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    Technical Teams Mod - Main

    This is the main thread on the TTs MOD.
    I have been requested to provide the real name of the contributors in order to get credits on the TTs teams. Please let me know. Thank you

    Please find below the names I have been told so far:
    • Kunadam - Gamersgate account = kunadam2
    • Fancykiller65 - Gamersgate account =
    • Windmolen - Gamersgate account =
    • Tigey - Gamersgate account =
    • Maj. von Mauser - Gamersgate account = WWBuff14183945
    • danielshannon - Gamersgate account = danielshannon_press
    • Kovakanki - Gamersgate account =
    • xena - Gamersgate account =
    • LodovicoAriosto - Gamersgate account =
    • Pioniere - Gamersgate account = Eddie meduza
    • Easy1 - Gamersgate account = easy1
    • Timur the Great (alias gpg0109) - Gamersgate account = gpg0109
    • Simon1397 - Gamersgate account = Simon1397
    • Cardus (I told my name to myself ) - Gamersgate account = Cardus

    Please find below the latest update. Please let me know for any amendment/suggestion.

    UK - Tigey done, Xena done
    GER - der Zarewitsch done, Xena done, danielshannon done, abodat done
    FRA - Athe, Cardus, Admiral Fischer done, abodat done
    URSS - Pioniere done, danielshannon done
    JAP - Cardus done
    USA - manfred1126 done danielshannon done
    ITA - Cardus done Pioniere done

