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Thread: Attacking a destroyed fleet?

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    Attacking a destroyed fleet?

    My game just updated to the designers cut and I went to have a try. I allready was in war with Britain so I decided to attack their fleet to see what you guys changed in the game. I won the battle...3 times over...

    I destroyed 2 ships in the first battle and the last ship surrendered. So I was happy to have a galleon to add to my fleet. But the game went back to the normal map and my ships attacked them again (without having a choice to gain the ship) Then I saw the 3 ships again, but with 0 health left.

    Kind of weird to battle the death

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    I had the same thing happen playing Privateer. I had a sloop surrender then kept getting thrown back into battle with her even though she was a dismasted wreck. I finally just used auto-resolve and it was destroyed

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    I used auto resolve and 3 of my ships were destroyed :S

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    I have the designer's cut, and this has happened to me as well. More than once. Not only that, but I keep getting into the same battle time after time after time again. My only solution is to click "Cancel" before entering the battle. Then I don't ever seem to see that fleet again. Using Autoresolve seems to lead to at least one ship getting destroyed against this ghost fleet.

    The only good thing about it, or at least a way to exploit it, is that if you have a captain with little experience, he can gain it pretty quickly taking on the world's most determined, and yet most incompetent fleet.

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    Thanks for the information all. We'll look into this.
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    Yep, same thing with me.It happend after a fiew hours of playing and not only pirates but Brittish fleet aswell.I wasn't able to capture enemy ships anymore since then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shauku View Post
    Thanks for the information all. We'll look into this.
    Appreciate it Shauku. If it helps at all, here are some other interesting things that happen when this mystery occurs:

    1. As has been mentioned, the capture screen never loads, it simply goes from the battle summary straight back to the world map. Usually showing the ghost ship(s) at 0 hull during the summary.

    2. This fleet does keep sailing, and even enters port and repairs. I thought that maybe after letting them repair, and attacking again, I could end the endless battle. That didn't happen.

    3. For some strange reason, it's not every ship in the fleet that survives. Yesterday, for example, I ran across a fleet comprised of a Galleon and a Xebec. I destroyed both ships, but only the Xebec lived to fight another day.

    4. After several battles with this fleet, they began to surrender before I could even press the "Start Battle" button. The results were still the same, of course. They escaped and tried to engage my fleet again.

    5. I noticed that every consecutive battle with this fleet led to them gaining status on the "power" bar, while mine weakened, despite neither of us trading a single shot.

    Hopefully, I haven't wasted your time with all these small details,


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