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    ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY - A “Hearts of Iron” Game
    The ultimate World War II simulation arriving this December

    NEW YORK – September 8, 2009 – Paradox Interactive are excited to unveil a brand new Hearts of Iron game entitled Arsenal of Democracy, set to release on PC in December.

    Developed by BL-Logic, a development studio made up by fans of the Hearts of Iron series and active member of the modding community, Arsenal of Democracy is the ultimate World War II simulation and is described by Project Leader Lennart Berg as “Hearts of Iron II on steroids!”

    Describing the idea and process behind the creation of Arsenal of Democracy, Berg goes on to say, “During the years of the Hearts of iron II lifecycle, I made a list of improvements in the forums and these became the guidelines to the new game. So we went ahead and implemented these along with many more ideas until we had pretty much replaced and enhanced everything from the original. The end result, in our very humble opinion, is the ultimate World War II simulation.”

    * Increased resolution and windowed mode freely selectable
    * Totally reworked combat mechanics, new missions and realistic combat behavior and losses
    * Several new technologies
    * New espionage interface and reworked espionage system
    * One of the most detailed economy and production system found in any Hearts of Iron game
    * Realistic logistics system
    * Everything is moddable
    * AI reworked and now poses a genuine threat, even to experienced players
    * 4 new battle scenarios

    Complete Feature List :

    User interface upgrades:
    -Mouse-wheel zoom
    -Optional message box closing delay - no more accidentally closed events
    -general reminders - for example if slider move is possible..
    -New message notifier system - get all important events without cluttering the screen. Messages that are marked for this system are shown in an icon on the right screen an can be expanded by clicking on the corresponding icon.
    -Full Screen / windowed selectable in settings.cfg
    -Resolution freely selectable in settings.cfg
    -Multi deployment of units now possible - quick and easy to place large batches of units.
    -New Trade tab to improve speed and overview of all trades.
    -More advanced trade options, like setting an import target, or block import / export of specific resources
    -improved supply mode map: province ESE ,convoys and prioritized provinces are shown.
    -New statistics page in ledger to compare losses / kills
    -New espionage UI - no more micro - just select priority and mission.
    -New espionage mission ( naval espionage - on success, ship composition and mission is shown and ships are visible on map for xx days)
    -Delayed Minister and Leader effects
    -Fluent Dissent Allocation for Minister Changes
    -IC Concentration Bonus
    -Conversion of Transports to Convoys
    -Conversion of Destroyers to Escorts
    -Supply and Oil Stock moddable
    -Added advanced statistics
    -Complete graphical overhaul
    -Nuclear Power Plants
    -Province limit removed
    -Unit screen now shows stock bars

    Production system rework:
    -New advanced auto sliders with Min/Max setting for each slider.
    -New expense slider to control all domestic and foreign expenses like spies / research / Salaries.
    -New buildings like Synthetic oil plants / synthetic rare plants.-All conversions are user controllable with sliders determining the amount of resources converted.
    -Most advanced production system ever implemented in a grand strategy game:
    --Production is now ordered in production lines:
    ---They can be shortened / lengthened at will
    ---More IC can be thrown at them to increase speed.
    ---Can be paused to preserve gearing bonus without closing the line
    --Ability to upgrade units in production to newer models.
    --Refit and retooling times included.
    --Gearing increase speed and max gearing attainable through research.
    -AI now takes advantage of this system and knows the value of gearing.

    New Logistical system:
    -Decentral production - use resources and produce supplies at offshore IC, no need to ship resources to capital if IC is nearby.
    -Ability to produce units offshore if enough IC is present offshore (100% moddable in misc.txt)
    -Units receive supplies / oil through provinces, the supply Effectivity is determined by the infra and terrain of the provinces it routes through.
    -Unit Supply consumption now variable with unit activity and 100% moddable
    -Units have each local stock levels. Units with high activity and low supply efficiency or units cut off from supplies use the local stock until they run dry. Out of stock modifier now slowly increases with stock levels.
    -Ships automatically return to port for resupply and depart afterward.

    Entirely new land combat mechanics:
    -New plan ahead system.. plan your offensives months in advance.
    -All combat mechanics have been revamped.
    -now realistic combat durations and losses are ingame.
    -Land units speed is affected by combats. Slow enemy down by bombardments or feints
    -New bombard mission - use artillery to soften the enemy before an assault.

    Air Combat Mechanics:
    -All missions are selectable for Province/Area/Region
    -Planes are now coordinated with each other, to maximize damage and to prevent all planes / rockets to target the same province.
    -runway cratering now damages planes on land.
    -Air war has been reworked, planes now can miss each other and radar now has many uses and is vital for air superiority in defensive missions.

    Naval System rework:
    -All missions are selectable for Province/Area/Region
    -Totally revamped combat mechanics and brigade system.(all ships now depend on brigades)
    -Ability to refit ships with different brigades.
    -Revamped combat positioning system: Watch out for small hard hitting high leader fleets in combat.
    -Units will have to increase distance to attacker before escape.
    -All combats now behave realistically and automatically retreat if no hope of victory exists.
    -Convert unused Destroyers to escorts

    Provincial additions:
    -Province now has an Effectivity value. this replaces the hidden national non national IC modifier.
    -Infrastructure affects province Effectivity value, so its possible to expand resource and IC production in that province.
    -Infrastructure build time now terrain dependent
    -Provinces can be prioritized for repair. New visibly shown on supply map

    General improvements:
    -Collected manpower gets older with time and will retire, limits the endgame MP available.
    -Added 60 more user defined countries (from 00-99 to A0-F9)
    -Added 20 User defines brigades
    -All STR/ORG combat modifiers now exported to misc.txt and 100% modifiable
    -New Techs
    -A LOT of new modifiers to play with (misc.txt is many times larger as vanilla)
    -Totally new attrition algorithms
    -4 new Battle scenarios
    -Resource production rebalanced for the majors according to real world production figures
    -IC limited tech teams ( up to 10 teams dependent on ic)
    -3 National Ideas / Country - also fully modifiable ideas and effects

    Smaller General Features (in no order of importance):
    - Attrition now affects ships
    - Naval / Air now recognizes unit type and acts more intelligent
    - Reinforcement only in ports for all ships
    - Units in friendly provinces now gain a static +15% Org regain
    - Ground attack and Interdiction now does stock damage
    - VP info now with much more information
    - New pop up notifiers
    - Now 10.000 Provinces and of that 3.000 naval provinces allowed
    - Unit losses screen updated with a lot of new values.
    - Start and end-date now freely selectable in scenario files (new option to use scenario end date)
    - Weather map combined with terrain map
    - Upgrade / reinforce dependent on ESE
    - New naval combat targeting system
    - Changed ESE calculation
    - Air selection - now shows all provinces it targets - also when you change target scope
    - Plains modifier added
    - Infinite mission length
    - Province picture now possible on all provinces
    - Brigades can now be locked
    - Division info now shows its country info instead of yours.
    - Detailed Information On Effectivity, ESE and 'Raw' ICs/resources
    - Naval AI range limited
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    So just HOI2 with a Great mod ? Or HOI3 expansion ?

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    An independent game produced under the old engine's outsourcing licence it seems. Like that EU2-AGCEEP game they announced a while back.
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    It sounds just like the "For the Glory" franchise - a fan-made redux of the old game engine. In this case for the HoI series.

    (I just couldn't resist posting here. )
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    Also funny that you posted right after Nikolai

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    A wise step of Paradox! It seems that they are going to split into two branches - one presenting the fancy engine to new customers, the other enabling the community fulfill its wildest dreams.

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