I. Armekorps will commence moving from Memel, they will move forward along the Baltic coast, Guderian's 4.Panzergruppe will move from Tilsit and expand Jänecke's move, and then move as fast as possible to capture Riga. As this is happening Strauss's XXVI.Armekorps will move from Memel to Tilsit, in order to secure our supply lines.

    *Hitler stops for a short time to catch his breath, before continuing*

    The second part of the encirclement will be executed by two corps, the main effort will be made by Von Sodensterns LVI. Armekorps, the Russians won't be able to hold when our panzers start playing with them. However his southern flank will be exposed, I want Von Both's VIII. Armekorps to support him further south.

    General Jodl: Excellent plan Mein Fuhrer, it is simple but ingenious, a mastermind like Napoleon would be outwitted by it, that guaranties success against Russians who can't even write their own name!

    Hitler: Good that you see the merits of my plan general!

    Now let's get over to Armegruppe Mitte,, the main effort's will be made from 4 regions, Suwalki, Bielsk Podlaski, Wlodawa and Podlaska. The overall objective is Lida, when we take it we will gain an important airbase, and destroy all the Russian troops with another encirclement. Here is the map:

    The attack from Suwalki will be made by about half of the 3. Panzergruppe, this is the LVII. Armekorps, they are under the command of Lt. General Neuling, we will keep the rest in reserve for now. The southern pincer will start from Bielsk Podlaska and Biala Podlaska, it will be made by the 2 Panzergruppe, about half the formations are to join at once. I am confident of a quick victory, Von Manstein is in command, and his forces include the II. SS division, "Das Reich"! The final attack from Wlodawa will be made by VII armekorps under General Bämer, they are part of Von Kluges 4. Armee. This is a tough task;
    but I am sure that Von Bock is up to it!
    *He says it as he rappidly points at the objective in a hysteric fashion*

    Let us move further South gentlemen.

    Armegruppe Süd will ha a simple objective, they are going to encircle the soviet troops in the area opposing them. I think Von Runstedt is up to task. The attacks will be launched from 4 provinces:

    Chein, Niemiriow, Przenoysl and Ozenna. The attack from Chein will be the most important one, it will be made by Lt. General Eibls XWII. Armekorps of Von Reichenau's 6. Armee. A supporting attack will be made by Von Arnim's XXXXVIII. Korps mot. of the 1. Panzerarmee, under my trusted old warhorse Paul Ludwig Ewald Von Kleist. The last two attacks are just to divert Russian troops from the main objectives, these are to be made by IV. Armeekorps under Lt. General Model and the LII. Korps under Lt. General Nehring, both these korps are subordinate to Stülpnagel's C. H. 17. Armee. This attacking move will meet up with the 11. Armee attacking from Romania, their task is simply to break through the Russian lines, thereby encircling the Soviet Southern front. Hermann, your Luftwaffe resources in the East are to support our attacks as efficient as possible. Grand Admiral Reader, you are to support Von Leeb whenever he requires it, I think Die Baltische Flotte is up to the task.

    Any commander who fails in his task will be severely reprimanded, if not worse. Have I made myself clear!?

    Everyone else: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer!

    Hitler: Güt, güt, güt, when the war is won we will be able to create a new European order! Now get to work meine herren, I don't have to wish you good luck, victory is already assured!

    *The commanders leave the room to send orders to their subordinates.*
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    Sounds good. Subscribed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDMS View Post
    Sounds good. Subscribed.
    Thanks ^^ I will be trying to come with a daily update

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    Midnight 24.June 1941 - Wolfschanze, Rastenburg, East Prussia

    *General Jodl walks through the corridors of Hitler's bunker in Wolfschanze, he has with him a report for the first two days of action in Russia. Small drops of sweat run down his face as he is about to present it to The Fuhrer. After walking down multiple stairways and trough 2 security positions he reaches the door in front of Hitler's private study. After hesitating for a moment he knocks on the door.*

    Hitler from the inside: Herein!

    *Jodl opens the door and enters the room*

    Hitler: Ahh... Jodl. You have good news. Well of course you have!

    Jodl: I have news from the front, here are some maps from Armegruppe Nord,
    let's take them one at a time.

    Hitler: Gute idee!

    *Jodl hands over the first map from Armegruppe Nord*

    The Northern front after 24 hours of fighting.

    Jodl: As you can see Mein Fuhrer, the attacs are going very well, the 3. Infanterie-division (mot) under Majorgeneral Curtze has reached Marijampole, he has taken the province with minimal casualties, the Soviets pulled out rather quickly, however as he had entered the province and had started to organize his headquarters the Soviets swung three divisions at him in a counterattack, however, when Majorgeneral Keppler's 8. Panzer-divison reached Marijampole, the Soviets fell back. The province is now secure.

    Lt. Neuling is attacking from Suwalki, his LVII. Armeekorps (mot) is winning the battle this is due to Neulig's good decisions, but more due to the fact that we outnumbered the Soviets by three to one, victory was never in doubt.

    Tanks from Lt. General Neulings LII. Armeekorps (mot) move into Kalvarija.

    Hitler: This sounds very good Jodl, please continue.

    Jodl: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer. Here is the overall situation on the Northern sector about one hour ago:

    The Northern front about an hour earlier.

    Jodl: Jänecke has moved into Vainode, however he raced ahead with just his headquarters units. and the Soviets counterattacked, he is holding his ground until one of his infantry divisions can come up in support, they should reach him in an hour or two. However, a bit further South we are in a position to encircle to Soviet divisions, it will just require one motorized or panzer-division , am I allowed to proceed with the encirclement?

