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Thread: WOW...thats some pirate fleet

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    WOW...thats some pirate fleet

    Since when are there multiple ships in a pirate fleet?

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    since like....ehm.....always?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lethal View Post
    since like....ehm.....always?
    For real??? This is my first time I had more then 1 ship in a pirate fleet.
    And I'm playing the game for quite some time now.

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    I had a pirate fleet sitting off the coast of South Africa with 3 Galleons, a Cutter and a Brig. Funny thing is, they didn't actually attack anybody, as far as I could tell. I finally took them out, as they were kind of annoying, whenever my battle fleet sailed by and attempted to engage.

    Edit: Your picture loaded after I typed my response. Yeah, so far, I haven't seen a pirate fleet that size. That's somewhat scary.
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    They are invasion fleets. only exist to go knock over a port somewhere and steal all the good stuff and destroy crap. they won't attack other fleets.

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    Get rid of the pirates early. Then you can concentrate on eleminating the opposition.

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