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Thread: A deformed reality(ADR) mod.

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    A Game of Chess(AGC) mod thread

    Welcome to my first mod!

    Now,its my first attempt at a HOI2 mod,so I'll give my shot at making this as interesting as possible.

    The story behind.

    Everything started in 1923 with Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch,were the attempted coup failed with the death of Hitler and his associates.This meant that Germany never became National-Socialist,and meant that Germany continued its road towards becoming an democratic state.


    At 26 March 1933 an agreement between Germany and Poland was signed,in which Germany promised Poland some of its territory in exchange for economic support for the crisis.This has lead to some protests,but in the end,Germany's leadership(which came in power in 1932) with Konrad Adenauer and Theodor Heuss managed to make the country's industry and power grow,even if the state had major difficulties,Germany managed to become one of Europe's biggest powers.

    However,this hasn't been the only change in the world history...

    Here's a small description of some of the states:
    • USA - We are strong,we are powerful,don't mess with us.
    • UK - We won WW1.We are an empire, and you surely don't want to mess with us.
    • Germany - Seems that selling lands to Poland gave up good results.People are happy,democracy lives,and we're also enough powerful to show off that we're not loosers.
    • USSR - We are big and powerful,but this dissent doesn't look too good,and Trotsky and the Whites are pissing us so much...but we got our tanks.
    • Italy/Austria/Hungary ( the Axis) - We got our claims on Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia,and they will soon come back to where they belong.
    • Romania/Yugoslavia/Greece/Turkey - We have our small pact,and this keeps us somehow strong.We'll help eachother whenever necessary.
    • Bulgaria - The King says that we should be a bit more interventionist so that we can get our territories back - but with who,when,how?...
    • Japan - We're down thanks to the USA and their intervention in the Chinese war.However,being a puppet and ally to the USA shows off to be quite good...
    • Royalist China - Those Republican bastards took the Emperor's powers.But he will be revenged!
    • Republican China - Democracy shall live,and we will take care of it.Not to mention that we got our good piece of support - USA,UK,France and Germany with their Von Falkenhausen - which isn't that bad...

    Political map of Europe(This mod WILL use the E3 map.)

    Germany's cabinet:

    Romania's cabinet:

    Romanian (new!) skin:

    Romania's status

    The return of Carol II never happened,and this has lead to Nicolae's come to power with the instauration of the Regency.
    The Regency was removed in 1930.
    Whilst the country was wondering what will happen with the political rule,Nicolae decided to appoint the hard-working Armand Calinescu as prime minister.

    Also,a small update regarding the possible future of Czechoslovakia(featuring Czech State skin):

    China's status(Ignore Japan,Korea and the UK.):

    Royalist China skin:

    This mod will also feature BeBro's minor sprite pack:

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    Interesting concept. Can you give us more informaton about scenario? As far I understand your idea, there will be democratic Germany. What about rest of the world?
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    Well,everything will be pretty complex,such as the creation of a Fascist France(which will later join Italy,Austria and Hungary),the coming of a Communist Bulgaria,and a Ribbentrop-Molotov style pact.Not to mention,African wars,attempts on landing in the UK,conflicts between Republican(backed up by the US),Communist(backed up by the USSR) and Royalist(backed up by the Japanese) Chinese forces(as the warlords of China will dissappear), a new Soviet- Polish conflict(with a big probability that the conflict will start between the USSR and baltic states).

    It will be,well...

    The story is going to develop more and more in the front of the player.I can't exactly say everything,or else I'll spoil the fun :P

    Its just a different way the world evolves.

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    I like it. I always wanted to play a "what if Weimar"-scenario. Keep on

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    sounds like an intriguing mod! Are you planning on making it for AoD? Comes out the 17th, If I recall correctly.
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    The skins look too dull. Try to make something more interesting.

    They look very cheap and primitive also. Just a simple combination of different photos in one picture. A mere school kid can do that.

    Is that all you can do ? Well, not much.

    Like I said try to make something more interesting.

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    will it use the vanila tectree or will that be changed
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    Quote Originally Posted by secretalex125 View Post
    The map is good. But your graphics look terrible.

    Why are you so eager to change something that doesn't really need to be changed ?