    Hitler:I like sticking to the plan, but in this case you are ordered by me to commence the encirclement! Diese Russenschweine will not know what hit them!

    Jodl: Deinen willen ist mein befehl Mein Fuhrer!

    Hitler: Heil. Anything else Jodl?

    Jodl: Yes, I have some news from Armegruppe Süd to:

    Jodl: Model's attack has broken the Soviets near the Hungarian border, and the Hungarians too have moved into Soviet territory, however, the other attack made by Stülpnagel's 17. Armee has become bogged down even though he has pulled of a small encirclement. We have large reserves in the area and they will be utilized when the time is right.

    Hitler: I had expected better from Stülpnagel, perhaps Lt. General Model will get a new post soon.

    Jodl: As you wish Mein Fuhrer, but he should get some more time, the battle has barely started, and he is tying down many Soviet troops.

    Hitler: Indeed.... I hope for his sake that his performance improves! Anything from the Romanian front?

    Jodl: Yes the 11, Armee sent me map just now:

    The Romanian front at midnight on the 24. of June.

    Jodl: As you can see, the northern attack will end in a victory, Lt. General Von Dem Bach-Zelewskis LIV. Armeekorps have almost broken trough the Soviet forces. However the rest of the 11. Armee is moving slowly, there is a reason for this too, we have employed the Romanian division first and held our men in reserve in order for them to attack once the Soviets have been weakened. Thereby saving some German lives, while letting the Romanians execute the river crossings.

    Hitler: My congratulations to Von Dem Bach-Zelewski, if his performance continue like this, he will soon be promoted. I think it is wise to use up the Romanians, they are after all racially inferior! Just one more question Jodl, how is the Luftwaffe doing?

    Jodl: They have performed very well, my compliments to Göring!

    Hitler: If that was all for now then i want to be left alone, I have an appointment with some delicious food!

    Jodl: Gutem appétit Mein Fuhrer.

    *Jodl is shown out, relieved that Hitler had been in a good mood*

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    Hmm, the Romanian front doesn't seem to be going great, but the rest of the attack seems to be going well. Good work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDMS View Post
    Hmm, the Romanian front doesn't seem to be going great, but the rest of the attack seems to be going well. Good work.
    Yes it appears so, however, i still have fresh German divisions in romania, just waiting for attackorders.

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    June 27. 1941 Wolfschanze, Ratenburg, East Prussia.

    *General Jodl is sitting in his personal room, enjoying a meal of Norwegian salmon, he is looking over the reports from Russia, some are good, others are not. Suudenly the door bursts open, and a furious Hitler starts screeming to General Jodl*

    Hitler: Three days! I have not heard anything in three days! Stop eating and give me the news at once!

    *Jodl appear to be shocked and nervous as he presents Hitler the first report from Armegruppe Nord. He stutters in a low voice*

    Jodl: The Soviets have taken Tilsit and severed our supply lines.....

    Hitler: WAS!! Das is doch ein vitz! This hole army is lead by incompetence, I ordered Lt. General Strauss to secure the province!

    Jodl: He did not manage to reach the province before the Soviets did .

    Hitler: Excuses, excuses, excuses, I want results! Are our troops getting supplies at all?

    Jodl: Yes Mein Fuhrer, Grand Admiral Raeder started to organize supply convoys an hour after the news reached him.

    Hitler: At least someone knows how to do their job! Strauss better secure Tilsit quickly, or else he will be shot!

    Jodl: He is leading his XXVI. Armeekorps into Tilsit, victory is only a question of time.

    Hitler: I hope for his sake that you are right. Continue!

    *Jodl takes a deep breath before he starts talking again, as he hands Hitler a report from General Halder's Befehlsstelle Finnland*

    Jodl: The Soviets started attacking Vaalesjoki on the 24. Yesterday they broke through the lines of Von Hindenburg.

    *Hitler bursts into an unbelievable rage and screams that Von Hindenburg is to be shot at once*

    *Jodl eventually manages to calm down the Fuhrer as he says that General Halder has organised a new line in Petsamo and is also bringing up his reserves, however, he did not make any atempt to save Von Hindenburg's life*

    Hitler: Jodl, I hope you have some good news for me, after all this incompetence I need something to cheer me up.

    Jodl: I have some good news, yes, but first, I have a report from Herr Frick.

    Hitler: News from our intelligence, proceed if you please.

    Jodl: The British are terrorizing our cities, and as a consequence our national morale is falling, this is due to a shortage of interceptors. Frick has told me that the Gestapo is doing their best to raise the moral of our people.

    Hitler: Diese ferfluchte Englender! However, I trust in Herr Frick's competence when it comes to raising our morale. Where is my good news!?

    Jodl: Grand admiral Raeder has ordered the Baltische Flotte to move into the gulf of Finland, he is confident that the sinking of some Soviet ships will help our morale, Admiral Böhm is in command of the Baltische Flotte, he too is sure of a great naval victory.

    Hitler: It is funny Jodl, I had thought that The Kriegsmarine would not be able to do anything, however, Grand Admiral Raeder appears to be the only one with some competence! I am looking forward to hear about a naval victory!

    Jodl: Indeed, the Admiral has proven to be highly skilled in his work. However, I have good news from Romania Mein Fuhrer. General Kaul is winning the battle of Chisinau

    Jodl: Further south Lt. General Von Weitersheim has taken Tiraspol with medium casualties, as soon as his men has regained some organization he will proceed to assist Kaul against the Soviet defenders of Chisinau.

