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Thread: Brothers In Arms

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    Brothers In Arms

    D-Day +2 – Somewhere in France

    I think I'm losing it. There are krauts all around me. I can hear them outside, just on the other side of the wall. Only feet away. Still all I can think of doing is write in this stupid journal. I can't see a thing; I can't even tell if I'm writing on paper, that's how dark it is. Please, God, let the Germans be too busy on the beaches to check this one house in the middle of all the ruins. This was the only place we could hide... Let's pray it will not be our final resting place.

    I have been stuck in this retched house for well over two days. Our plane was hit right after we crossed the channel, this made us go off course and now I can only guess in what city we are in. Thankfully this man from another plane was thrown off course too; however he is no good to me since he broke his legs from the drop. I had to carry his fat ass across 3 miles of destroyed homes and these gigantic hedges to get to a safe spot. His name is Tyler Smith from the 11th Airborne Division, He was supposed to land a few miles south of “Sword” landing, which can only mean I am way off my landing target.

    Thankfully writing that small bit took my mind off of the outside world a little bit, me having to sit here in this dark closet is getting the best of me. Plus my first kill is within inches of me, I have been sitting here looking at this ugly kraut for 2 days now. This is my first real experience of war; the only dead thing I have ever seen was at the dinner table. Sitting in this German’s pool of blood, the pool of blood that I caused is driving me mad. We cannot get up and leave or the enemy will spot us the second our heads get higher than the window; and even then if we walk and leave bloody foot prints behind they will know we are hiding. I can only hope they are too busy with the rest of my army that they wouldn’t care about this one house.

    I can only assume the landings went according to plan, since the shells have stopped hitting so far inland. That must mean they are worried about creating friendly casualties from the boats. However that is not stopping the planes from flying over head and strafing the road next to this crippled house. It’s so busy up there that we feel safe for the few seconds we get every day that does not have roaring engines from the skies. We can’t even tell the difference on who is fighting who anymore since the sounds have now fused together. Thankfully the few times the bombs hit close enough, is the few times me and Tyler can talk about how we are going to get out of this alive. It’s weird when you think about it, the idea of death, only a few feet away from you, and it gives you the option of life from its after effects. I sometimes think if I didn’t have him here by my side I would of already went out in a blaze of glory and killed myself by the krauts. Getting him back to his family or hell even back to just the medical camp is the only thing keeping me going.

    I know that if I go out and die or even cause some attention to this crumbling house; it will not only be my life at stake, it will now be his as well. We did manage to use the dead krauts jacket to help Tyler out; we couldn’t do anything about his legs but we managed to stuff it in his mouth far enough that he couldn’t scream and give away our location. The Germans are so close, that if we moved just enough to make a noise they would be able to hear us. They are outside every wall, for all hours of the day. They have to be moving to the beach to counter attack us, we both can hear the men running, taking cover from the bombs and yelling at one another every time one gets close to dyeing. The Halftracks and Panzers have the most heart-stopping sound, whether it’s them shooting up the road, or even just the noise there tracks make the closer they get to us. We have seen their take on a jeep that has attached loud speakers on it. It has been driving up and down the battle field saying something like “Der Führer will alle Amerikanischen Gangster tot, diese dreckige Ratten sind es nicht wert zu sterben wie ein echter Soldat.” It has to be some kind of rallying cry for them to fight, which is pathetic. Why would you start a war so brutal, so bloodlust that you can’t even fight without some man in a jeep yelling at you from miles away.

    A few hours have gone by since my last writing was done; we had a close call with a soldier. Thankfully he did not see us in this small corner of a closet. However something was different about him, his uniform is not like the dead man on the floor in front of us. He even spoke French, why would a French man be fighting for the Germans? Why the hell are we even over here trying to help these men, when they are fighting with the enemy? I really hope our support gets here soon, I don’t think I can stand this much longer, Tyler keeps going in and out of consciousness from the blood loss since one of his bones is sticking out. If he dies then I will be right behind him, I can’t take this war anymore. I hear people giving me orders when I know that there is no one else here. Our army better get here fast before this is the last entry in this damn journal. – Henry Freeman

    January 1st, 1936 – San Diego, California

    I really must be getting old; these new ships being built are just way too modern for me. All I have ever known was the sea, from the Great War 20 Years ago up until now. My only life away from these massive vessels is with my wife and kids, and even they are following in my footsteps it seems. It’s only a matter of time before they follow their old man into battle.

    I suppose this great country of ours has the right idea, out with the old and in with the new. Our ancient vessels feel like rust buckets compared to these giants. Even the small tug boats put our destroyers to shame; I suppose once the new decade rolls around my final tour will be over. I can only hope that I can keep up with these new weapons and technology long enough to leave on my own free will and not kicked off.

    I can’t even see our old Battleships anymore from the height of these new ships. They have to be over a few hundred of them being built all at once. Why they are all being built here in San Diego makes no sense to me, do they not need ships on the east coast? Perhaps they are still building some over there, which would be absolutely ridiculous; who would ever need this many ships in operation at once? These new Carriers they are building just look like floating cities to me, who would need a ship this size. Planes will never work on ship battles; they are made for dog-fighting each other, not dog-fighting enemy ships. *Looks up* Ah see, those planes are going back to base on land where they should stay, not out in the ocean with us where they are useless.

    I can only hope that my sons never have the career like I do in the military. I have spent well over half my life living and fighting for this country; it would be a shame if another Freeman like me would have to suffer through that anguish. Hopefully they learn not to make friends in the army as well, that could have been the hardest part of my life in the military was watching my friend get killed at sea. Well, I guess my stroll down the docks is finished, time to start heading back to the California.

    January 3rd 1936 – Huntington, Oregon

    “Are you sure you boys are doing this for the right reasons? It’s not every day that two brothers walk through the doors to enlist together. You do realize that the odds of you being in the same company, let alone being in the same region during war time is nearly impossible”

    “Of course we are doing this for the right reasons; our father was a sailor during the Great War. He told us all the stories of his ordeals in the war which has made both of us want to follow in his footsteps. We also know that we won’t be together, especially since we will not even be joining the same branch of the military. Plus Jonathon waited the extra year to enlist so we could come do this together, and we would both know that neither of us would chicken out on the way.”

