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Thread: In defense of Freedom, a USA Kaiserreich AAR

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    This simply reveals that Iberian and Ibero-descended cultures are supieror to their Anglo bretheren.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColossusCrusher View Post
    This simply reveals that Iberian and Ibero-descended cultures are supieror to their Anglo bretheren.
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    @CylonAndrew: Then I think you are gonna like this coming update....

    @History_Buff: I favour landing further north. The terrain in southeast Asia is to crappy to advance quickly into China from there.

    @Asalto: they do not, but they can be expected to fight fanatically even so.

    @TemplarComander: Thanks.

    @serutan: Well, I think I have given Mitteleuropa enough free reign by now. The time has come to start getting a little more strict with them, and that includes curbing there influence in Asia.

    @Xesan: Well Brazil, Spain, and La Plata have been very active with things like amphibious assaults, but my other allies are contributing as well. Italy, Canada, and my Latin American allies have been funneling tons of divisions to India. South Africa's, France's, Canada's, and Britain's airforces have been very active in the fight against Japan as well. Even Mexico has been doing lots of bombing attacks on Japanese forces in southeast Asia.

    @salidas16: They have rebuilt their industries and military forces long ago. In fact, they have both been getting a little out of hand with it. Britain for example has something like 40 armoured divisions, 20 HQ's, and 13 1938 level aircraft carriers. Keep in mind, that Britain has no military leaders. I think for them, i will delete their military forces and get them to build a more "reasonable" military, using military leaders from the old UoB's ranks.

    @everyone else:thanks for the comments!

    authaar's note: sorry for procrastinating a bit on this. I should probably stop letting this AAR slip to 2nd page. Anyway, here is an update to make up for all of it.

    As the Russian army continues to roll south, the US government decides that the time has now come to begin operations in mainland Asia. The first target for US forces on the mainland: Korea. 150,000 US troops, including American tank formations, land at Inchon, and take the city of Seoul.

    US forces then break out in all directions, quickly overrunning the entire peninsula and cornering 3 Japanese divisions along the Yalu river, with Russian forces to their right. The Japanese are quickly kicked out of Korea, and forced to retreat into Manchuria.

    Back in the United States, the first full scale nuclear reactor is finally finished production, coming online near the city of Denver, all the way in Colorado.

    July 28th, 1949. The Japanese allied Fengtien Republic surrenders unconditionally to the Russian government. Japan now has only 1 ally left: the government of Siam.

    With Russian tanks and infantry continuing to drive south, the US joint chiefs decide to expand the Allied war effort into China itself. Thousands of battle hardened US troops are shipped to Formosa from Australia, in preparation for the next offensive.

    Meanwhile, a huge army mobilization plan is implemented in the US, with hundreds of thousands of US soldiers beginning to mobilize in brand new infantry divisions, equipped with the best weapons and equipment currently available.

    Finally, the day has come. 310,000 US troops begin landing operations at the port city of Shanghai, under the cover of US navy battleships. The Japanese garrison is quickly annihilated, and Shanghai falls to US forces.

    Very quickly, US forces break out of the city and pour into the Chinese countryside. Moving south of the Yangtze river, American mechanized and regular infantry quickly shatter all resistance by Japanese garrison and anti-partisan forces. Throughout numerous towns, villages, and cities, such as Nanking, US soldiers are hailed as liberators after years of brutal occupation by the German AOG corporation and the Japanese military.

    Meanwhile, disturbing reports begin to come in of massive Japanese troop buildups in the home islands. Japan seems to be mobilizing the last of its manpower reserves in preparation for its final stand against Allied and Mitteleuropan forces. It seems that the battle for the home islands could be the most brutal of the entire war...
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    Ouch it won't be easy to land in Japan, the beaches are well garrisonned.
    I hope that you'll be able to liberate most of China before the Russians.
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    Have the Russians liberate Qing China and liberate Republican China yourself! (give the Republicans a new colour though, their default one is horrible)

    And I'm very excited by the troop buildups in Japan - will you be forced to nuke the beach provinces to force a landing force through?

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    Interesting how quickly the Japanese have restored their home island defences even as they're falling apart elsewhere. With their empire gradually falling apart and the Russians rampaging through Manchuria even as the Japanese prepare for their last stand this war appears to be progressing somewhat similarly to the war in OTL. Now we just have to see if the ending will be similar.