    Hitler: Sehr güt, I was worried about the Romanian front the last time we spoke, it appears that The 11. Armee is fully able to achieve their objectives, my compliments to General Von Weichs.

    Jodl: I have some more good news from Lithuania too, Lt. General Von Obstfelder has ordered his XXXXI. Armeekorps (mot) into Saldus, as soon as the province is secure the road to Riga is open.

    Hitler: Von Obstfelder is a highly competent man, I am sure he will succeed, when he reaches Riga he is to be given the Knights cross!

    Jodl: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer.

    Jodl: The last report is from Armeegruppe Mitte, Lt. General Von Massow's XXIV. Armeekorps (mot) has reached Brzesc Litewski after a swift and rather cheap battle against the Soviets, his men need to rest for a while before they can continue their attack.

    Hitler: We can't afford any brakes in the attacks!

    Jodl: I knew you would feel that way, therefore I ordered Majorgeneral Hühner to attack with three rested divsions, they include the 3. SS Totemkopf division. His attack did not supsrise the Soviets, on the contrary, the Soviets managed to ambush his leading troops of the 1. Kavallerie-Division, he has nevertheless assured me of victory.

    Hitler: Güt, güt, güt, if that was all then I will let you finish your meal. I want a new report in three days. And should any crisis occur then you are to tell me immediately, and before I forget, majorgeneral Von Hindenburg will be shot after being given a "fair" trial.

    Jodl: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer!

    *Hitler leaves the room, and Jodl picks up his phone to contact General Halder's Befehlsstelle Finnland to pass on the Fuhrers orders. *
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    June 30. Wolfschanze, Rastenburg, East Prussia

    *General Jodl has flown to Berlin in order to see some new tanks which Hjalmar Schacht want to put into production, however, he needs Jodl's permission. That is at least why Jodl says he is going to Berlin, it could be he is just afraid of angering The Fuhrer any further. Anyways, General Keitel has been given the honor to present Hitler the news from Russia when Jodl is not present. Keitel is confident that Hitler will be content with the Whermacht's progress in the East and he is in good spirits as he approaches Hitler's study and is shown in.*

    Hitler: Ahh... Keitel, good to see you, I was just expecting Jodl, what do you want?

    *Keitel does a "Hitler salute"*

    Keitel: I am here to present the report from The East, Jodl has been called to Berlin by Schacht, he is to inspect the new Marder I tank destroyers .

    Hitler: Very well, I was wondering when we would get some new tank destroyers.

    Keitel: Shall we proceed with the report Mein Fuhrer?

    Hitler: Yes, I am hungry for news of our victories.

    Keitel: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: I want to here if Lt. General Strauss has managed to retake Tilsit.

    Keitel: Mein Fuhrer, I am happy to tell you that Von Strauss and his three divisions of the XXVI. Armeekorps has retaken Tilsit from the Soviets, after the attack was over the Soviets had lost a good portion of their tanks. The Luftwaffe have been very visible over the East Prussian forests and the Stuka's of Ernst Udet are responsible for the heavy enemy losses in the battle.

    Hitler: Sehr güt, you see Keitel, this is what I like to hear, a dead Russian is a good Russian!

    *As Hitler finishes the sentence he puts his hand inside his jacket in a "Napoleonic" fashion*

    Keitel: Now that the Baltic coast is secure, Riga is as good as ours!

    Hitler: Indeed, It is good to hear that someone agrees with me, Jodl is always so pessimistic, I think he has been talking to much with Von Kluge!

    Keitel: I also have some news from Finland Mein Fuhrer, I heard you were quite keen to hear from General Halder.

    Hitler: Oh yes, ever since I got the last report I have found it hard to sleep.

    Keitel: Well the Soviets are attacking further South as well, they launched a night attack against Von Und Zu Reuss'es 6. Division, the Soviets assaulted him from two directions, but they did not manage to achieve a breakthrough.

    Hitler: Did he manage to hold on his own ?
    *Hitler sounds astounded*

    Keitel: He had problems, as a consequence I ordered Lt. General Heitz to attack the Soviets in Alakurtti with his formidable &. Waffen SS-Division Nord. The Norwegians who fight in this Division are used to forest fighting, and they should make it hard for the Soviets to win.

    Hitler: This sounds good, we will see fairly soon if the Norwegians are up to the task.

    Keitel: Yes Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: How is the situation in the North of Finland Keitel?

    Keitel: The Soviets have once again set their sights on Halder's forces, and the Soviets are pushing for Petsamo.

    Troops of the 2. Gebirgs-Division fighting near Petsamo

    Hitler: We can't afford to lose Petsamo, the nickel mines are vital to the war effort! I hereby designate Petsamo as a "Festung", it is to be held to the last man!

    Keitel: It is not that serious Mein Fuhrer, Halder has brought up one of his reserve-divisions, and they are taking relieving pressure from Halder's Gebirgsjägers. Victory seems imminent, and after we have taken back Vaalesjoki Murmansk will be within reach!

    Hitler: Das is doch wunderbar! When we have taken back Vaalesjoki, we will commence with operation Silberfüchs.

    Keitel: Heil!

    Hitler: Anything else Keitel?

    Keitel: There have been a lot of attacks and counterattacks and spoiling attacks in the Southern and Central sectors, nothing worth mentioning, however we have started a promising attack in the central sector.

    Hitler: Show me.

    *Keitel hands over the map*

    Keitel: Majorgeneral Kleemann has taken his 10. Panzer-Division and the Das Reich Division and launched an attack against the Soviets in Ratno, the Soviets are disorganized and not ready for a fight against our panzers. When we take this province we can assist our main effort to take Lida.