    “Well okay then, I guess I technically can’t stop you boys from joining. What were you guys interested in enlisting for? Military Police? Medical? Engineer? Transport? Or have you two not decided”

    “Well I think Johnnie knows what he wants to do, but me on the other hand I have a few questions that I hope you can answer”

    “Ok well Jonathon, what were you wanting to enlist for?”

    “Well hearing about all those power house machines on the battle fields 20 years ago have always got me going. I would like to enlist for the new Armor divisions of the Army. I think those machines will be the new face for warfare, and I want to make sure I am with that to the very end!”

    “I don’t think that will be a problem, since the Armor division is relatively new; most of the boys signing up have no idea on what these machines are for. Most still think that the wars are fought with rifles and boats, nothing else. So there is a big shortage of men for this branch so you will not have a problem getting in. As for you…. Uh… I am sorry I did not catch your name? “

    “It’s Henry, Henry Freeman”

    “Well Henry, what questions did you have to ask, I really hope I can answer them”

    “I have heard Rumors from our old man that they are starting a new branch of infantry jumping out of a plane? Is this rumor true, is there going to be a new branch just for this type of action? I have been such a dare devil for my life I feel that this job would be truly amazing for me. How would I go about getting into this new branch?”
    “Well as of right now this branch is still under testing. I am not even supposed to be giving you this information but since you already know about it; me saying this couldn’t do any harm. You will not be able to enlist for a couple more years, however since most of the training will be infantry training you can get a great head start. You can enlist for the Infantry today, or whenever you are ready to enlist, and once that branch is formed and they are taking men to do the job. Then go talk to your CO about changing to that and you should be able to. This way you will have more infantry training then most, and if I am right I do believe you have a nice pay raise as well……… So if that answers everything I will go ahead and go get the few sheets needed to enlist and we can be on your way. Also since there is a base near Portland you will need to be ready very soon, it will only take a week or so for them to come take you there……. God Be With You Boys”

    March 10th – San Diego, California

    Well this month has been a terrible month for me, all the more reason to retire from the armed forces. In this past month half of my old beat down fleet was sent up to San Francisco to help protect that city. I can only assume that the Generals were a bit uneasy after the recent news in the world. Even some of the new destroyers that were fresh off the assembly line were sent up to Los Angeles. They must be trying to guard every single major city on the west coast. God knows what is going on in the east coast since that is where most of the major problems were at.
    Now that half of my fleet is gone up north, the people that have served with me for years are slowly getting taken away from me. Whether it is from old age, or the transportation of our ships, all these new young guns feel that an old veteran like myself should have been long gone. These boys don’t even know how to imagine what war would be like, thinking they own the world and take on everything. I bet all of these damn kids would be so in shock they couldn’t move. I can only hope our nation won’t have to depend on these kids for our future. If that were to happen I can’t see our nation lasting long.

    Most of the ships that are here in San Diego are close to being completed. I wonder how many more are planned to be built after these are done? The recent world events had to of lit a fire underneath the generals bottom to help protect our country. I have already seen 10 new ships being built in the past 2 months. That’s incredible since I have seen 10 ships being built in the past 10 years; they have to be preparing for something.

    Apparently Europe is on the verge of a major war just from the past month. I guess Spain was split into a major civil war from out of nowhere. Apparently the 2 biggest parties for that country were torn into pieces after a few bad judgment calls. The world can only hope that this Civil War will not give anyone else ideas to revolt.

    Days before the Civil War broke out, I guess the small country of Ethiopia was slaughtered by the Italians. I don’t even know where that god forsaken country is, and what the Italians wanted with it. It was all in the papers lately that Ethiopia was still fighting with weapons from the past century against the mighty Italian troops. God knows how many people they slaughtered over there. I guess that other then the swift military buildup that we Americans are doing, our President has also been trying to become friendly with the United Kingdom. An alliance there will only help with any future war that could be brought our way. Let’s just hope it never happens. – William Freeman

    April 1st – Camp Rilea, Oregon

    Dear Mom or Dad,

    I do not know who this letter will be sent too, my CO said that if I write a letter they will send it to my parents. Since both of you are 1000 miles apart I will have no idea who it’s sent too. I want you to know that there is also a second letter coming in this envelope, by some stroke of luck both of us were sent to the same training camp. I guess Oregon is in short supply of camps as well.

    I hope that I can continue to send some pictures with my letters; we have been attached with a few photographers for “The Oregonian”. They seem to be taking pictures of the new armor divisions that are being made since they are so new. I can only hope they follow through with their words that they will take a few pictures for us. We already have 2 pictures for you!

    Anyways enough about the technical stuff, I hope the farm is ok; or if this is sent to pops I hope that they have traded you out for a new boy like myself. I think the new recruits like me have managed to funnel out all of the old vets from the previous war; which is very sad for me since I was hoping to learn something from them. I really hope that we get some new equipment soon. I don’t like learning how to shoot and train with the weapons of the Great War, hasn’t there been any new stuff coming?

    I have been watching Johnnie driving his “tank” around the camp grounds. They have been making some tracks for him to maneuver with; I can only hope that he does not see this letter or ill have some explaining to do. I do not see what has interested him with these machines for so long. They look like a Sardine can on wheels, they are so small I think I could take a can opener to the thing and make a hole in it. Plus he has been a terrible driver, I am surprised they have not kicked him out yet; he has nearly killed 10 people from running over them. I am not sure if it’s him watching where he goes or someone else but he needs to watch. He nearly went down the firing lines and hit every single person doing target practice; it looked like Dominoes with everyone jumping out of the way.

    Well I wish I could tell you more about what is going on over here. We are only allowed 1 piece of paper to write back to our families with so this letter is running out very quickly. I hope to write you soon in the coming weeks or months.

    Love, Henry

    Dear Mom,

    I know it’s been a few months since we last spoke; we have been so busy with training and other things that we were never allowed to write. Henry seems to think that they could send these letters to dad in San Diego; which is just stupid everyone but him knows that they send them back home. I wonder sometimes how he is even in our family with his mind; did he tell you that he shot a bullet at my tank? I was technically driving down the firing line, but that gave him no right to shoot at my tank in the tracks.

    These tanks are everything I have ever dreamed of, they are fast, powerful, and practically immune to anything anyone has to shoot at it. We leveled an entire house with one shot from our main gun on the practice range, that had to of been the best time in this machine yet. I can only hope that I become a tank commander one of these days, these things will be the focal points of the next war. I am very glad I did not follow pops footsteps into the Navy like he wanted.

