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Thread: Custom music for EU3. Your ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord of Tales View Post
    Loreena McKennitt (everything)
    This, exactly

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    I've always played with Bach solo piano works by Glenn Gould. 13 hours of that shit. I couldn't imagine it any other way. Lengthy EU3 sessions have made me an expert on Bach

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    how about "the desert lounge" for a arabic feel

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    thanks those are all awesome, along with last of the mohicans, nice touch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lama43 View Post
    Two steps from hell makes some nice epic music (like "Protectors of Earth").
    I didn't know about any music folder before this thread though
    OK... that was way too epic for EU3. With that music in the background all I want to do is send my armies to the borders and declare war on the world screaming "To Glory and Empire!!!". To hell with commerce and diplomacy. If I were to play it while sitting on the toilet I think even my shit would be epic.
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    I use music from my collection of "early music," changing music in and out as the era changes. (Note to self: need more 17th century stuff.)
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    Sabatons new song; "a lifetime of war" fits really well with the game.

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    It might depend on the nation I'm playing with. 18th century Austria with W.A. Mozart as an advisor sorta demands using his music too. In my Milan game I would use some Renaissance Italian music and Gesualdo.
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    Popol Vuh - Aguirre soundtrack


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    I use the soundtracks off Sins of A Solar Empire. Good for the peaceful bits.

    For war, however, there's always stuff from Super Robot Wars. Particularly this. ENEMY OVERRIDE!
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    I've only added a couple of tracks to the game. Here they are:

    "Done With Bonaparte" -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-ClOcxsDDY

    "Brian Boru" by Neidfyre (apparently not on YT)

    "It's a Hard Land" -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEaiWRDjVwI
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avisian View Post
    1. The track should fit with the EU3 "feeling" hence no rap/heavy/etc
    The EU3 "feeling" is different for everyone of the players.
    You shouldn't say "not this and not that", because to some people, the EU3 "feeling" may be related to the kind of music you excluded.

    anyway this is mine: Globus - Europa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6uX0MWetHA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uggh View Post
    Falalalan, definitely...and the rest of the EU2 music...
    I'm pretty sure Falalalan was why I turned the music volume off in EU2 days. Once in a blue moon it might be ok but hearing it constantly gets to me worse than nails on a chalkboard.

    I would add the soundtracks to the Lord of the Rings movies and a hearty second on Last of the Mohicans, that soundtrack is awesome

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    By far the best battle music is everything that has absolutely no military feeling to it. I like it when two armies slaughter each other on the field, while I'm sitting in a palace, lamenting the death of my best country men.

    Claudio Monterverdi: Duo Seraphim

    Henry Purcell: Hear my prayer, O Lord

    Heinrich Schütz - O Jesu, Nomen Dulce

    edit: forgot to add: all these pieces have awesome artistic value to them, so you'll be a better human for knowing them even if you don't listen to them while playing EUIII
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    :O you can put anything in there??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uggh View Post
    Falalalan, definitely...and the rest of the EU2 music...
    The 17th/18th century musics were actually pretty good, with Vivaldi and all.

    The first modification I did to my EU2 was to scrap all 15th century nonsense and replace it with late-game epics. I picked the best ones and massed them up in one soundrack and combined that with HoI1 soundtrack which also has plenty of awesome war-themed classical music. In fact, I still use HoI1 soundtrack in all my Hearts of Iron installments.
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    I just put alot of Andreas Waldetoft in the folder. He is the guy that made the EUIII music as well as music for tons of other paradox games. Works perfectly.

    But to be honest, i rarely listen to the in-game music. I usually listen to a podcast or my own music on Spotify when playing.

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