    Hitler: Excellent idea Keitel! Our men will soon brake the Soviets on all fronts very soon, I think that when I demand that our objectives must be fulfilled at the end of July I am quite reasonable, yes?

    Keitel: Nein Mein Fuhrer, at the end of July we will be on the outskirts of Smolensk, and in September Moscow will fall!

    Hitler: Aber naturlich!

    Keitel: If you don't have any more comments then I will take my leave Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: You can leave Keitel, you can wait a while with the next report, it appears to be some time before anything of significance will happen.

    *Keitel shakes Hitler's hand, and as he is about to leave does a "Hitler salute" before leaving the Fuhrer to his thoughts*

    Keitel and Hitler

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    I like this, always wanted to see how a Barbarossa would pan out if the player was slightly mad with objectives, as Hitler was.

    Following with interest.
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    Great updates.
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    Looks like you are having fun in Russia - I'm interested to see how you go.

    I noticed Jodl is very friendly with the Fuhrer.

    "Jodl: Deinen willen ist mein befehl Mein Fuhrer!"

    He is on "Du" terms?

    Alll the best for the future. I'll keep watching to pick up tips on how tohandle the Red army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorMayhem View Post
    I like this, always wanted to see how a Barbarossa would pan out if the player was slightly mad with objectives, as Hitler was.

    Following with interest.
    Thanks, I will try to be a quite overconfident

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDMS View Post
    Great updates.
    Thanks as allways

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uriah View Post
    Looks like you are having fun in Russia - I'm interested to see how you go.

    I noticed Jodl is very friendly with the Fuhrer.

    "Jodl: Deinen willen ist mein befehl Mein Fuhrer!"

    He is on "Du" terms?

    Alll the best for the future. I'll keep watching to pick up tips on how tohandle the Red army.
    Thanks, i feel honored to know that the head of filing is reading
    And about Jodl, he is not supposed to be on very friendly terms with Hitler, but i am not very good when it comes to German verbs, very nice you can give me the correct term.

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    July 11. Wolfschanze, Rastenburg, East Prussia

    *Jold is back from Berlin, he and Keitel have called some of the important people from the Eastern front in order for them to report the situation directly to the Fuhrer. The generals, air commanders and admirals have taken their seats in the conference room, they are waiting for the Fuhrer to arrive*

    Jodl: The Fuhrer will be arriving shortly, I want each of you to give him an idea of what we are dealing with here.

    Von Leeb: Well my Northern attack is going well, we are on the verge of taking Riga, however, our armored troops have had to crack some hard nuts.

    Göring: What do you mean by that?

    Von Leeb: We have encountered some difficulties, I will tell you more when the Fuhrer arrives.

    Erich Reader: Well I have good news from the west! That should cheer up the Fuhrer.

    Halder: I fear for my life at this moment gentlemen, the Soviets have pushed hard against my front, and they have broken the back of my army.

    Von Bock: I am glad I am not in your shoes General Halder!

    *There is a long silence after this, it is finally broken when the door opens and the Fuhrer enters the room, everyone does a "Hitler salute" followed by

    "Heil Mein Fuhrer"*

    Hitler: Guten abent meine herren. I am curious on our Eastern situation, General Keitel promised me great deeds, I wonder whether you have managed to do anything of value.

    *As Hitler speak he looks particularly at General Halder*

    Hitler: Ah, Von Leeb, I long for victories, how is your Armegruppe Nord doing?

    *Von Leeb stands up and as he is about to speak he oozes of self-confidence.*

    Von Leeb: I know that Jodl told you that Von Obstfelder's XXXXI. Armeekorps (mot) was attacking Saldus, well I am proud to inform you that it is ours!

    Hitler: excellent! Are you pushing further Von Leeb?

    Von Leeb: As soon as the province was secured I ordered the 1. and 6. Panzer-divisions to attack the Soviets in Tukums, The soviets are constantly reinforcing when we attack them but still we are rolling up their positions, and Von Langermann und Erlendkamp has assured me that they can achieve victory!

    Hitler: This sounds very good, how far is it from Tukums to Riga?

    Von Leeb: It is about 20 miles of open plains, we should be able to secure Riga within a week, unless the Soviets bring up huge amounts of troops.

    Hitler: Sehr Güt! When Riga is ours you will be greatly rewarded! Do you have further good news?

    *Von Leeb puts up a huge smile and continues*

    Von Leeb: General Jänecke has used his I. Armeekorps in a wonderful fashion and he has, after a few brilliant maneuvers managed to encircle General Kreizer's 48. Rifle-Division on the Kurland peninsula, the Soviets insists on holding on and they are making a final stand in Ventspils. Jänecke has ensured me that his 21. Infanterie-Division under majorgeneral Von Lützov can force the Soviets to surrender within a few days.

    Hitler: You see gentlemen, this is how true Germans fight! I congratulate you Von Leeb, and you can pass on to General Jänecke that as soon there becomes a vacant armee, he will be promoted and given command!

    Von Leeb: Danke shön Mein Fuhrer! Von Jänecke will be very honored by your praise. However i still have more to share with you Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: Please continue Von Leeb.

    Von Leeb: The Luftwaffe have been very usefull to support my troops in their attack's and Herman's stukas are responsible for the huge enemy tank losses, but there are a few problems. We don't have any fighter cover and enemy bombers are striking at my troops quite frequently, they are causing heavy losses.

    Hitler: I hope Herman can do something about this.