    I will hopefully be able to send you a picture of me driving this tank with the letter I am sending you. I hear they are coming up with a bigger and better version of this machine. How they can make something better baffles me since these are already monsters. I can only hope that I do well enough in training that I get to be one of the first ones to drive and shoot one of these things. I haven’t been able to go join Henry at the firing range; I really haven’t even been able to shoot a gun that wasn’t attached to a tank. I sure hope nothing happens in a battle that I can’t be in here, or I would be running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

    Well mother, I am running out of paper now. I will hopefully send you another letter here in a few weeks since I have accumulated so many pieces of writing paper. Some of the people in my company have nobody to write too so they keep giving the papers to me. Anyways, I hope the farm and you are ok.

    Love, Jonathon

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    8:00 Hours, April 1st, San Diego Harbor

    This is going to be a good day! I finally get a rest day off with my buddies from the Great War. I am glad I woke up early enough to watch the 1st Submarine Navy ship off to Midway Island. I hear they are giving this new Withers boy a shot at being the commander of this small task force. I don’t know how much trouble they will be getting into though since there is no war going on at the moment. Unless they decide to wage war against some octopus’s or whales; I doubt this job will be very difficult to get to the island. I guess we will be right behind them here in a few months. I better not forget to pack up everything next month since we have orders to ship out to Hawaii. I can’t wait; it’ll be nothing but sitting back having some iced yea and playing checkers all day while the young guns clean the ship.

    Sadly though I won’t be able to write to my sweet Doris as often…. It’s so hard to get letters back to the mainland from that far out, I better make my messages nice and tender for her since they will have to be special. I wonder if they would let me send her a seashell back home so she has something to think of me… O well I suppose, no reason to worry about this now since it won’t be for a few months. Well the bells are ringing, which means Withers is being set off to sea; I guess I need to walk over there and watch them leave. Since this will be me soon.

    “William! William! What are you doing here at the docks on your day off? Don’t you get enough of it for the 3 months you have to work at them every day? Me and some of the younger boys are going to play this new game that is out. You care to join; it doesn’t look like you are doing much right now anyways?

    “Well that is not really what I had planned for the day, I was going to write a letter to my family and see how they are. I guess one more day couldn’t hurt since they haven’t heard from me in a month or so. What is this new game yours talking about?”

    “It is this new game called ‘Monopoly’, it’s mostly for kids to play but me and some of the older guys have been having a blast during our breaks. Come on and meet us down by the fishing grounds around the eateries. It’s real easy to play, I bet you will have more fun doing this then you have in the past year.”

    “Ah well it couldn’t hurt, I need some company anyways. You have to clean my boots if you take up my entire day for some damn game though. I guess I’ll just have to wait to write till tomorrow.”

    6:00 Hours June 1st, Camp Rilea

    “Hey! Excuse me? Why are you messing with my machine? Something like that could cause someone to get a broken jaw around here. You better get out from underneath it this second!”

    “Hey whoa whoa, calm down there Johnnie. Hang on let me get up and talk to you…… Ok let me explain before one of us needs to go see the medical doctor. HQ sent me here a few days ago; it seems that the army has just sent out more upgrades and add-ons for these M2A4 Light Tank’s. You should feel special! Only a select few get these upgrades since they are so short in supply of them. HQ must really see you fit to get them, you must have come a long way in the past few months from the man I saw running over the entire company with this thing. I think you are the only private to get one as well!”

    “Ok first of all, you keep talking like that I might do a little more than just break your jaw. Second, I am a corporal thank you very much. Third, I have only run over a few people, so don’t give me that lip! It would be nearly impossible to run the entire company over trust me, my buddy tried since he wanted to go home. Anyways, I am surprised they aren’t coming out with new tanks instead of just upgrades. What type of upgrade is there anyways?”

    “Well let me check here…. I am pretty sure you got the complete packa… Yep here it is, full package for Mr. Jonathon Freeman. They want me to add a better intake and exhaust for your motor since the dirt seems to be breaking other tanks down. Add another inch of armor to the sides and rear of the tank. Looks like you are getting a slightly modified gun as well since the rounds that have came out recently had an extra 4mm to it… Wow! They even gave you some better treads for your tank, looks like you can run over as many people as you like and still keep on going!”

    “This is amazing! Do you know how long this will all take to upgrade since my CO has wanted me to practice shooting on the move this week?”

    “I have talked to your HQ and CO about these upgrades. They know it will take around a week or so to install, so you will be on leave for a full week. So you get a small vacation as it is! So go out and meet some of the local girls or something.”

    June 12th, Camp Rilea

    This is just great, another day of using these antique guns. Why does everyone else get the new weapons and not me, hell even my incompetent brother managed to get better things for his tank. I can’t even get a new rifle? O well I guess, I have to learn to live with this gun. I might as well just get a musket since it takes that long to shoot anymore. Probably came from the same war at that.

    “Let’s go! Come on out of your tents and up the mountain. This isn’t band camp let’s go let’s go!!”

    Aw hell, where are my boots!? I can’t do this climb without my boots!....... Who put them outside?? Dang it, I need to hurry before I have to do it twice. O great what a nice joke, putting oil in my boots so they keep slipping off, very funny. I swear I am going to be asked to transfer to a different company, if these guys would take as much time to train as they did to play jokes they would be half as good as me….. Well time to go I guess, my group is waiting I am sure of it.

    4 Hours later

    Stupid Jack had to go and throw a stick in front of everyone so half of us tripped. So hilarious, I forgot to laugh since we had to do the run two times. Guess I need to go and start writing my letter to my CO for the transfer. I don’t even want to walk back to the tent, my feet hurt too bad. Maybe I’ll just lie on the ground and roll; I bet that’ll confuse some people.

    What’s this!?!? A new weapon on my bed! This better not be another joke, I swear to god if someone puts another gun that is someone else’s on my bed with my name on it and takes it away I might go crazy. Wow this even looks better than the ones everyone else has received. This can’t be a joke… could it?

    “You like it? HQ told me to wait on your gun since the new models would be coming in soon. No reason to give you a new gun when a newer one would be right around the corner. There is also about 300 bullets under the bed since HQ wants you to go to the range. You will be one of the first ones to test it out in the entire country. Since they don’t want to produce a bad gun we are giving it to a select few soldiers that have proven themselves in their shootings abilities.”

