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Thread: Ask Paradox (almost) Anything Thread (no support/tech or code questions)

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    when paradox will release its paradox game engine...? or crusader kings 2 workshop tools, or is it already there...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dibrudilla View Post
    when paradox will release its paradox game engine...? or crusader kings 2 workshop tools, or is it already there...?
    I don't expect Clausewitz to be ever publicly released in our lifetimes. The CK2 Steam Workshop is active right now.
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    Quick question, certainly a lot more will follow up.

    I'm currently studying game development focused mainly on programming. I'm in my 2nd year and for the 3rd I have to found a 3 months internship in a video-game company and because Paradox had always been my favorite studio I would really like to do it there.

    So, you see where i'm going there. Is paradox taking foreign ( I am Belgian ) student as intern ? How should I take contact to arrange such a thing ? Is this what I'm looking for ?

    ( I hope I didnt make your eyes bleed with my crappy english )

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    Hearts of Iron + Total War + Battlefield 1942.

    Think about the possibilities!

    Battlefield: Hearts of Total Irony War 1942

    Imagine the awesome trailer:

    Intro: A guy with a headset on sits in a dark room, face lit only by the fluorescent light from an LCD screen, with an intense look on his face. Camera pans and you can see that he's ordering the production of IC as Germany.

    Fade to scene: A screaming man with a tiny moustache directs his generals as aides move pieces depicting army groups and corps on a large table.

    Zoom out: Units are moving around the now green fields of western russia, total war style. Guns blazing and fighters smashing into eachother.

    Zoom in: You see from the eyes of a Russian squad leader. He's calling for air support, but getting none. He is promptly run over by a kubelwagen.

    And SCENE.

    Total Battlefield: Iron Hearts of War - The MMOFPSRTSGSG - President, General, or Cannon-Fodder. You decide.

    This stuff practically writes itself.

    - do not meddle in the affairs of GMs for they are abusive and quick to anger -

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