    Göring: We are still waiting for our new interceptors to roll of the production line, so for the time being you have rely on you anti-air defenses Von Leeb.

    Hitler: I will order Schacht to hurry the production. Was that the only problem you have Von Leeb?

    Von Leeb: Well, the Soviets have a wonder weapon, a tank which we can't
    beat, it is called T34. Our PAK 36/37 does not even scratch it's armor. The troops have started referring to the PAK 36/37 as "The doorknocker" and I do not blame them. Herman's stukas have destroyed some of them but we really need those new Marder tanks!

    One of Armegruppe Nord's Doorknocker's in action

    Hitler: This can't be, I was told that our Panzer III F model was unbeatable! Have any other commanders met similar problems?!

    Von Bock: Yes, my Armegruppe Mitte and Von Rundstedt's Armegruppe Süd have also come into contact with these new tanks, I spoke to General Reichenau, he is always inspecting the tanks which his men encounter and I heard him say that "If the Russians ever produce this tank on an assembly line, we will have lost the war." So the problem is quite serious Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: Well our engineers will have to design some new tanks for us then, those untermenschen can't have better tanks then my Panzer-Divisions!

    Göring: My Luftwaffe will handle them in the meantime Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: Güt, güt, güt. Did you have something more for us Von Leeb.

    Von Leeb: Yes actually I do, yesterday myself and Admiral Raeder had a little chat, he told me that we have total naval supremacy in the Östsee!

    Raeder: That is correct, the Soviet fleet is trapped inside Leningrad!

    The Tirpitz, the pride of the Kriegsmarine.

    Hitler: Excellent, and how do you plan to exploit this?

    Von Leeb: We considered to land in Talinn, thereby we could draw Soviet troops away from Riga, and if we are lucky we can expand that bridgehead southwards and unite it with Von Obstfelder's troops. I spoke with Jodl, and he told me that we have several reserve-Divisions which he could release for this operation. What do you think Mein Fuhrer?

    Hitler: I think it is a most excellent proposition, you may launch it whenever you are ready Von Leeb, the forces are to be called Befehlsstelle Estland, and I want General Dietl to assume command, the operation itself will be called Unternehmen Ritterbüder after the Teutonic knights!

    Von Leeb: Very good Mein Fuhrer, I will see to it.

    Hitler: If that was all Von Leeb then you may take a seat.

    Von Leeb: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: General Halder, has operation Silberfüchs started yet? when do you think Murmansk will be in our hands?

    *General Halder looks as if he is about to fall dead on the spot, and slowly rises. He starts to speak very silently and with a thin voice.*

    Halder: The Soviet's have taken Petsamo, and they have pushed me back from every defense position which I have assembled. There will not be any "Operation Silberfüchs" for some time.

    Troops of the 3. Gebirgs-Division protecting the German retreat with a leichte Infanteriegeschütz 18.

    *Hitler blows into an extreme rage and accuses Halder of incompetence along with a lot of other things which are completely out of the context.

    Hitler is finally convinced by Jodl to listen to the rest of Halder's report before he does anything further.*

    Halder: The soviets first took, Petsamo, then they managed to force Dittmar's 169. Infaterie-Division out of Nautsi. Then myself and Von Falkenhorst tried to organize a line from Kirkenes to Ovre Pasvik, but within a few days the Soviets forced their way through my lines. I have a plan which might save the situation for us Mein Fuhrer. Further south Majorgeneral Zu Reuss'es 6. Division is winning the battle thanks to the intervention of the 6. SS Divison "Nord", when the battle is over I want to draw these two divisions north in order to cut the Soviet supply lines. I have spoken with general Von Leeb and he considers it to be quite possible. Here is a map of our current situation and my plan for stopping the Soviet avalanche.

    Halder: As you can see the blue line marks where we are holding at the moment, i have also marked how the 6. SS is going to strike.

    *Hitler views the map for a short time then speaks up*

    Hitler: Your incompetence might have given us a golden situation General Halder, also gut, I will give you one more chance to sharpen up, you are allowed to give up ground in Finland if you are forced to do so, but the Norwegian soil are to be defended. Do I make myself clear?!

    Halder: Yes Mein Fuhrer.

    *Halder takes his seat an looks relieved that he is (at least for the moment) alive. *

    Hitler: Who wants to go next?

    *Admiral Raeder rises and starts to talk while appearing to be quite content.*

    Raeder: During the last week I have been trying to find some ways to get the British back for their bombing of our cities. Therefore I got together with Göring and Dönitz and we began striking at the British convoys outside the Celtic coast.

    Raeder: We combined the naval bombers of Coeler with the 23. Unterseebootsflotille of Rear Admiral Sobe, and after 5 days we had sunk 5 transports and 2 escorts with little damage to our forces. After this success I have ordered more U-boats out into the Atlantic.

    Hitler: Sehr Güt!

    Raeder: The British have tried to strike back by bombing Die Atlantische Flotte which was based in Brest, We reacted quickly and Sharnhorst and Gneisenau are safe in Wilhelmshaven by now. When they have undergone minor repairs they will be ordered to raid British shipping in the Atlantic.

    Hitler: I am very impressed with the Kriegsmarine, cooperation with the Luftwaffe is also important and I am glad to hear that it is existent. Was that all Raeder?

    Raeder: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: I long to hear from Armegruppe Süd, Von Rundstedt what has happened lately?

    Von Rundstedt: We have finally managed to secure Chsinau, The Soviets had prepared strong defences and the cassoulties have been heavy, however most of our losses have been taken by the Romanian Divisions.