    Algier - easy1 done
    Angola - Kunadam, Pioniere done
    Afghanistan - Pioniere done, Cardus done, kunadam done, Maj. von Mauser done
    Albania - Corvuz Crovax done, Kunadam done
    Argentina - Cardus, Corvuz Crovax, Athe, Pioniere done
    Armenia - Pioniere done
    Azerbaijan - Pioniere done
    Australia - Cardus done, Kunadam done
    Austria - Maj. von Mauser done, Cardus done Frech of the Axis History Forums done
    Belarus - Cegorach, Pioniere done
    Belgium - Stalkov done Pioniere done
    Benin - Pioniere done
    Bhutan - Pioniere done
    Bolivia - Pioniere, Cardus, cegorach 3 teams added
    Bolivia - Pioniere, Cardus 2 teams added, one recoded
    Bosnia - Pioniere, kunadam, Hax done
    Brazil - Nigo, Cardus done
    British India - code BIN, former IND
    Brunei - Pioniere, Cardus done
    Bulgaria - Cegorach done
    Burma - Timur the Great done
    California - danielshannon done, Pioniere done
    Canada - Kunadam done
    Cameroon - Pioniere done
    Catalonia - Pioniere, Cardus done
    Ceylon (U83) - Pioniere
    Chile - easy1 done
    Chad (U84) - Pioniere, chalbersma
    Colombia - kunadam, chalbersma done
    Congo - Pioniere
    Costa Rica - Cardus done, Pioniere done
    Côte d'Ivoire (U88) - abodat done
    Croatia - Pioniere done
    CSA - danielshannon done
    Cuba - Cardus, Corvuz Crovax 3 teams added
    Czechoslovakia - LodovicoAriosto done, Maj. von Mauser done, cegorachdone
    Democratic Germany/DDR - Simon1397 and Maj. von Mauser done
    Denmark - Corvuz Crovax done
    Ecuador - Cardus done
    Egypt - kunadam, easy1 done
    England (U73) - Pioniere done
    Estonia - Supervixens done, Cegorach done, quaazi done
    Ethiopia - Cardus done
    Euskadi - Pioniere, Cardus done
    Federal Republic of Germany - Pioniere done
    Finland - Supervixens, Kovakanki done
    Free France - Cardus done
    Gambia - Pioniere done
    Georgia - cegorach done Pioniere done
    Gold Coast (Ghana) - Easy1 done
    Greece - Keravnos done Guardian21 done, okyriosy done
    Guangxi Clique - Cardus done Corvuz_Crovax done Maj. von Mauser done Pioniere done
    Holland - Windmolen done, Admiral Fischer suggested to remove Frits Zernike and to replace him with CWI. done.
    Hungary - Turul, Kunadam done
    Jordanian - Pioniere done, abodad done
    India - Simon1397, easy1 done
    Indonesia - danielshannon, easy1 done
    Iraq - Maj. von Mauser done, Pioniere done
    Ireland - Xena, chalbersma done
    Israel - Cardus, easy1, Pioniere done
    Korea - gpg0109 (alias Timur the Great) and Admiral Fischer done
    North Korea/Commmunist Korea - Admiral Fischer done Timur the Great and Cardus done
    Kyrgyzstan - Pioniere done
    Kurdistan - Pioniere done
    Latvian - Cegorach done
    Liberia - Pioniere done
    Lithuania - Cegorach done
    Luxembourg - Maj. von Mauser done
    Madagaskar - Pioniere
    Malta (U92) - Pioniere done
    Manchukuo - Corvuz_Crovax done
    Mexico - Cardus, Corvuz Crovax, Pioniere, Simon1397, easy1 done
    Mongolia - Corvuz_Crovax done
    Montenegro - Hax done
    Morocco - Pioniere
    Mozambique - kunadam done
    Nat. China/Comm. China - great_chairman done, danielshannon done, Fancykiller65 done, Corvuz_Crovax done
    Nepal - Pioniere done
    New Zealand - kunadam, easy1 done
    Nigeria - Easy1 done Pioniere doner
    Nicaragua - Pioniere done
    Norway - Easy1 done, asgeirpe done, abodat done
    Oman - Pioniere done
    Ottoman Empire - Maj. von Mauser done
    Pakistan - Pioniere done
    Palestine - Pioniere done, Cardus done
    Panama - kunadam done
    Paraguay - Cardus, cegorach 1 team added
    Persia - Maj. von Mauser done, Pioniere done
    Peru - Cardus, easy1 done
    Poland - Cegorach done
    Portugal - Corvuz_Crovax done, Maj. von Mauser done, Van der Gent and Cardus done
    Primorsk - Pioniere done
    Regno del Sud - Cardus done
    Rhodesia - Pioniere done
    Romania - Easy1, Kunadam, secretalex125, Pioniere done
    RSI - Cardus done
    Russia - Pioniere done Maj. von Mauser done
    Saudi Arabia - Pioniere done Maj. von Mauser done abodat done
    Serbia - Pioniere done
    Scotland - Tigey, Xena, Pioniere done
    Shanxi - Pioniere done, Maj. von Mauser done
    Siam - Timur the Great (alias gpg0109), Cardus done
    Sierra Leone - Pioniere done
    Sinkian - Corvuz_Crovax done
    Slovenia - Pioniere done, Cardus done
    Slovakia - Pioniere done, Kunadam done
    South Africa - manfred1126 done, kunadam, easy1, Pioniere done
    Somalia - Pioniere
    Spain Rep and Nat. - Athe done, Pioniere done
    Sudan - Pioniere
    Sweden - Easy1 done
    Switzerland - Fancykiller65, Pioniere done
    Syria - Pioniere
    Tanganyika (U97) - Pioniere
    Tannu Tuva - Pioniere done, Maj. von Mauser done Corvuz_Crovax done
    Tajikistan - Pioniere done
    Texas - Pioniere done
    Tibet - LeRan done
    Tunisia - Pioniere done
    Turkey - LordOfBlood, Cardus, Tunch Khan done, Maj. von Mauser done
    Turkmenistan - Pioniere, Abodat
    Ulster/U71 - Pioniere done
    Ukraine/Communist Ukraine - Maj. von Mauser done, Cegorach done
    Uruguay - Cardus done Pioniere done
    Uzbekistan - Pioniere done
    Venezuela - Cardus, Corvuz Crovax only one team added, more inputs welcome
    Viet Nam - U72 = Communist Viet Nam - strits1945 done Pioniere done
    Viet Nam - VIE = Nationalist Viet Nam - strits1945 done
    Vichy France - Athe, Cardus done please note I added some teams suggested by Athe and abodat for France.
    Wales = U76 - Tigey done
    Wallonia - Pioniere done
    Xibei San Ma - Corvuz_Crovax, Pioniere done, Maj. von Mauser done
    Yemen - Maj. von Mauser, Pioniere done
    Yugoslavia and communist Yugoslavia - Pioniere done, Maj. von Mauser done, kunadam done
    Yunnan - Corvuz_Crovax done, Maj. von Mauser done

    New countries with this mod: Communist Ukraine - CKR, Free France - FFR, Communist Yugoslavia - CYU, British India - BIN, Independent India - IND, Vietnam backed by USA - AVI, Catalonia - CAT, Italy puppeted by Allies Regno del Sud - RDS

    LodovicoAriosto started the discussion on the TTs. Kunadam and Stalkov did most of the job on the pictures ver 1. and ver 1.1. ColonelReed helped on some pics ver 1.1.
    Kunadam did most of the job on the pictures ver 1.2. Admiral Fischer helped on some pics ver 1.2. Stalkov helped on many pics ver 1.2.

