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Thread: Period-spanning History Websites

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    History site about greeks!

    Here is I think one of the best sites of greek history...
    It ranges from prehistoric times to modern Greece. It includes among others the classical Greece and Byzantine era...
    Here is the link:

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    The Catholic Encyclopedia. I've found it very informative. It as more(alot more) then you may think.
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    Its in dutch for the most part but still a great site, they have links to maps of almost any historic period.

    I'm sure some of you have a use for this site.

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    Aproximate population numbers of Europe (time periods vary from region to region)

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    I am a bit suprised by the number of undocumented personal websites being listed as useful history websites.
    The excel sheet below has worldwide population and GDP figures from 1-2008 AD: (provided courtesy of MacroEconomics)

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    I like THIS web...but is in spanish
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    Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean

    Interactive Historical Atlas of the World
    This allows users to contribute cities and photos to a map of the world and draw historical boundaries. You need the Google Earth plug-in to view the site, which is a completely free tool that takes a couple minutes to download and install.

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    Big datafile of prices and wages. Big time span and a lot countries. It's a pain in ass figuring xls files though.
    And remember - no nyash-myash

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