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Thread: HRE Lands and Outside Parties

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    HRE Lands and Outside Parties

    So, I had this event pop up where the Emperor was telling me, hey bud, how bout you give me that land you took. Of course I promptly tell him no, and find I lose stability. I'm not sure why I, as a foreign power, have to give anything to him or suffer a stability hit. If its such a big deal to retain the borders of the HRE, then have him bring his armies and take those lands if he wants. Also, if this is a repeating event, it should really be changed. Its amazing to me how uniting Germany gets progressively harder with every patch-expansion. Its near impossible now without a huge amount of luck and many many many years of waiting.

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    How many years did it take in real life? Didn't Charlemagne's father make a start on the process, back in the seventh century?
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    Just live with it: if youre not a HRE member and you really want that province, the cost is 4 badboy (-modified cb%) and -1 stability hit. -1 stab hit is not really that much.
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    Try Magna Mundi.
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    Just take the province out of the HRE?

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