    If you don't know how to deal with graphics you better just leave it as it is. The old good vanilla graphics are much better than yours.
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    -Sorry guys,but I can't recall that the HOI2 skins were good,really.
    The Romania one was incredibly dull.Just some gradient,a plane thing,and that's it.
    Also,they were intended to look old and dirty.Its war afterall,no?Also,please define "more interesting",I'm curious what's in your mind.

    -Yes,I *may* take AoD,but there's a logic which I want to implement in this mod( a logic similar to HoI3's one) in which units can get upgraded rather than having the old and dull "basic" and "advanced" tank.Why not a tank with X mm armour,X mm gun,X chassis,etc. rather than the plain boring "basic tank"

    -As I said earlier.Also,Weimar Germany needed a skin,didn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Spirit View Post
    The map is good. But your graphics look terrible.
    Do they really?? I'm sure at least Romanian set fits greatly, which was really not so good in vanilla... And German skin... I like it!

    [b]Secretalex125[b], congrats with a good idea! AFAIK, that is the only mod based on E3Map and it can be really different from many others. Gfx also play a role, you know. Btw, I could possibly help you if you need my help especially in gfx part.

    Cheers and good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by secretalex125 View Post
    Sorry guys,but I can't recall that the HOI2 skins were good,really.
    Yours are not any better. I can understand that you need a new skin for the Weimar republic, but does it make any sense to replace all old ones if you are not any good at it ? Obviously you are not an artist.

    I am not saying your project is bad. It sounds kinda interesting and if you skip the graphics stage you will complete this mod much sooner than if you keep messing with the skins.

    Much better to invest the time into something more important like an improved tech tree.

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    I meant in Romania's case and in the case of a few minors.

    I also can't seem to see which are the graphical views of the people around as I can't get which would be the skins which you'd want to see.

    I'd wanna see from those who are against my work what they consider to be good artwork.(links to/ images are best way to describe).

    Also,those who say that there's something wrong,like being too dull,try being more precise.Thank you.

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    Your graphics are really tasteless indeed and if you'd like specific suggestions I can give you some.

    First of all don't do anything that is not really needed to be done.

    As far as graphics concerned all you need just new event and ministers pictures.

    Also add the nice looking SKIF unit icons made by Kristoff & others and you'll be all set.

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    i think that it must be germany that buys danzig and gydnia from poland and that poland get money and supplies from germany every year and also military acces in germany and even maybe an alliance with them, thay both are SC.
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    A bit too much,way too much I think.

    Also,Poland is PA IIRC.

    Also,I can't see how you guys think that what I did is tasteless.What could it be more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by secretalex125 View Post
    A bit too much,way too much I think.

    Also,Poland is PA IIRC.

    Also,I can't see how you guys think that what I did is tasteless.What could it be more?
    that is, but poland change at my always in SC
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    Lightbulb I Want To Help

    Its very interesting idea and I want to help with modding if you plan to start in 1933 you need to mode the start date of tech teams,ministers and etc ,which is a bit borring exercise.And as you see from my avatar I can help with Bulgaria.
    I can suggest story line for Bulgaria /I dont know your plans : ) /
    in which Alexander Stamboliiski is not killed in 1923 and BZNS/his party/
    bcome stronger and stronger till one morning he will become dictator : )
    and so on I can keep going but want to hear your thougts of bulgarian storyline.
    Also I thing its better to use the E3 map /very beautiful/not an old boring map which is include in AoD.

    PS : Sory for my mistakes

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    Something I was interested towards is something like a left-wing/leninist/stalinist government for Bulgaria(hopefully with a guy who can replace the king there.)

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    Tell us more about the story-line....Iím interested in Romania and her place in the future wars ...I also liked the fact that Nicolae is king ....Carol was not a good king and his ambitions destroyed the democracy in Romania

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    So the goverment can be left-winng radical if
    the head of goverment and state will be Alexander Stamboliiski

    Or it can be lenninist/becouse of anarchist and left-wing villager innvolvment/ or stalinist ,if after the assasination of A.Stamboliiski the following communist rabelion in 1923 grow in this time line in to a full scale revolution which ended in late 1925 with success for communst.Then the head of goverment can be Vasil Kolarov ...and so on.

    If you want I can do storyline for Bulgaria but tell me which possibility of above storyline you choose and I can tell who will be the othrs ministers for Bulgaria .Also if you want I can help the modding/despite I have litle experience/
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