    “Why yes sir! This looks like an amazing gun, I can’t wait to try it. Thank you sir, I am honored I was chosen for testing this gun. I will not let you down with this sir.”

    “That’s good to hear sergeant; The range is yours for the next day or two. HQ wants you to put that gun through hell and come back to me with your opinions. Carry On!”

    This looks awesome! Where do I put the bullets at? There is no opening for the bolt to load the bullet. This looks rather confusing, O well! Off to the ranges to show off my new hardware.

    Same Day, San Diego Harbor

    Well it looks like we will finally be adding another boat to our task force. The last 50 ships have gone to other ports in the past years, completely ignoring our needs. However today has finally brought in a new boat for us. The USS Quincy looks like it will soon be the future of our Navy. Although it is a rather small boat, it has been added with all the new upgrades a boat can have. It looks like a beautiful vessel to me.

    I hear that this isn’t the first Quincy to be in the Navy. However rumors have it that the first one was sunk only a year or so after it was departed. I can only hope this new one does not bring that type of luck to the Navy. I guess this boat is named after the city of Quincy, Massachusetts; from the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation located there. I guess that’s where most of the east coast ships are being produced from. I really don’t know, I just hope this boat serves us well.

    July 12th USS California

    Dear Doris,

    I am sorry I never made it up to see you in the past few months. I know I have been saying I would, and I have sent you a letter every chance I was given. It seems as though my letters and visits will now become even more infrequent. I am sorry that I haven’t said much in the previous months, HQ has been making us prepare for the long journey to Hawaii. It seems as though today is the day this will be happening. I can only hope that I finish this letter in time and get it to our post office off-shore before we depart.

    I hope I can find a plane or have a leave long enough to fly up there. Since we will be a few thousand miles out from the mainland I will only be able to send so many letters. I am sorry that this is happening, but we only have to do this for a few more years and then it will be over. We can manage to get our dreams accomplished, fall in love again, and grow old…. Well older together. I am fairly certain my CO see’s me ready to leave since my work has began to slack off and my attitude toward the Navy and this damn ship has changed. I am so ready to be home and see you in front of my eyes and not only in my head. I wish this note could be longer, I really do. However the boats are beginning to depart and we are last in line to leave so I have to run this down as quick as possible.

    Love, William

    July 26th Camp Rilea

    Today is the big day! Our training is finally over; we are all waking up only an hour or so after midnight to make the long haul to Portland. Then the long train ride across America to Louisiana. That part is just stupidity, why would HQ just not keep us on the west coast where we are all from. Maybe that keeps the men from going A.W.O.L. or something. I don’t know I just am happy to be out of that damn camp; it felt like hell after awhile… a very very small hell.

    All that is over now and I am glad to be moving on. Hopefully this train ride down south will not take long. I don’t really like the idea of sharing a train car with a hundred soldiers that think they are the best pranksters in the world. I hear we are going to be stopping at a few major cities on the way there. This will be pretty awesome to see the world, since I have never been out of Oregon. Every time I saw my father he always came to us. I think our first stop will be Salt Lake City, I hear that is a pretty decent town, I can’t wait to look at it.

    I am glad we get to take our new weapons with us, this way no other soldier gets my beautiful killing machine. Some of the other soldiers in my squad have gotten some machine gun. It looks extremely similar to the Tommy gun all the gangsters in Chicago use. Last time I checked this is the American Army, not the Italian Mafia. Could we not find anything better to use for a new weapon? O well I guess, looks like our CO is yelling at us to get moving since we have to walk to Portland for our train ride. What a great celebration for us, a marathon to the train yards.

    August 8th, Camp Rilea

    What a great day, I finally get to follow my brother’s footsteps and get reassigned somewhere else. Thankfully I don’t have to go to that crummy swamp land of Louisiana. I get assigned to the biggest bank in American history, Fort Knox! Apparently they need one of the new Armor divisions to help protect it in case someone gets a fast get away.

    I am not sure how we are going to transport our tanks there; but my baby better be there waiting on me when I get home. I am not going to mess with some hand-me down tank that has been sitting there for 5 years. Maybe once I get there I can find a gold brick lying around and send it home to the family. That would be awesome.

    I am glad we are getting deployed now; it seems the world just getting darker and darker. Spain has been in a war with themselves for months, and it shows no plans of stopping. Japan seems to be doing a lot on mainland Asia. And now it seems that Italy and Germany have now signed a pact to be allies in any future wars. This will be a dark day if those two go to war with a helpless country.

    I am glad most of us get to drive our tanks to the station. I heard what they put my brother through that is just ridiculous. Making a man walk that many miles right after graduation just because there are not enough trucks or trains to move them. Hell I would of drove him myself to Louisiana if I had the gas to do so. O well I guess, on to the train station, I can’t wait to send a post card home to mother from Fort Knox.

    September 1st, North of Salt Lake City

    These trains are pathetic, over a month I have been riding in this damn train car and we have only just got to Utah. We have to ride out another 100 miles just to get to the main hub to move south. Could they not have done more planning for this? I have to eat bread and water for two meals a day because the train is low on food within 12 hours of riding. I would have rather just walked there, at least that way I would have some room.

    What good is a train if we have turtles passing us bye; and turning around and giving us the finger because we are going so slow. I can’t wait to get to our new post; maybe we can go hunt some gators or something; finally get to shoot something that’s alive for once. Oddly enough that news reporter is still around here somewhere. Who in the hell would volunteer to do this? O wait…. We all did what were we thinking. O well, time for some shut eye I guess, next stop…. The desert!

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    ahh nice reminds of my aar To Hell and Back with a bit more gameplay mixed in

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    Thank you, I was beginning to wonder if nobody liked it since no one was saying anything lol. I will try to continue, it will be slow updates though, about once a week. Since i spend so much time researching and finding real pictures of everything. I want it to be as real as possible with the little details.

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    Nice AAR... Great pics, too. We're out here reading, and patiently waiting for the next update.

