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Thread: A Tale of Two Germanies

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    Yay! this was a thoroughly awesome AAR!
    My AARs:
    Baghdad in the Sky with Diamonds (last updated 27/08/13)
    So Long Mom, I'm Off to Drop the Bomb - A Fallout 2 AAR (last updated 08/06/14)

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    Yay!!! Made my day!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vishaing View Post
    I Feeeeel... Happy...

    Really though, the AAR isn't Dead, its just on hold while I'm busy working on Magna Mundi the Game.

    Take heart! Once the Game comes out, you too will be able to experience Civil Wars every bit as terrible as those in this AAR!

    Will the new AAR feature the actual MM game? I hope it does.

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    wow cool maps... can i know where di you get them?

    edit: crap didn't notice it's long dead... sorry
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