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    Perhaps the Yellow River could serve as the border of the Entente- and Mittleuropa-controlled Chinas? What about the one province (Chongqyin) that the Russian managed to snatch in Korea?

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    I wonder if Germany will demand any of it's former Asian colonies back after the Pacific war is over?

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    Wow, looks like you're going through China like a hot knife through butter. Agree with Onni_Manni - you should try for a Yellow River border with Russia.

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    Nuke Hiroshima! Seriously, consider not landing on Honshu first, land at Fukuoka.
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    The best bit in that game is this PM from OY to his packmates:

    OrangeYoshi: ... I'll also put in a preliminary hunt order to Hunt Oky's replacement. (THE_SPLIT if I'm not mistaken). He publicly asked for a sub, and that is slightly more common in Lite if you have some sort of important role.

    This is OY putting in a hunt order on Oky's replacement, who is none other than OY.

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    Update! I need more!!! D:

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    Awesome AAR! I just caught up! I've never been a huge fan of naval warfare, but you made it sound interesting. Wipe out Japanese forces then declare war on MittleEuropa.
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    Altough Americans are in advance, Japanese still have strong foothold in China, and even stronger defense in home islands. Looks like American forces still have to go trough much fighting to defeat the Japanese Empire.
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    Guys....I don't want to sound like a noob but....

    Is this game for real? Are games this random produced on every Hearts of Iron game or is this the result of some epic mods?

    This AAR has been so awesome thus far, I'm creaming in my shorts. A 6 faction civil war? A entirely different WW2? A Japanese Empire that gets their ass kicked by the US?

    What in the hell is going on here?
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    This game is played with the Kaiserreich mod, you can find it in the mod section of HoI2. It usually produces highly varying results from game to game.

    It seems this is my first post in this AAR, although I've been reading it since the middle of the Civil War. I love the presentation style!

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    I just finished reading this AAR, and it's one of the best I've read. It's good to see someone play as the US in kaiserreich, instead of the CSA. Great job so far, looking forward to the next update.

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    Just read everything in a few days, great AAR! I'll be making a bookmark for this so I remember it when i come back home on sunday, to continue my reading.

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    @everyone: I am too lazy right now to respond to any individual comments, so here is another update to make up for my procrastination.

    A very large reinforcement package, including two brand new armoured corps, arrive in Shanghai, to allow US forces to continue their advance throughout southern China.

    As the US navy scouts out the increasing amounts of Japanese mainland defenses, recon aircraft make a startling discovery. Japan, while fighting the Allied forces in the Pacific, was able to devote enough resources to funding its own nuclear weapons program. Unfortunately for the Japanese, it is too little, too late, since German strategic bombers operating out of Vladivostok have largely reduced the complex to a pile of rubble.

    US mechanized forces continue to advance throughout southern China. Here, US troops lay siege to the city of Guangzhou, one of China's largest urban and industrial centres. The small Japanese garrison is easily wiped out, and the city is liberated.

    US forces reach the border of the state of Yunnan along the Yangtze river, effectively cutting Japanese China in two. Japanese forces from the north organize a counterattack, but it is easily shattered by the heavy guns of brand new M26 tanks entrenched on the southern banks of the river.

    Hong Kong is liberated by US forces.

    As US forces approach the border between China and Japanese Vietnam, the are forced with numerous counterattacks. Here, an offensive by General Kuribayashi is easily blunted by American tanks fortified in the forests.

    The Pacific war by January 1950. Nobody thought that the war would last this long, but even so, Japanese defeat is looming. Japanese forces have been reduced to pockets of resistance in New Guinea, Indochina, Siam, Malaya, and northern China, as US forces continue to advance and the Russian army continues to march south, now past the Yellow river. Meanwhile, Japanese forces continue to mobilize on the home islands, turning the Japanese homeland into a giant fortress.

    With their supply lines in disarray and with the Russian army at their backs, Japanese forces in Northern China attempt another attack. Again, this attack proves futile, as waves of Japanese infantry are cut down by American machine guns, field artillery, and small arms, with the support of the heavy weapons of their armoured vehicles.

    US and Russian forces finally link up in the territory between the Yellow and Yangtze rivers, while the small chinese state of Shangqinq Tianguo invades Japanese occupied territory.

    In preparation for the final battle of Japan, US forces tighten their ring around the home islands. US marines land at Toyohara, in Sakhalin Island, home to a major Japanese airbase, which will be critical in the final battles of the war.
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