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Thread: [SOLVED] Majesty 2 Collection problem, mouse wont work

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    [SOLVED] Majesty 2 Collection problem, mouse wont work

    I received my game by mail but it installed trough steam, when I tried to play, the mouse simply woudnt work, I have windows 7 home premium with a microsoft 6000 lazer mouse. any idea? I'm eager to play this collection.


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    Try to register your game here on Paradox, I think there was a section on that in support thread. They had a solution.

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    I try to enter the activation key but it let me enter only 9 keys and thats all while they is 15 digits on the dvd, any idea?

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    Decided to save you some time and looked for solutions

    Here's what one guy wrote:

    I don't know if anyone else is still having this problem but I found a fix for the cursor problem, at least it fixed my problem. In Windows 7 I had the ability to set my desktop resolution to 150% so that all the writing is not so small. I read in another game's forum that this was the cause of my problem. As soon as I set it back to 100%, everything was fine. Hopefully this helps everyone's cursor problem.

    Here is another solution that works 100%

    Just run the game in windowed mode. Select "windowed" in Options

    Hope this helps.

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    thanks for trying to help, I appreciate a lot. the problem is still present, I tried to put the text to 100%, that's didnt work. then for the windowed mode in the options menu, I simply cant move and click on the windowed window, a simple click and I cant do it, I tried with arrows and everything on the keyboard to move in the options menu but nothing work. Any more help?

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    I've finally registered my game from the steam key they gave me. I cant move the mouse at all and the arrow keys only let me quit the game, that's all, where can I explain my trouble? I was really eager to play this game, oh well :/

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    where I can d/l the patch for majesty 2? maybe it will make my mouse to work enough so I can reach the windowed icon in the options menu, thanks as usual.

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    I've reduced my display to 125% and its working, thanks to the tech email support.

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    I would suggest to sticky this thread and change the name to SOLVED so people who come here would know how to solve it.

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    how I can do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardbessette View Post
    how I can do that?
    You can't, but moderators and admins can.
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    You can't, a moderator has to do it.

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