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Thread: Alsace, Theocracy to Empire

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    Extracts from the diary of Archbishop Leopold I of Alsace

    I have been made Archbishop of Alsace. It is my intent to change the government of our realm to a Nobel Republic but it will take time to instill. I am intent on keeping a subordinate Archbishop. I intend to keep the authority achieved by my predicessors but change the focus of our aims. I confine this to my diary. God may know what is in my heart but my confessions must be to something other than God.

    It is December 1429 We are still at war with Napels no defections yet. Following the Ottoman defeat of Byzantium we have funded patriots in Cyprus because we feel that they will not be able to maintain their own freedom independently and we feel they will be safe under our rule.

    April the year of our Lord 1434 word has reached us that last month we managed to annex Cyprus. Our local priest has taken up his authority and begun to raise soldiers to garrison and protect the land. As an increase to our power in the Holy Roman Empire we have entered into an alliance with Hesse. It is our hope that We shall be able to unite the whole of Italy and then become a power in France and Germany.

    August 3rd 1435. We have decided that the resolve of the Napolese has not wavered so a political sollution has been reached where we have Anexed Apulia and Calabria. Napoli remains of their realm with these people as our vassals. We intend to rule Abruzzi to link our Italian possessions. Italian Patriots have been convinced to take up arms against Aragon.

    February 1437. The Patriots of Abruzzi have been defeated and occupied Rome instead. This is interesting as Rome is an important province we hope to occupy it ourselves. The Papacy will have to relocate elsewhere. Adendum. Naples has given up it's province to the Papacy who remain our loyal vassals.

    1438 November. The King of Aragon has inherited the lands of Milan. This is a blow to our ambitions. Now Savoy, Austria and Aragon occupy the North. Things will be difficult.

    1440 On June Sixth Sicilly managed to Annexed Abruzzi following a War with Aragon. We go to war with Sicilly who have been excommunicated with intent to unite the whole south of Italy under God. Hesse has betrayed us this is something I shall not forget.

    1441, we brought an end to the war with Sicily in October. We annexed Abruzzi and Messina. Opperations with insurgents have begun to take Malta. Others to take Sardinia. I am becoming concerned as to whether my ambition is correct in the persuit of uniting Europe. Am I or any successor in a greater right than any secular power. Only God can decide. Due to our flourshing God must be on our side.

    1441, The King of Aragon has also been excommunicated. With Castile we go to war. Leading the War, we intend not to increase Castile's power however we need the North of Italy.

    1442, August, The war with Aragon concludes. We have taken the North of Italy. Castile has been given nothing in return. Perhaps we have alienated our Ally, however it is for the best of Christondom.

    1443, We still remember that we were betrayed by Hesse. Soon others will forget. We intend to go to war to show them that oathes sworn before God may not be taken lightly. We still feel under a cloud of guilt for not saving the Byzantines however we will eventually liberate Greece. Hesse however may not have the luxury of time to honour their alliances that have passed with dishonoured. If we go to war however we must go to war with Burgundy, Hesse and the Hansa.

    Analysis of the Early Reign of Leopold I

    As his biographer I note that it is a fear of following the cause he has inherited from his predicessors. This fear prevents a more aggressive and fast paced expansion of Leoplold. Perhaps he did not believe in the ideals. Perhaps he was affraid of the consequeces it is unknown. Such a long reign however was to become even more difficult. The revolts had continued in Italy although now they became less frequent then before.

    Internationaly his realm was concidered to be the most glorious in the world although it was infamous. As a result Leopold was forced to employ many a diplomat to improve his standing. He realm had not kept pace with the technological development of other realms this was something that needed to be addressed. It can be conferred that in some aspects of his reign Leopold was disinterested however this fluctuated and would later become no problem as in later life he became very active.

    We will look at this more closely in our next installment the Confessions of Leopold.

    Status in 1443, October 24th, Land 6, Naval 5, Trade 5, Production 6, Government 7, Infamy 28.5, Prestige 94, Ducats 720, Stability +2, Total soldiers 34000, we are three units short of the limit. I have not lowered maintance which is currently 8.5 ducats per month.

    Cultural Tradition 90.90 Army Tradition 31.90, still have the mission improve reputation. Currently four generals of reasonable quality. Army uses Men at Arms. No more war exhaustion.

    We are still a Theocracy and not a Noble Republic we intend to achieve this later.
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    This is my AAR thread for Alsace.


    I intend to hold Central Europe before crusading. Then maybe a World Conquest.

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    Your infamy levels keep jumping like crazy.lol What's your plans?

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    As I recall I did play further then I have posted. I intend to upload and post on Sunday.

    Savoy is useful I shall not hear a word against them. Austria, France and Bohemia they are not useful but dangerous.

    My plans should be obvious to consolidate my hold of the Centre.

    Edit: Sorry for the lack of an update. I was bussy last week end. There will be an update this week. 22.02.2010
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    This is my AAR thread for Alsace.


    I intend to hold Central Europe before crusading. Then maybe a World Conquest.

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