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Thread: vehicle pathfinding

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    vehicle pathfinding

    I would like a bit of explanation from the developers on how the pathfinding of vehicle works. In the open field there doesn't seems to be problem giving detailed movement orders, however once my vehicles were in a village it was a bit challenging sometimes to to get my vehicles where I want them to. Even though there is enough space for 5 vehicles (say Pz IV G) side by side when I give an movement order the blue line (pathfinding indicator) the vehicle doesn't seems to want to go to the requested target space. The blue line will be all over the place and anywhere but where I wanted it to be. Simply said the movement becomes more of an approximation rather than being precise. The consequence of this movement challenge in the village is that if the vehicle doesn't follow the proper path it will choose it's own and sometimes will run into enemy defensive building location and the vehicle gets destroyed. So I have to spend a lot of time micromanaging individual vehicles.


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    also i'm experiencing vehicles getting stuck in trees also getting stuck on the slopes, unable to drive backwards or in any direction. I have lost half of the APC because of that. Also APC's drove over the icy river and all vehicles got stuck in water, i know that this is also realistic, but its not when they drive all in one hole, one after the another. Game is great, but the pathfinding could be better. Can you fix this? Vehicles should avoid icy rivers period or any river.

    I have question, why when grouping more than 1 group with shift+ and when i ssue orders, the other group display same other as the one I gave. I had issued orders for one group of units to attack and other group to defend, when switching with number key the orders displayed were from the last issued group?

    As I said this game is great.


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    What i read so far from the developers is that the system works with a 4 meter radius/grid. I think the AI is driving around stuff in one of the grids that maybe is not in his direct way but short to it.

    A "Waypoint" -System like in Close Combat where you can give more than one point to go for the AI whould be a good solution to prevent such happenings.

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    The waypoint system is there: just hold down the shift key while issuing orders and you'll chain commands.

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