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Thread: Selling incorrect items in Privater

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    Question Selling incorrect items in Privater

    Just installed the game as well as the Pirates add on.
    Installed both patches.

    Heres the problem, when selling and you use the slider bar to sell an item on the bottom of the list the top item is sold instead. Anyone else have this problem?

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    Yes, it's very frustrating. I mentioned it in another post and another player confirmed this bug, also. I'm not using privateer, only the director's cut with all of the patches.

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    Yeah noticed after my post, the Directors Cut has same issue. Didn't play long enough to see if there was a way around it just shut it down. Frustrated, just bought a new PC so got this as my first game to use on it. Back to my old games for a while.

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    I am running Director's Cut with patch, called version 1.12, and I have also seen the problem. It appears when you are loading/offloading a ship, and the ship is loaded with more than two products, so the scroll list appears.

    When I load a product in these cases I click once on the product. Then I use my pocket calculator to check that the total price fits with number of tons multiplied with the price/ton for the wanted product. If it is wrong, then normally I can click on the line below, and almost always that is correct. Then I click once more and gets the correct product loaded.

    The same problem appears when you want to offload selectively.

    As a programmer myself, I suspect that there is an index error in the data structures handling loading/offloading when there is more than two products and the ship shows the scroll list.
    Config: Windows XP with SP3, EIC DC v1.12, EU3 std v1.3

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    Yes, offloading seems to be the bigger issue in my experience. I try to go in and out of port or reload but I tend to just have to suck it up if this doesn't work and sell all in that port or the next in my travels (even if it's not the best price on all items) so I have room to buy main trade items.

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    OK, I'll try this, Than-You for input.
    How long has this been going on for, I'm assuming since it is happening and been reported here in the Forums the Developers are working on a solution.

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    I too am having problems with this no matter what I sell It always sells the items at the top of ship's cargo list. Is there a fix for this. This started happening when I installed the directors cut on my copy of EIC

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