    Von Rundstedt: Von Weichs has reached Chisinau and after a brief counterattack the Soviets realized that the city was lost, I have ordered Von Weichs to attack the Soviets in Rezina, which is North of Chisinau, he is attacking over 100 000 Soviets and have managed to pull off a small encirclement even though he is outnumbered by almost two to one.

    Hitler: Excellent news, I am sure Antonescu was very pleased with it as well, he is very keen on taking back Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina from the Soviets after they forced the Romanians to give it up in 1940. But the casualties in this operation have been very high indeed, I hope the next battles will be cheaper!

    Von Rundstedt: Indeed Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: What is happening with the other part of the Southern pincer?

    Von Rundstedt: There have been some developments, here is a map of the front Mein Fuhrer:

    Von Rundstedt: The areas which are marked in green have been taken by our Panzer-Divisions , we have now concentrated our attack on the Soviet stronghold of Iwanicze, we are attacking it from three directions and General Dehner have told me that we have good chances of winning the battle within the week. There are also some bad news, the Soviets have broken trough at Jaroslav, this has presented us with a new opportunity. We can use Model's forces in the South to attack the Southern part and as soon as our Panzers are rested I will order General Dietrich and Höpner to attack the northern salient. If we are successful we can destroy the entire Soviet force!

    Hitler: I was a bit concerned at first but I think this a huge opportunity rather than a setback, thank you Von Rundstedt, you may launch your attack as soon as your men are rested. Then I suppose it is your turn Von Bock.

    Von Bock: Heil Mein Fuhrer: Armeegruppe Mitte has only launched two attacks, one of which has secured almost two provinces and the other has become a bit bogged down, I have ordered fresh troops to the location and I am sure of victory in both sectors. Here is the map:

    Von Bock: I have done as Von Rundstedt, the area marked in green has been occupied by our Panzer's. As you can see Mein Fuhrer the southern pincer headed for Lida is well underway. The northern one has run into some trouble, but I am confident that as soon as Lida is ours we can use it as a springboard to support the northern pincer. I do not have very much more for you Mein Fuhrer, except that I can't stress enough the need to get something which can knock out diese verflucte T34's.

    Hitler: This sounds very god, I will see what can be done against diese wunderwaffen! Was that all meine herren?

    Von Rundstedt: Actually we got a report from Rommel today. Das Deutsche Afrika korps has expirienced several victories in the last days, they have wrestled Tobruk from the British and are moving into Egypt at full speed. The Italian troops have also performed surprisingly well, and the Italian general Messe have shown great competence, however, he is not in Rommel's league!

    Hitler: Have we got a map, I want to know how far DAK has advanced.

    *Von Rundstedt hands over a map sent by Rommel*

    Hitler: Most interesting, I am very impressed by the Italians, but also with General Rommel! In fact, I want him to be promoted, he will from now on be known as Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel!

    Erwin Rommel, the victor of Tobruk.

    Von Bock: A most excellent decision Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: Well meine herren, this have been a long day, I think I will retire. From now on I want us to meet weekly in conference, however, if something important happens then I trust Jodl will bring it to me before that.

    Jodl: Aber naturlich Mein Fuhrer!

    Hitler: Then I will see you in a week, gütem abent meine herren.

    *As Hitler leaves the others stand up and does a "Hitler salute" before getting back to their respective headquarters.*
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    Well the war seems to be going well. Good work.
    God's protection is better than the strongest armor or the tallest tower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDMS View Post
    Well the war seems to be going well. Good work.
    I am working on the next post now, I think you will find it quite interesting

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    July 18. Wolfschanze, Rastenburg, East Prussia

    *Hitler has arrived before the Generals for once. He is waiting in the conference room for them to arrive and report the present situation in the East. It has been a week and The Fuhrer is very curious when it comes to Barbarossa.
    The door to the room opens and Herman Göring enters the room*

    Hitler: Ahh... Herman nehmen sie doch platz.

    Göring: Danke mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: I see that the others are running late, do you know anything in particular which I would like to know?

    Göring: The Luftwaffe are responsible for almost 2000 enemy dead this week.
    My interceptors have destroyed a good portion of the British bombers, Mr Churchill have been shown were to go and stick his cigars!

    Hitler: Excellent! Has all the fronts achieved their objectives?

    Göring: I am aware that General Halder has been forced further back in Norway, but that he has made some countermeasures.

    Hitler: That man is in a thin tread, he better start fixing things!

    Göring: Yes, we can't afford to loose in any theater right now.

    Hitler: Halder will get some more time to redeem himself, he is vastly outnumbered so a week or two extra is a fair deal.

    Göring: Indeed, he also has no air cover, while the Soviets have several air wings striking at his troops.

    Hitler: Indeed.

    *The other VIP's enter the room and take their respective seats at the table, when everyone has found their place at the table there is an awkward silence. Hitler turns his eyes towards Von Leeb. Von Leeb rises and appears to be quite happy to open the conference.*

    Hitler: I am very curious about Armegruppe Nord Von Leeb, what has happened this week?

    Von Leeb: We have achieved several of our objectives Mein Fuhrer.
    You can see for yourself on this map, I will be explaining afterwards.

    *Von Leeb hands Hitler a map of the Northern front.

    Von Leeb: As you can see Mein Fuhrer, Von Obstfelder's troops have seized Tukums, and has already started to attack the Soviets in Jurmala. This is the last sector which we have to seize before we can attach Riga.
    The enemy casualties at Tukums have been heavy, the enemy has lost well over 4000 men compared to our 1600 men, i consider this to be a good ratio.