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    I am glad you guys are enjoying it. I am gonna try to write it tonight, no promises though since i research so much stuff lol. I spent 6 hours or so trying to find pictures that i like, its been a pain in the butt since you would think some of the stuff i look for would be pretty easy to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helepolis View Post
    I am glad you guys are enjoying it. I am gonna try to write it tonight, no promises though since i research so much stuff lol. I spent 6 hours or so trying to find pictures that i like, its been a pain in the butt since you would think some of the stuff i look for would be pretty easy to find.

    imagine trying to find the day to day history of one persific regiment in a division XD
    Thats why mine 101 Airborne AAR is taking so long haha

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    SEXIICOLOURS 1.3! for Victoria II. Want a better more historic country colour scheme? Sick of Prussia being yellow? isn't Prussian Blue much better:P

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    September 13th, USS California, Pacific Ocean

    Well here I am again, from the long vacation of being on land. It’s nice to finally be out in the ocean again after so many years. Brings back a lot of memories too being out here, not being able to walk in a straight line. Watching all of the recruits getting sea sick in their cots. I am not used to controlling these big guns either, man these are giants compared to what I had back in the day. Mine looks like miniature toys compared to these behemoths.

    I don’t think I could have asked for anywhere else to spend my last tour at. Being at a paradise, with beaches, women, everything an old man like me could ever ask for. This won’t even be like training anymore since all the rookie’s have to deal with everything. I can just sit back and watch them clean the floors and perform maintence on the weapons.

    “Someone Help! Private Ingram is hurt!”

    Ingram? O my god not again, this can’t be happening again. Wasn’t he dead? Am I still in a battle field, no, this can’t be I was on my way to Hawaii. Not in the Celtic sea anymore; what’s going on? What is that, another torpedo? Am I the only one that see’s that, why is nobody listening to me. Why the hell are we not in combat mode, someone get the depth charges ready; we are under attack!....

    ….Woah wait, I need to get a hold of myself. This is not 1917 anymore, this is 36; we are not in combat either what was I thinking. And why is Private Ingram on the ground screaming? What did he do stub his toe, no sailor should be crying over something as little as that….. O wait, guess I was speaking to soon, that last rogue wave that just hit us must have made him fall over and one of the knives from the kitchen hit him in the leg. Looks like we are taking casualties when we are mopping up the galley.

    Hearing that scream happen made some bad memories come back, I miss Ingram. They should have never put me on a boat with a boy having the same name as him, they should be ashamed. I wish Ingram was still here today, what a blast we had out in Ireland chasing all the women around. I hope I never have to go back to that bad luck of a country ever again. Too many of my friends died out in those waters.

    I am lucky to just get away with some shrapnel from the hull of the ship. It’s always a reminder to the horror and atrocity that happened during that war. To feel like I still have a piece of memories stuck in me for all the dead sailors that died during that time. I still remember the day Ingram was killed; October 15th 1917 was the day it all happened.

    I can still see it today….. “ Freeman! You better make sure those guns are loaded and ready to fire. I don’t want to get into a firefight and have no way to return fire to the enemies. Ingram you need to make sure the depth charges are ready to be launched too, I’m counting on both of you to get it done.”

    “Aye aye sir! I have already cleaned the 100mm gun but I’ll check it again to be sure. Ingram, do you need any help with your task since mine is nearly done already, I can lend you some assistance…. No? Okay suit yourself.”……

    ……“Germans! Germans! There is a U-Boat just to the south of us, approximately 10 miles. It seems to be submerging”
    “Everyone to the battle stations we are going to pursue this U-Boat back to the filthy country it was sent from!”

    O my god what? A German U-Boat, now, today, here? Ah, where is my partner at, I need help loading this gun, where is Ingram? Already back at his post, good, looks like we are ready to fight these Germans. What are they doing, turning around? Why, that is ludicrous there is only one of us, and we can barely see them! Looks like we have a pursuit on our hands, this better not last long I am hungry and need some food. I am tired of this; Germans always fleeing the second they get into a fight.

    (1 hour later)

    What a bunch of cowards, we have nearly chased them back to France by now. They obviously will not be fighting today, why can’t we just turn around and get back to Ireland….. Wait a minute a minute, what is that!? It looks like, but how could they when they are running away. O MY GOD, they turned around without us seeing, “Torpedo!!”

    “George! Load me up I need to start firing back, they have surfaced. Do you see them, what are you doing? Stop freaking out and load the damn gun!... Thank you, Jesus. Please stay on your toes or we will not get through this alive. Give me the distance please… 5 miles and closing? Ok get ready, Firing!”

    ..Not even close, way too far; I don’t even know if I can get this shot alone. I need some help, is there anyone else firing? No, everyone is too shocked to perform their duties. “Do you all want to stare at it or would you care to fire back!!” I need Ingram to start dropping those charges soon; hopefully we can get that submarine quick enough before he gets us.

    Thank God, that first torpedo missed; I hope they don’t have any more maybe we can hit them before any damage is done to us. Why hasn’t the captain issued the orders to drop the charges out? O great we only have a few charges left from the convoy patrols we did a few days ago. If we don’t get help, or manage to get lucky we are going to get killed out here.

    “Ok Boys, let’s start giving those Germans some hell. Start dropping the depth charges; let’s give them a little present.”

    Finally, took him long enough to get the orders out. Did I just say that out loud; did he hear me? I sure hope not, that is not what I need right now. “George what are you doing? Care to move any slower?” Is that another torpedo? That is another torpedo; this one looks like it might make contact. O god everyone better brace themselves for this.

    Whew that was close that nearly clipped the end of the boat. I can’t believe that one didn’t go off…. O My God!!! What hit us? The entire boat just lifted up out of the water like a toy. Something is wrong, I can feel it… My arm, its bleeding everywhere. Someone else must be hurt too because I see that persons arm around the corner. Let me check, O Jesus, this isn’t a person; it’s just a hand, what the hell is going on. Who has had their arm blown off, where is Ingram?

    Where is our Depth crew, there is no one to be found. That boat is still out there, let me get a few off and check on the rest of the crew…. 1… 2… 3 that should keep him occupied for a little. There is blood everywhere; that must have hit something on our boat but what? We have no rudder; we are just spinning in a circle, that’s what it must have clipped when it went by. We are just sitting ducks now; I can’t believe we are going to die from one freaking German U-Boat.

    Did we just get hit again; no we couldn’t have our boat didn’t move. What was that loud noise then? There is a lot of metal out there in the water, did I hit something? I must have, that is too much metal to be floating out there if I didn’t hit anything, I see no telescope either. I couldn’t have hit that, with the last barrage of charges…. God must be watching over me today.

