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Thread: My Inevitable Greatness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuyvesant View Post
    Does her Inevitability becomes truly Great? Inquiring minds would like to know...
    Perhaps Peter was thwacked upside the head and dragged into a yurt...

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    Peter Ebbesen AAR, this can't be bad

    What a fine woman there, hopefully we'll see Caladria united under one queen
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    It has been on standby for a long time as the puerile writing got to be too much for me and I needed a break and then got occupied with other things. I hope to get it started again during my summer vacation this year, but no promises.
    Finally got around to writing a list of my AARs in the inkwell.
    For those interested in Dominions 4 (SP or MP), we organize the Wrinkletoes games and answer general questions related to the game in this thread.
    Current ongoing Wrinkletoes 3 Dom4 game's list of players: linky.

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