    Hitler: Sehr güt Von Leeb, i simply can't wait till we have Riga under our control!
    Von Obstfelder has indeed done a good job, as well as his superior, General Guderian.
    I can see that the "Kurland Kessel" has been destroyed.

    Von Leeb: Yes the Soviets stopped fighting after a few days. Von Lützov's attack was reinforced by another division.
    General Busch assumed command after two days, on the 16. General Kreizer decided that the game was up and he surrendered his remaining 8000 men to General Busch, however, I have given General Jänecke most of the credit.
    It was after all his maneuvers which created the pocket.

    Hitler: Excellent work as always Von Leeb, and I agree that General Jänecke should get most of the credit.
    In fact, his corps will be renamed, it will be called, Armeekorps Kurland.

    Von Leeb: You are indeed generous Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: I am fair to those who deserves it Von Leeb.
    There is one snag with your report, the Soviets seem to be braking trough our lines, why is this?

    Von Leeb: There was a small comunication problem, as our troops advanced into Tukums, we did not reinforce Saldus in time. The Soviets realized our mistake and they attacked Saldus while it was only held by Von Obstfelders headquarters. We have started attacking the Soviet forces and I have ordered two divisions to be sent to assist Von Obstfelder.

    Hitler: Very good, I was afraid of a serous problem, but it is obvious that it is just a small mistake made by your headquarters. Over to something different, have you been able to start Unternehmen Ritterbrüder?

    Von Leeb: We have assembled two division under General Dietl, four more divisions are on the move.
    But they wont be able to join Dietl before August. I have nevertheless ordered Dietl to start boarding our transport's and they will commence their attack on Tallinn in one or two days.

    Hitler: Sehr güt, have we encountered any units of the Soviet navy?

    Von Leeb: Yes, but Erich will give you a report on that when I am finished.

    Hitler: Sehr güt, what more do you have for us Von Leeb?

    Von Leeb: Well as you can see General Halder could not make it, he is very occupied as he is about to start his attack to recover Petsamo. He has sent me the necessary information so I will be giving you his report.

    Hitler: Also güt Von Leeb.

    *Von Leeb hands over the map sent by General Halder*

    Von Leeb: As you can see Mein Fuhrer, the Soviets have broken trough the Finish lines in the central district.
    They are headed for Oulu at full speed. General Halder has made a serious countermeasure to the enemy's advance. He has ordered Lt. General Silasvuo's III. Armeijakunta to attack the soviet supply lines. When this is done they should be able to destroy the Soviet penetration of the central front.

    *Von Leeb takes a short break to catch his breath*

    Von Leeb: In the northern part of the front, the 6. SS Division "Nord" and the 6. Infanterie-Division has left their original front and are headed for Petsamo. If they are successful they will cut the entire Soviet supply line. Halder has been a real fox when it comes to his defense of Norway as well, he has fallen further back into Northern Norway. This will stretch the Soviet Supply lines even further and thereby becoming easier to cut for General Heitz's XXXVI. H.Kdo. Halder want to know if you have a particular codename for his counterattack.

    Hitler: Halder seems to have worked hard, I like his attack plan, it will be called "Unternehmen Nordlicht".

    Von Leeb: Also güt Mein Fuhrer, I thin General Halder will launch his attack in a few days.

    Hitler: Was that all from Finland Von Leeb?

    Von Leeb: Not entierly Mein Fuhrer, General Halder has encountered a very potent Russian weapon.
    The men have nicknamed it the "Stalin organ". The proper name, however, is Katyusha.

    A Katyusha preparing to fire

    Hitler: What kind of weapon is this?

    Von Leeb: It is a self propelled rocket launcher, very simple but highly effective. Halder has been forced to answer with his light mountain guns and LeFh 105, which are not potent enough to counter the Soviet Katyusha's.

    Hitler: I will see to that Halder get's some of the heavier artillery models. I think he would appreciate some SfH18, a 150 mm weapon is far more useful than the 105 mm guns.

    Von Leeb: I think Halder will be most pleased Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: We need to make some more nebelwerfers which can counter these Katyushas.

    Von Leeb: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: I would like to hear about the Kriegsmarine now, if you are done Von Leeb.

    Von Leeb: That I am Mein Fuhrer, I think Reader has a lot to share with you.

    *Von Leeb takes his seat and takes a zip from his glass of Château Cheval Blanc 1932.
    Admiral Reader rises and starts to report the Kriegsmarinees activities of the last week.*

    Raeder: Mein Fuhrer, The Kriegsmarine has performed a lot during the last week, we have sunk a lot of British shiping as well as Soviet warships. The British have tried to locate our U-boat's but they have been unsuccessful.
    I have gathered all the sunk ship's here, if you would care to take a look.

    Raeder: The British have lost a lot this week.
    I think we have sunk double as many transports this week compared to the last one.
    The British losses are:

    - 10 transports
    - 4 escorts

    *As Raeder is about to tell Hitler about the German losses he put's on a big smile and says with a high and confident voice*

    Raeder: We have not lost a single ship!

    Hitler: Excellent, once again I am thrilled by the Kriegsmarine's successes.
    My congratulations to Dönitz, tell him to keep up the good work.

    Raeder: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: What about the Ötsseeflotte?

    *Raeder seems a bit less confident*

    Raeder: We have lost three ships in the Östsee, the Soviets managed to attack our fleet while it was strung out. They sunk the 4. Zerstörer Geschwader after an hour, the Soviets kept up the pressure and within two hours they had sunk KMS Admiral Scheer and KMS Köln. After this their luck ran out, The Tirpitz came into the fray and the great ship poured broadsides into the enemy ships. After two hours the 5. Flotilya Esmintsev and the battleship Marat was at the bottom of the Östsee. We consider this battle to be a draw, we can't afford to lose a heavy cruiser and neither a light cruiser, but the Soviets lost one of their battleships.
    This is hard blow for the Red navy.