    I still don’t see Ingram, nor anyone else for that matter from the depth charge crew. Could he be? No way, Ingram is too much of a man to go down like that. It’s not possible; yet I see no presence of him anywhere. Captain is asking for a body count now… I guess some of the depth charge crew went to the forward stern to see if there were any more charges. Everyone but Ingram…

    “Sergeant! Sergeant! Are you ok? You must have been having the worst nightmare, you were screaming and everything. Look at you, you have the entire cot drenched in sweat, are you sure your ok?”

    “Wait what? It was just a dream? That seemed almost too real to be a dream. What? O yes private, I think I will be ok, thank you…. Man what a crazy dream..”

    September 21st, Denver Colorado

    I can’t wait to get out of this train car and stretch my legs. It seems like it has been years since I have been able to walk around on the ground. This is my first entry for my new journal, my commander said I should try and get one at the last stop to keep my sanity. Wouldn’t look good on my résumé if I went about shooting everyone in the train car because they got on my nerves. I guess we are going to be stopping at Denver, Colorado; I hear it’s a beautiful city. Only problem is that it will be very cold up in the mountains this time of year, so who knows how long we are staying here.

    It is so cold outside, from being up this high in the mountains and still moving this quick the wind feels like it is rocks being thrown at you. Which means we cannot have any windows open; this has got to be what hell feels like. In a small cramped car with over 100 men all inside it, not being able to get some fresh air, and even on pork and beans night. This cabin smells like a pig’s ass every time we eat because everyone feels like they have to outdo the person previous to them.

    I guess we are within city limits now, which is good because I need some room to walk. I can even see some of the lights in the night sky; it looks beautiful compared to the pitch black mountains I have been looking at for the past two months. I wonder if Denver has a theatre to watch some films, that would be very swell if I could do that. I guess I can’t complain as long as I have a hot bath and warm food then I should be good to go for another month of train riding. Ill write more once we arrive.

    Wow, I never thought walking around in 30 degree weather would ever feel so good. I am so cold I think I could pop some of my toes right off, but just to stretch your legs, walk around and nobody be around you feels so alleviating to me. They do have a cinema for us soldiers here, but since we arrived so late it’s closed. The army has payed for an entire hotel for us soldiers to sleep in. I am sharing my room with someone else and we both get our own bed. My god, I never could imagine a real bed could feel so good. We even managed to get some warm food and a hot bath, I am going to exploit this as much as possible, maybe even put some hot water in my pocket for when we are in the train ride. Well, I don’t want to use up to much paper on the first entry, just know; to whoever will read this in the future. Tonight was one of the best nights of relaxation I have ever had.

    Henry Freeman 1936

    September 26th, Kansas City

    What a small city this is, how could anyone ever live here? We are in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. I am so glad we are shipping out tomorrow and only staying in this small city for two days. There is nothing to do here, no cinemas, no girls, and no places to play baseball, nothing. Just a bunch of old people sitting around and playing games from three centuries ago.

    Atleast we get some good food, I haven’t ever had steak before. This is pure amazing; I guess they have a lot of the cattle that come up from Texas that comes here. I think I could have this every day, I might just sneak down south and steal me a few bulls to eat for myself. I nearly had to cut someone’s hand off for trying to steal my plate of food; I guess there meat and potatoes weren’t enough for him. Anyways I guess ill head downtown and see if there is anything I missed from the last trip before we ship out…….

    Look at this place; if I knew what a ghost town looked like, I think this would be it. Its only 8 pm and there is nobody out here but us military personnel. What kind of stop was this, I would of just rather be left in that train and already been on our way to Kentucky. It looks like there is a candy story down there towards the end of the street; let me see if they have any kind of soda I can drink on the way back.

    October 6th St. Louis, Missouri

    Well we are nearly there, only a few more hundred miles and we will be in Kentucky at our next post. I hear we will be there within 2 weeks time, which is the greatest thing I have heard in a long while. St. Louis wasn’t much better then Kansas, but it does have a few swimming holes that we are all going too. This Mississippi river looks like an ocean from the banks, I think it could fit our entire division and we still couldn’t reach the other end.

    Hmmm, Just received some good and bad news though, it seems like we are going to be having some upgrades done to our babies when we get to the camp. Not sure what else there is to upgrade on my tank but I’ll take it, I guess its new armor and a new motor for them. I can’t wait to get back into the seat of that tank and start shooting down the range.

    It also seems that Europe is getting deeper and deeper into the dark pit of war, Germany is grabbing up alliances left and right. By the end of next year the entire world could be with them in a giant alliance. This seems to be playing out the same as it did 30 years ago. Hungary has now joined German and Italy to make a three power army in central Europe. Now Japan has joined in to be the super power of Asia and even with that they have made an alliance with Germany. If this world goes to war,
    I would hate to think of the outcome and how many people could die if the entire world goes up in flames.

    October 17th, Somewhere around Lexington, Kentucky

    Dear Mother,

    I know I have not been able to write you since we departed back in Portland. I am sorry that I haven’t, my CO would not allow me to send any letters till we got here. I can say that we finally made it to our main camp, after the many months of journey. I cant wait to finally sleep in a real bed and finally feel like I have a home that is not on the move every day.

    Kentucky is a weird place, it is nothing like home; I am not sure if I can get used to this. The people here have the craziest accents, they all sound like they have a speech impediment or something with the slang and accents they have. Most of the people here could probably be the face for the American hill-billy, all they do is drink whiskey and occasionally farm. The only people that seem civilized in this part of the country are in the major cities, or here on camp.

    I can’t really say where we are located specifically; I can tell you that our training grounds are located next to a national treasure. I am allowed to tell you what place it is, but not where our base is located; because someone could intercept this message and plan to use it against us. We are guarding the biggest bank in America, Fort Knox. I can’t believe we were sent here, I have always wondered what this place looked like, but here I am looking at it with my own two eyes.

    I guess my machine is being worked on now; so ill have nothing to do for another week. I guess there will only be a few more upgrades before they spent the rest of the time making new tanks. I hope I will be one of the men to get these new models. I can hardly wait to finally be able to drive my baby around after this many months.

    Love, Jonathon

    October 20th, Oklahoma City

    I have never seen anything like this, this past week it looks like hell has been sent upon earth. I have heard rumors of a dust bowl for years now; I thought it was a fairy tale to scary kids. Now that I have seen what it’s like, and seen how it affects people, this is complete madness. It looks like a plague of sand and dust, a wall of dirt that is a mile high and as far as the eye can see. You can’t see past it, through it, or above it. How could anyone live in this kind of condition?

