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Thread: It's Too Hot Here, An Ottaman AAR

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    It's Too Hot Here, An Ottaman AAR

    This is my first AAR so forgive any technical mistakes i make, im not going to write an epic description and a humorus scene for each chapter, this will be screenies and captions- and questions answered if need be-
    I have three primary goals, i'll probably make some others up as the game goes on
    -Take my Empire all the way to Scandinavia, its too hot in Antalonia!(via land)
    -Convert everything i conquer, Islam shall rule!
    -Rule the holy lands, mecca jeruselam and constantinople/istanbul shall be mine!

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    I'm playing on AGCEEP
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    Great starting position, we have a sizeable treasury, a large army and- most importantly- many cores on small states, although as it stands we can't actually see our destination...... we will get there eventually! even if it means raiding every map room in Europe to find the promised land!
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    I've moved one step toward centrilization

    And have changed my budget

    Lets hope it turns out better than Alistar Darlings!

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    HAHAHA! Brilliant XD

    At least you can execute the chancellor if it all goes wrong
    Where is my sword?

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    Serbian Suprise!

    The date is October 30th, the year 1419, the situation, war!
    We hit them out of nowhere, a causus belli was ready to be acted upon as my 7000 new cavelry men finished training, it was time to serve up a cold dish of Serbian suprise!

    Despite initial defeats against the serbian menace the hungarians are proving far less resistant and transylvania shall soon fall, and a newly invigorated cavalary charge is being lead against the stronghold of kosovo, although the initial suprise has been lost, success has been had as wallachia besieges the Serbian captial and victory looks certain, despite coming at the cost of war taxes and the treasuries of our peasnts
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    Finally, after almost a year of intense fighting, the war is won in a landslide allied victory and kosovo is gained, along with a total of 600 gold coins! with the hungarian coffers raided our new king, Mehmed II, lays new cores down in albania, serbia and bosnia.

    The news is not all good, however, as our triumphant armies return a pretender claims our throne.
    Loyalists gather in Ruthenlia, however, and soon we have an army larger than that of the pretender's gathered there.
    The pretender is crusehed, order restored and a missionary sent to Antalonia!

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    Candar Crushed!

    Candar is our next target, weak and powerless to our might

    God is with the armies of Islam! For Allah!

    The war finally draws to its inevitable conclusion in less than 9 months

    a baliff is promoted in candar and a missionary sent to kosovo
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    Now is our time! Upon the reform of our armed forces

    our glorious leader decided it was time to take the land which he has so admirably claimed for us, in the only way we know how, through conquest!

    An intresting mixture of religious tolerance intolerance and downright incompetence here!
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    I had the assasination of a noble event, -3 stab and a minor revolt to put down

    Finally, what we have been waiting for! not only are we centralized but we can now annex the annoying state of Ghazi!

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    Ghazi Gained?

    This is our first real war, our mercenary army will soon falter and our antalonian army has suffered huge losses due to attrition. we need a new sign from Allah that we should continue our struggle!
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    Going land over naval is probably the smart thing to do but it would have been fun to try to sail to Scandinavia. Good luck.

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    A Sign!

    Allah has not abandoned us! although this seemingly has no direct effects on us im sure it has far reaching consequences. In our Iman we trust and his now famou s words, "wait and see" are now uttered across the globe. (yeah thats right WE made that one up!)
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    A Mixed Bag

    A clearly mixed bag here, lets hope i can set everything right soon. My badboy has also seen a significant rise =[

    some good news yay!

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    Submission all round!

    Not only has serbia joined our glorious empire but now bosnia too. only good can come of this!

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    What this picture doesn't show is that we are now at war with hungary wallachia austria and bohemia.....i have no idea how to win this one.....alistar Darlings head is on the block if we fail!

    i have taken several loans and the trezbonians have had the cheek to join the war! we shall fight them in the mountains, the plains and....not much else. This war has highlighted that i am in dire need of a fleet and the Italian states have been walking all over me, pillaging my once mighty empire to decadence.
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    Times are dark for the green empire. Death is everywhere, the promised lands have never seemed further away and Bosnia has been taken by the Venetian scum....
    But then, unexpectedly

    We are winning!
    The future looks bright following this sharp turn of events
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    So now you ask where i got all of these men from? well our manpower is drained, we are in more debt than a Greek and the mercenary meeting house is more empty than my testicles after a night in Barbados. I hope that answers your question!
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    Before they came begging

    After they came begging, at war with only hungary and have extracted 300 gold from the "unholy alliance" of austria and bohemia with only the hungarians to go. I want territory from these troublesome neighbourghs, before the austrians get it and wipe me out.

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    Overview and Respite

    This is the final peace deal that i got.... good huh? and all this over one little city state!
    This is how we looked before the war.....WOW!

    This well earnt success has brought many problems , however, and as our badboy has soared so has our inflation and several costly events and a slider move towards centrilization has rendered our stability to a shocking 0..... minting will stop, peace will flourish and the stability of our realm shall rise and with it our technology!(i'm in the "latin" tech group btw, i was suprised by this!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storey View Post
    Going land over naval is probably the smart thing to do but it would have been fun to try to sail to Scandinavia. Good luck.

    It probably would have been but this way makes it more of a quest and much harder, those Europeans will hate to see islam that deep in europe!

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