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Thread: Slow graphics and ships get stuck in ports

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    Slow graphics and ships get stuck in ports

    I have 2.6 ghz celron processor and a geoforce 7600 graphics card and 1.5 gig of system ram. The graphics really lag and everything that loads loads very slowly. The fleets I have get stuck in ports on their way to and from their delivery destinations. I updated my video card drivers and it didn't help. I have updated to v. 1.06. Anyone know why my fleets are getting stuck in the ports? I think that may be why i start lagging.

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    can we get an answer on this problem I am having the same issues.

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    I read another post about the fleets getting stuck in ports. It's because the speed is set to 4x. I set it to 2x and they don't get stuck anymore. I also set the variable in options.txt to what they have posted here in one of the sticky threads. It helped my performance alot. It still laggs but it is playable. The biggest problem I have now is at the end of every year the game stops for about a minute waiting for the end of the year report. I'm trying to find a console command to disable the end of the year reports.

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    stuck in port

    The ships stuck in port sometimes when you transfer a ship between fleets (a cpt. without organiser ability cannot sail out with an overloaded ship). You can solve this by transfering them again.

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