    We have to keep moving the train as well; we can’t stop for more than 5 minutes at a time. We are watching the train tracks get swallowed up behind us as we go. Let’s hope we don’t become the next victims and get our entire train engulfed in this dirt.

    We are having trouble breathing and eating too. The sand is getting in any crack possible, its in our food, our beds, our lungs, eyes, its everywhere. We have more sand on our dinner plate then we do food by the time we even get it served to us. Our cots are breaking from under the weight of the sand, our floors are nearly an inch high full of sand. Our entire cabin feels like a sand castle that is made at the beach during the summer.

    We have had many of the guys get sick as well from swallowing too much dirt and sand while they are breathing. We have no protection from getting it into our bodies; we can’t stop long enough to get any face masks to cover ourselves. We have to use the napkins we are occasionally served for dinner. We have had a couple people die already from getting what the doctors call, Dust pneumonia, which I guess is the same as regular pneumonia just is caused by the dirt. This feels like hell, I can’t wait till we get out of this place, I worry that if we stay here much longer we won’t have a division left..

    Henry Freeman, 1936

    October 29th, Dallas Texas

    Wow what a city, I don’t think I have ever seen a city this extensive. The night life is amazing, so many things to do for a military man like myself. This city looks so modern compared to the small one horse town we came from. Even better we are only a few days out of being at our new camp. This long journey will soon come to an end.

    We heard about some of the infantry corps being in Dallas at this time; I guess we are going to go meet up with them downtown to have a drink. I don’t think we are staying here long so I guess I can’t make any new friends. Maybe I will get lucky and find a nice woman to be around for the few days we are here; I guess a man can dream.

    Hmm, looks like the privates are still mad at me, o well I guess they deserved me mouthing off to them. Damn kids felt like having a shooting tournament from the train on some poor guy’s longhorn cattle. If life wasn’t hard enough from these sand storms, now they have to worry about killing their money from passing trains. Stupid kids.

    Anyways, I can’t wait to get to our new home. I hope I get to be on leave when I get there to shoot some gaiters or wild boars, I haven’t been able to go hunting for my entire life, always had to work at the lumber yard since dad was never home. I wonder how he is, hell I wonder how Jonathon is at his new post, or if he is even there yet. I hope I get to see him soon, it feels like a century since I have seen him last..

    November 11th, Camp Claiborne, Louisiana

    Well we are finally here, what a trip. I feel like I have seen everything there is to see in the world, considering I have never been out of Oregon before. This place looks disgusting, nothing but water, swamps, gators, turtles, and crazy voodoo people. The camp seems ok, I just wonder how the locals act, if they are any crazier than the new CO’s here.

    I guess this camp will soon be handling more types of divisions as well, whenever we get shipped out to the new camps, some new armor divisions will be stepping in. I hear they are working on a new type of plane so the paratrooper divisions can finally be made. I guess they are trying to convert the old Boeing DC-2 Commercial Transport planes for the military. I hope it works, I can’t wait to start jumping out of planes for training, and it should be a blast.

    Well I guess we are being to do a run to see how bad of shape we are in. We need to go run past the front gate, which oddly had a pretty cool billboard up for the camp. I might go take a picture of it one day when I have the time. It also seems we have to pick our bunks for the rest of the stay after we get back. I better get a comfortable one after all the crap I have been through lately.

    January 1st 1937, Fort Knox

    Dear Mother,

    How are you? I am sorry I didn’t write you for Christmas, I knew if I wrote you then I wouldn’t be able to say Happy New Year to you. I hope you are doing ok, since I’m sure you’re all alone up there nowadays. Christmas was horrible here; the food was nothing like the food you made for us. Although I don’t think anything will ever be as good as your food.

    Most of the men here are already asleep; it’s a little over an hour past midnight now. I should have been asleep a few hours ago since we have PT in the morning. I know this is the only time ill get to write this letter to you, so I made sure I did it. I hope you got to go to the neighbor’s house at least for Christmas, I still miss the hams you make, I can smell them now.

    Now that I am at a permanent position I can finally give you an address for the base. I really hope you decide to write me. You have no idea how much I miss hearing from you and the family, It would be the best day I have had in a few months to finally hear back from you. Please keep me up to date on how the dogs are, and how you are holding up. Anyways I have to go, I am sorry this could not be longer but I hear my CO checking the next cabin to see if we are in bed.
    Love, Jonathon

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    Ok guys, there is gonna be a small intermission between posts. I am having problems with my computer, had to completely reformat my computer, hoping it was a bad install. Now i cant even start it, been working on it for like 5 days now. Looks like it is my HD so i will have to buy a new one. I would wait a little longer but since i want to continue the story i will probably order it tonight. Sorry for the delay

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    March 3rd, 1937 Fort Knox

    Great news today! No longer will I need to worry about upgrading this piece of crap tank anymore. I need to make sure I get to the base on time today, the new tanks are here and training will be a blast. These look like giants compared to my truck turned tank. I wonder what type of tank this will be; I hope it is as quick as these old ones. I also wonder how many people will get these new tanks or will be stuck with the old ones.

    Since we are really the biggest division for tanks I would hope we will get first dibs on the tanks. We are guarding the biggest gold reserve in the United States, so I would hope our commanders would see us as needing the best equipment available. We wouldn’t want some Al Capone wannabe coming in with bigger guns then us. Wouldn’t look to good on the résumé for our commanders.

    Anyways it seems like the training will be starting soon. Looks like I will need to get down there now so my commanders don’t dismiss me and leave me with the hand-me downs. I wonder how long our training will take to finish since we already have our main training already complete. Guess I will have to find out.

    March 28th Camp Claiborne

    Wow what a month, it seems like the world is changing right before my eyes. Earlier in the month we had another country join in alliance with Germany and Italy. Why the Portuguese people would feel so threatened that they would have to do that makes no sense to me. How many more countries are going to join this alliance before the world ends from an all out war?

    On the brighter side I guess our division is no longer alone. Two more divisions of soon to be paratroopers were finally sent out. They both trained at West Point, which seems like a great honor. I wish I could have trained at that legendary school. Maybe most of the western states went to Portland to train and everyone in the east went to West Point. It’s just nice to know that so many people have the same feelings as us. Maybe we will have orders to ship out where they are moving too?

