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Thread: Register your game for support and for the Majesty 2 avatars

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    Thanks Jayavarman

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    I put in my e-mail address and the activation code and it says there was a problem activating it

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    I can't register my copy of the game. I recently bought it through Steam. Is this intended?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiDeath View Post
    I can't register my copy of the game. I recently bought it through Steam. Is this intended?
    Maybe you're putting it in wrong, because I bought this game through steam and registered it just fine.

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    I bought the game downloadable. Where is the activation code?

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    I bought it through GameTap. I can't find the activation code for the forum anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tootsie_omie View Post
    Hi, I activate Majesty 2 in my older computer and it was not working properly. My new computer just got here today and when I try installing it activating it in my new computer, it gives me an error message. What do I do? Please help. Thanks!
    I have the same problem. What to do?

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    First thing would be to post the actual error message...

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    I recently got majesty 2 and its expansion via stardock played the origional for a bit then tried the exp upon opening BOA i see the load screen for about 2 seconds before i get a black screen and have to do the old ctrl alt del and its not started when i try to play the origional :l. is this a common problem if so how do i fix it?

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    Thank you, just googled where to register my wondeful game. ;D

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    i have majesty II on steam i want to register it where can i find the registration code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maccavelli View Post
    i have majesty II on steam i want to register it where can i find the registration code.
    On Steam . Go to Library and right click on the game / choose view game CD Key

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    Can i have an avatar of a gnome pls

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    Got my Majesty 2: Collection now on gamersgate and my avatar ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredrik II View Post
    Register your game for support
    Which support?

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    On impulse (before it was brought out by gamestop), I have brought the kingmaker expansion. Then much later I decide to finally complete the collection with the purchase of monster kingdom and battle of ardania. I noticed that under my game register. It only listed "Majesty II - Collection". I tried register with one of my expansion keys and as predicted it didn't worked.

    I can't figure out what to do.

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