    The Tirpitz firing her guns in anger.

    Hitler: I am not overjoyed by these news, but you are right. The Marat sunk is a good start, I trust that there won't be any difficulties with Unternehmen Ritterbrüder.

    Raeder: We have had another naval victory in the Östsee, this one is much more decisive!

    Hitler: What have you achieved Reader?

    Raeder: The Soviets had sent another battleship, the Okybrskaya Revoluciya together with the 3. and 4. Flotilya Esmintsev to the South of the Östsee. Admiral Saalwächter was on his way to the Gulf of Finland with the entire Kriegsmarine Reserven, a total of 20 Ships and Unterseebotflottillas. Saalwächter spotted the Soviet ships and the Schlesien opened fire on the 3. and 4. Flotilya Esmintsev. The enemy destroyers was quickly sent to the bottom.
    The Okybrskaya Revoluciya would not give up and it managed to sink the 6. Zerstörer Geschwader.
    Following this the Schleswig Holstein steamed up and poured fire on the Okybrskaya Revoluciya with it's 4 28 cm guns. After being crippled by our big guns the soviet ship tried to escape but the KMS Leipzig had other plans.
    The Leipzig steamed up and launched its torpedoes at the enemy battleship and within an hour the huge Soviet ship was headed for the bottom.

    Hitler: What a victory! A light cruiser sinking a battleship, now that's something for our newspapers!
    I want you to give my congratulations to the crew of the ships involved in the action and to Admiral Saalwächter.
    You are also to congratulate the crew of the Tirpitz, they have shown the Soviets what a modern battleship can do!

    Raeder: I will do nothing less Mein Fuhrer!

    Hitler: I thank you Reader for these actions, if that was all you had then we can move on to Armegruppe Mitte.

    Raeder: Jawohl Mein Fuhrer.

    *Von Bock rises and begins to talk, he hands Hitler a map of the central sector.*

    Von Bock: We have not achieved a lot during the last week, bu there have been some encouragements. The southern part of the Lida pincer have taken Wolkowysk, and General Fischer W. is leading 3 Divisions, with 3 more in reserve towards Szczuczyn, this is the last province before Lida. The northern part of the Lida pincer is bogged down, they are, however, in good spirits. I have been assured that they will be able to force a breakthrough once the Luftwaffe can support them. This will happen once they have supported Guderian's Panzers in their attack on Riga. To protect the flanks of the southern pincer we have continued our attack on Ratno. This is the far South of my sector, General Pfeffer is leading the assault on the Soviet defenses. He is confident when it comes to the battle, this is highly understandable, his forces include the Das Reich division.

    Hitler: Sehr güt, I am not quite satisfied with the speed of your attack Von Bock, you will have to speed up soon!

    Von Bock: Aber naturlich Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: Also güt, I guess that leaves you Von Rundstedt.

    Von Rundstedt : Yes Mein Fuhrer.
    I have as Von Bock little to report, but we have experienced some victories in my sector, take a look.

    Von Rundstedt: We have finally taken Iwanicze, it has come at a huge price. We have lost a total of 7000 men. The Soviet losses are slightly higher, just over 8300 men . I have ordered about half the Panzer units to move south and join up with Höpner and Dietrich in their attack on the Soviet salient. General Von Leyser have taken his 1. SS Liebstandarte and the 11. Panzer-Division and started to attack the Soviets in Torczyn. The battle is progressing fairly well and as soon as the infantry get's in place they will support Von Leyser. As you can see, our attack on the Soviet salient is well underway. General Dietrich is progressing well in the north, and General Model is doing well in the south. To keep the Soviets busy we have launched a spoiling attack on them, the attack is led by Lt. General Von Hammerstein Equord G. He has inflicted heavy casualties on the Soviets and also sent special groups to cut the Soviet communications. Thereby keeping them blind of our effort to encircle them. I hope we can get some support from the Luftwaffe, with that we can more easily close the pocket.

    Tanks of the 11. Panzer-Division advancing into Torczyn.

    Hitler: 7000 men! We can't afford such losses, however, if the pocket is closed soon we will repay the losses.
    Hermann when can you get support for the encirclement?

    Göring: I will try to support Von Rundstedt within a few days.

    Hitler: Sehr güt, you better succeed with you operation Rundstedt, the future of the Reich is at stake here.

    Von Rundstedt: I will do everything in my power to win the upcoming battle. I have named the operation "Unternehmen Bärenfänger".

    Hitler: Let's hope that you can catch your bear Von Rundstedt.

    Von Rundstedt: Heil Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: Herr Frick, what are you doing here?

    Frick: I am here to brief you about our national unity issues Mein Fuhrer.

    Hitler: Yes, the last time I heard anything about that things were not going to well, have you made any improvements?

    Frick: Yes Mein Fuhrer, we have made a larger effort to keep the populace happy, and the Gestapo are doing very well. Here is my report Mein Fuhrer:

    Frick: As you can see the British have eased their bombing a bit. This is due to Görings interceptors, and our spies have increased their effort a lot.

    Hitler: Sehr güt.

    Jodl: Well gentlemen, if that was all, then I think we can leave for today.

    Hitler: Güte reise meine herren, I will see you next week.

    *The VIP's leave the room and prepares to board the aircraft which are flying back to the fronts.*
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