    Tigey helped a lot in polishing and checking till the last minute ver 1.0. Xena found many typos on ver 1.2 beta.
    Simon1397 made a comparative test on the new TTs ver 1.1 beta
    Simon's test first part 1/1/1936-1/1/1942
    Simon's test second part 1/1/43-1/1/1945
    Simon's test third part 1/1/46-28/12/1947

    Version 1.0

    Version 1.1 link to the thread and change log here

    Simon1397 made a comparative test on the new TTs ver 1.2 beta on the following countries ARG, AST, AUS, BRA, CAN, CZE, FIN, HOL, HUN, LUX, MAN, MEX, POL, ROM, SAF, R/SPN, SWE, TUR. A dedicated test was performed on GRE and ITA.
    Simon's test first part: 1/1/1936-1/1/1938, GRE and ITA
    Simon's test second part: 1/1/1939-1/7/1941
    Simon's test third part: 1/1/1942-1/7/1944
    Simon's test fourth part: 1/1/1945-1/7/1947

    Version 1.2.1 link to the thread and change log here

    Script for sorting the TTs in alphabetical order

    Technological Teams ver 1.2.2 (that is TTs ver 1.2.1 sorted alphabetically)
    Technological Teams ver 1.3 link to the thread and change log here

    Simon1397 has performed a comparative test on the TTs ver 1.3 beta:
    - Simon's test on Independent India (IND)
    - Simon's test on POL, POR, CAN - 1936 to 1942 -
    - Simon's test on POL, POR, CAN - 1942 to 1946 -
    - Simon's test on POL, POR, CAN - 1946 to 1950 -

    Simon1397 made a comparative test on the new TTs ver 1.3 beta:
    - 1/3 Comparative Tech Team Test - AoD v1.02 with TT beta v1.3
    - 2/3 Comparative Tech Team Test - AoD v1.02 with TT beta v1.3
    - 2/3 Comparative Tech Team Test - AoD v1.02 with TT beta v1.3

    Technological Teams ver 1.4 beta

    1. No more than one university per country
    2. Assign doctrine to people and technology to industry
    3. All new tech teams, possibly, should be real and significant.
    4. All suggestions of new tech teams should be supported by references (any English, quickly comprehensible sources like Wiki) and short briefings about reasons for including those teams.
    5. New tech teams should not strongly affect any country's performance in research.
    6. All new suggestions should consist of these parts:
    6.a country
    6.b name of a team
    6.c picture (24 bit, black/white, bmp format, 96x96 resolution)
    6.d skill, areas of research, start date and end date of each team (game time span is 1930-1970)
    6.e links to look up more info about the team
    6.f short comment about the reasons for choosing each particular team

    New nations as such Free France, Catalonia, American Vietnam, Communist Ukraine & Yugoslavia and British India are available as well on the Minor Graphics Mod

    Caveat By Inner Circle
    Don´t forget to edit these events, because of the changed TT-ID´s

    The Officer Purge Event for SOV
    The Death of Ernst Udet Event for GER
    The Death of Italo Balbo Event for ITA
    The Death of Yamamoto Event for JAP
    The Loss of the Falkenhauesen TT for CHI when GER recognises MAN
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    Follow this link for the latest update on the Tech Teams for AoD

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    Armageddon images which are missed in AoD

    Some TTs pictures are missed in Aod. This has been spot by abodat.
    Please find below the link:
    Follow this link for the latest update on the Tech Teams for AoD

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    Frome Pioniere the complete list of the minor and small nations

    * Uganda (U70)
    * Northern Ireland (U71)
    * Communist Vietnam (U72) (the VIE tag becomes Nationalist Vietnam)
    * England (U73)
    * Northern China (U74)
    * Singapore (U75)
    * Wales (U76)
    * Greater Colombia (U77)
    * Central America (U78)
    * Federation of the West Indies (U79)
    * Kashmir (U80)
    * Upper Volta (U81)
    * Central Africa (U82)
    * Ceylon (U83)
    * Chad (U84)
    * Congo-Brazzaville (U85)
    * Gambia (U86)
    * China-Nanjing (U87)
    * Côte d'Ivoire (U88)
    * Jamaica (U89)
    * Kenya (U90)
    * Kuwait (U91)
    * Malta (U92)
    * Mauritania (U93)
    * Niger (U94)
    * Rwanda (U95)
    * Senegal (U96)
    * Tanganyika (U97)
    * Trinidad & Tobago (U98)
    * Togo (U99)

    Follow this link for the latest update on the Tech Teams for AoD

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