    I hear they have finally picked a plane to do the transporting of us. I guess we will finally be a true paratrooper division once the planes get here to let us train. The planes they are using I guess are modified civilian transports. I can’t believe those planes are made to take AAA and still continue to fly. I guess we will find out soon enough, hopefully it just won’t be my plane. The plane will more than likely be the Douglas DC-3 which is a complete monster for planes that I have seen recently. I can’t believe that thing even gets off the ground.

    April 21st Fort Knox, Kentucky

    So our mechanical training for our new tanks was a long one. We haven’t been able to see what type of tanks we are going to be able to use until now. I guess they were keeping it under wraps until now in case of another country wants to steal them. They are the M4 medium tank, and what beauties these are, I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of her.

    Big party today, I guess one of the newer armored divisions that were on their way to St.Louis stopped here in Lexington for a few nights. Not much you can really do on army rations and a full male bunk room. I guess we will have to make due though, HQ is giving us a weekend pass to go spend our time out on the town instead of here at the base. Let’s hope we can find some gals to chase around the town or at least something to do.

    I feel kind of jealous about this new division’s name. “Hell on Wheels” just sounds like it would strike fear into the hearts of enemies if they heard that was who was shooting them. Our “All-American” Name sounds like it was straight out of a Captain America comic book. It’s very patriotic, which is not really what you need when you are in battle. I guess it makes it better now that we are getting the newer tank models and they are stuck with the crap tanks from last decade.

    It seems like most of these boys have been away from home… and women for quite awhile. They are hooting and hollering at every woman they pass by, young and old. Hell I think one boy yelled at a woman that was near my grandma’s age; that gave me some bad visuals in my head for quite some time. Hopefully we can find a place to get a drink so we don’t spend our entire time walking around in this city looking for gals to give us the cold shoulder.

    Well we finally found a nice strip of bars down a back alley. We could not all fit into one building since there was so many of us, had to find about a dozen drinking halls to get us all in there. We are going to be in so much trouble tomorrow, from the hangover and from our CO’s. Our Curfew was only at 10 at night…. Its now 3 in the morning, I hate to be the guy that walks into the bunk room first. I have a feeling we will be running for quite awhile, tomorrow morning that is if any of us can get to the starting line without throwing up.

    Poor Jimmy, just passed his limp body up; he is lying outside on the street face down, passed out. I wonder how many more people won’t be able to make it back to base before they pass out on the trip there. I feel sorry for the CO of the division that needs to ship out tomorrow; they might need to wait an extra day to find all the soldiers piled out on the streets. Probably wasn’t the best idea sending us out on the last day of the weekend pass.

    Man, I am never going drinking again while I am enlisted again. What a week of hell, nothing but running and drills for 16 hours a day. I don’t even see why we need to do this type of stuff, we are going to be sitting inside a tank for every battle, and we don’t need to be running around the battlefield. Unless we are running from our tank that is about to explode, which I am sure most of us will have enough motivation not to die to be able to run fast enough.

    I guess it’s not all our fault that we have to deal with this. It seems there is a big entangled web of alliances in Europe; Ireland has just decided to join on the side of France and England. I am almost scared to be in the army at this time, this almost seems like it will be the end of the world with this big of a war on our horizon. I can only hope that I am not there when it happens. I want to be a part of the war, but not the initiative of it…

    May 26th Camp Claiborne

    Training has turned into a more strategic view lately. No longer has it been all about shooting, fire and advance and strictly infantry base tactics. I guess HQ is preparing us to fight when we are on the ground with the main army. I guess it couldn’t hurt to know all of this, since we will not be surrounded all the time. We are also getting different types of equipment as well, depending on where we will be shipped off too. Desert, Jungle, Mountain, Arctic, whatever the call is for, we will have the right tools for the job. This makes me sleep well at night knowing our government actually wants us to survive and we are not just inexpensive pawns for the big picture.

    We have also been training with support brigades, not full on brigades but some of the hand-me down equipment other bases no longer needs. We have been learning how to fire and advance under the protection of artillery, how to use artillery as effectively as possible. This is always scary when we are in a live training range, and we don’t know if its rookies in the gun seat or if it’s a commander. It’s always terrible to see a rookie get 1 degree off and one of your buddies nearly get blown to nickel size pieces from one of the shells. Thank god we only have to do this for a couple weeks just to get the idea of how to use it.

    Since it seems the Europeans are mainly focusing on armor lately, we need to do the same… How to take them out. We have been using both types of weapons, hand-held guns and also the larger 37mm gun. This is a huge weapon for infantry, I feel sorry for whoever has to move these giants around, but I have seen the damage they can do, and they work. I can only hope they find a way to send some of these down with us, because if we had a few of these when we are being assaulted, nothing would be able to kill us off. We have also had a few men training with the Vickers machine gun, and wow are these outdated.

    It’s always nice to watch people fight with the weapons my dad used back in the day, seems kind of outdated since its only 30 years old. I can only hope for a new weapon soon, I don’t feel comfortable with that thing covering me as I rush forward towards the trenches. New weapons and equipment before we get shipped out to a war would be amazing to receive. I hear the HQ is finding new strategies for grand plans and offensive/defensive assaults. I am sure we will be testing those out here soon, which means more learning and practicing, I swear I have no breaks. I wonder how my brother is doing up their guarding Kentucky?

    June 20th Fort Knox, Kentucky

    Hmm our CO has an important briefing for most of our division. I guess a few special infantry and armored division are getting this special briefing. I hope we are not getting in trouble for some sort of failed training mission…. Well here we go..

    “Gentleman, we have been asked to offer you a military job, for training and real live exercise. This will be a live war, people will be killed, but this is a chance to honor your nation. To show what true American soldiers can do, this will also be some great training for our generals to see how armored tactics can really work.

    This is completely optional, either we all go, or we all stay. I will not be offended or upset if you guys do not feel ready to be sent to war on account of training. If you do choose to go, we will not be the only ones being sent, we have a few other armored divisions, some not as well equipped as yours, and some infantry being sent as well. So we will be sent together and fighting together.

    We cannot tell you where we will be fighting until everyone has accepted and is sent to the ports. Since we do not want to have everyone knowing where we are sending help, we don’t want to bring any unnecessary wars to our homeland for aiding help to a future ally.

    Well boys, I’ll leave it up to you. Ill expect an answer by next week though, what do you say boys? What do you want to do? “

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    I am very very sorry for the long delay to who ever is reading. I think i said my pc was fried, and my moms laptop had no MS Word so i couldnt type. I finally have a place to type so i can continue posting.
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