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Thread: until last night...

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    until last night...

    Last night I was playing Elven Legacy (unfortunately from Impulse so not with the latest patch *grumble*), and was having an incredible time. I had picked up this awesome phoenix artifact and tamed a dragon - and then suddenly lost the game in the last battle with the boss. I literally had one turn to win and I ran out of turns.

    That was an incredible disappointment for me and to be honest I'm not that motivated to try again.

    I'm a bit confused about the turn limit system. Perhaps if I understood it better it would help.

    Should I head straight for the target and go for the Gold rating? If so am I going to miss out on stuff like the dragon and artifact I found? Is getting Gold so much better? I got Gold on the first mission and received the Far-seeing map and a skyship - which was great - but what did I miss out on? It seems like the game is designed for you NOT to experience all of the content.

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    Some missions give really good artifacts and/or unlock bonus missions if you complete them by the "gold standard." I've made it through most gold, but some missions I've never met gold requirements. I've made it through the original and Rangers that way, but am still struggling to complete Seige. Haven't tried Magic yet.

    You do not have to have every artifact to complete the campaign, some just make it easier to accomplish.

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