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Thread: As historical as possible – my first HOI 3 AAR – Germany ’36 Campaign

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    As historical as possible – my first HOI 3 AAR – Germany ’36 Campaign

    Hello everybody.

    I’m starting a game with Germany, trying to reach as much historical accuracy as possible.
    Patch - 1.2
    Difficulty – very hard.
    I’ll try to:
    - create the almost historical Axis with Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Finland
    - not involve Japan, so it doesn’t go to war with the soviets
    - conquer Poland, Denmark, Norway, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Soviet Union
    - not conquering UK, but “helping” the Italians conquer North Africa (I have read that some people consider this gamey, so I’ll do the same)
    - not getting involved in Spain (as much as I would like to see Nationalistic Spain victorious, because I’ve seen some games where the they get ass-kicked)
    - concentrate land research on mobile units (as was the real case)
    - concentrate naval research on battleships, destroyers and submarines
    - concentrate air research on tactical air warfare; as Germany I’d like to conquer a country with the industry and infrastructure pretty much intact
    - the only bit of strategic warfare would involve flying bombs/rockets on UK (as it happened)
    - not sure about nukes, to go that way or not; it’s not about resources but historical accuracy
    - improve my industry as much as possible through industry techs (compensating the very hard difficulty)
    - stick to the blitzkrieg doctrines except for the "Operational Level Organization" tech which, in my opinion, shouldn’t be a part of the Human Wave doctrine group
    - although it’s hard not to research ahead of time (with the high Leadership Germany has) I’ll try not to research more than 2 years ahead (I didn’t understand very well how the thing with the end of the year affects research, but even if I did, I wouldn’t use it because I consider it a cheat
    - not concentrate leadership in this, except for spies at home performing counterespionage duties
    - enact all the useful laws
    - put all the conquered countries on collaboration government for the manpower bonus (this may not be to historical, but I will need the manpower)
    - use the best ministers (I’m not going to put Himmler in charge as long as I have Goebbels wich gives me +5% LP, just for historical accuracy)
    - promote and use the best generals (for example, I might use Rommel as a corps or army commander not as a division commander)

    That’s all that I can think of right now. If I get new ideas I’ll post them.

    Update soon.

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    Pretty interesting house rules, let's see how you do with them!
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