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Thread: UI Issues: Giving Pause

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    UI Issues: Giving Pause

    One thing I'd love to have in Vicky, and HoI and EU# and etc, is a 'Pause Game on x/x/xx' date so the game stops when I have a plan do do something. It could even have a little reminder note.

    Going further, it would be nice if I could have a check box for other things to 'alert' for, like out of range commodites etc etc.

    But mainly just a simple date (or HoI, date and time) to alert/pause.

    The problem is that in a RTS you can be distracted by game play or events in your environment and the game merrily goes past the date you intended to do some important thing. Could be move that fleet or go walk the dog.

    But it's just a nice thoughtful feature to have. For that matter it could also alert by system date so that you can go get food and eat thus not missing your insulin for the type II diabeties you acquired sitting playing games all day.

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    I like the idea. I always forget to do something until months after I meant to. Also it's good if you know that there is going to be absolutely nothing going on until XXX date so you can go get a drink or something while it runs.

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    I ask for this feature since HoI2D, but not with much luck.

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    Hmm... Good idea would help alot.

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    I have a UI suggestion too:
    Consider laptops when you assign the keys for e.g. increasing or decreasing the game speed.
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    Yeah .. good idea

    Most PI games have so many things going on that it cn be hard to remember something specific.

    F.x. in CK(2) it would be awesome if I could flag the 16th birthday of the king's daughter that I want to marry to my son ... and I am sure that in all the other games there are loads of things you forget in the heat of the moment.
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