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Thread: It's a Long Way to Paris: National France in 21st Century

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    Lovely ending. Thanks for doing this AAR!
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    Really great ending for a really epic AAR, I have enjoyed all your updates. Bravo.
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    oh no! i'd love to see the unification of the Americas and Germanys. it was an epic AAR with good story, lot's of pictures and screenshots, with cool ending... can't wait to hear about your next game!

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    Excellent AAR. I busted out laughing at work when i saw the "Fengtien China is Best China" pic, so thanks for that.

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    Great AAR. Although world is once again divided between two blocks, they have more to loose than to gain from direct confrontation.

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    Yes! Fengtien China is Best China!

    Brilliant AAR!

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    Nice AAR, Asalto. I hope you could make such brilliant AARs in the future.
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    Easily the best AAR I've read in a while. Sad to see it's over, but it was a very appropriate ending. What's your next project....?
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    Best AAR ever!!

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    King of France is now King of Greece...
    Duke of France is now in house arrest.
    Seems fair,

    It was an enjoying time reading this. Thanks!

    What will you be doing next?

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    Great AAR, too bad it's over!

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all 70 some pages of this AAR

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    If we forget Udo Voigt, a nice solution for Europe.
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    a job well done, truly a masterpiece
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    Thank you very much for your kind words. You were really great readers and your support, praises, suggestions, opinions, criticism and active participation gave me strength to continue story until its end. Thank you for reading my AAR!

    Sorry for not mentioning all of your characters in epilogue. I mentioned only some important custom leaders in the end, but this doesen't mean that other leaders are not important. I didnt want to fill epilogue with description of the fate of all leaders, but their future can be seen from past updates anyway and additional description is probably not needed. But I'll post a short summary of all custom characters that represented some readers and were not mentioned in epilogue.

    General Caballero (Sectorknight21) is current President of Union of Gran Colombia.

    General Mobius (Kaiser Mobius) is now very important figure in both Canada and entire UNA. United Nations Alliance still has joint defense structures (united command, cooperation agencies...) and General Mobius is still Commander in Chief. When he'll retire from this position, many oportunities are waiting for him in Canada. Since military function is still very respected in this dangerous world, General Mobius has nice chances for successful political career in Canada.

    General Steiner (Kurt Steiner) is current President of the Repubic of Catalonia.

    Colonel Marlou (Viden) is current Prime Minister of the Republic of Catalonia.

    Lt. General Templeton (TemplarComander) was leading Canadian Expeditionary Corps in National France, now he has returned to Canada where he will continue with his military career.

    General Hoth (General Hoth) was revealed as father of idea about Casques Bleus (he gave this idea to his friend Louis Nicolas Bonaparte during his visit in Quebec) and was awarded with Nobel Peace Prize of 2015. General Hoth had now retired from Canadian army and he entered political area of Quebec. He is still staunt Quebecoise nationalist and plans to run for mayor of Montreal in the future.

    General Magagnin (atty) is current Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy.

    I hope I didn't forget anyone, but I think that's all. I'll see about new projects in the future. I will need some time and inspiration for new story. If readers have any suggestions, don't hesitate to post your wishes. What would you like to see in the future? Another MDS-KR, maybe slightly moddified original MDS, something similar or completely diffrent? I don't want real voting that would bound me to decision, but good suggestions might help me to decide in the future. Last time, people suggested MDS-KR National France and I'm quite pleased with your reception of this AAR. Some ideas of mine are MDS-KR Canada (I could import many of characters from this AAR, much action in North America...), MDS-KR Russia (great choice for semi-interactive story, possibly starting as democracy, but critical events forces Russia to choice among many paths: Preserving democracy with liberal republic, constitutional monarchy or provisional military junta; restoring the authoritarian monarchy, creating crazy autocracy in Wrangelist way; turning Red; siding with diffrent alliances like Mitteleuropa, Internationale, Entente, Eurasian Pact for Democracy as marriage with Japanese bloc in special circumstances...). As for slightly modified MDS, I'm thinking about Cold War still taking place in 21st century (Berlin Wall never fell), I could chose between the game with USSR (Warsaw Pact) or with USA (NATO). Of course the opposite side in any case will start as more powerful to give a real challange. Please give also your own suggestions. What would you wish to see in the future?
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    Well, I think the MDS-KR Russia path has some merit, but there have been so many MDS Russian AAR's.

    I have three ideas of my own:

    KR-MDS Belgrade Pact (Serbia/Greece/I.G. Romania): I have yet to see some of the minor alliances and what role they would play in a larger world, especially against such alliances as Mitteleuropa, which would be the Pact's main enemy (since Serbia would want to unite with the other Slavic states owned by Bulgaria and Austria, Greece looking to recreate the Byzantine Empire at the expense of Turkey and Bulgaria and Romania looking to claim Transylvania)

    KR-MDS Russia: As I said, this story has merit, since Russia in the KR Vanilla is seen to be the ultimate wildcard, possible of joining any alliance or being any form of government possible. Because of this, Russia has infinite paths that still lead to the same goal. I like that idea of KR-MDS the most.

    MDS-Cold War: Well, I like the idea of continuing the Cold War into the 21st Century, though being limited to being the leaders of their respective groups (United States and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) would lead to a series of battles for influence and such. Though I'm more inclined to support a MDS-CW Soviet Union, I'd like to see a powerful third wheel that would serve as a foil to both groups (India and China would make good choices, due to their powerful base at the game's start. Though Yugoslavia would also work in this role as well)
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    The most interesting is definitively kaiserreich MDS Russia.

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    Would like to thank Asalto for this epic AAR, And thanks for giving it a good/well deserved ending.... theres so many AARs that just dies...

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    May I suggest doing a Fascism vs Communism MDS Cold War game as a Fascist US that allied with Germany in WWII? The war against the Soviets could be butterflied so they only have their 1940 borders.

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    MDS-kr-Russia would be interesting.

    I think how MDS-KR is set up that it is very interesting, and because of how you write i will likely follow whatever AAR you choose to do

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