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Thread: Speak Lithuanian or Die! - A Kaiserreich AAR

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    Probably. I no longer have the game files - not even the same computer! So I'll spend the next week recreating the scenario, leader files, generals, etc...

    [EDIT 15. December] - Still working on installing the game files on a new computer. Stay tuned!
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    Speak Lithuanian or Die - a Kaiserreich AAR
    A tale of resurrected Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and its brightest individuals in the grim world of Kaiserreich...
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    I come about once every month. Maybe one day I'll see the Commonwealth revived. Until then we can only dream.

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    I just read through this AAR... all I have to say is I can't wait for it to continue!
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    I got an AAR too: The Kingfish - A Fascist United States AAR

    And another: An Arm of Iron-A Narrative Stannis AAR

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    So, what's the situation currently?

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