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Thread: Extra buildings results in Civic dominance - solution?

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    Extra buildings results in Civic dominance - solution?

    Hi Descartes,

    I've been playing a fair bit of Imperium 1.2 beta lately, and I'm loving it so far. I'm very impressed with the interface changes - those gfx files are an absolute headache to work with, IMHO.

    However, one of the problems I've encountered so far is that the inclusion of so many buildings makes the Civic faction so dominant in the game that I've had consistent 67-70% Civic influence for my entire Roman game so far despite my best efforts.

    Now, I've tried a few solutions so far. The first was a simple event modifier that gave civic_influence = -25 to balance out the incredible 'lack of buildings' bonus but this doesn't seem to have any effect (the modifier shows up properly with the numbers and everything, but the senate window didn't show the modifier). I tried again with just adding the modifier line to the Civic leader title instead, just to be sure and it did the same thing. I tried again, this time with giving the other factions a +25 influence bonus and it works much better, so evidently the modifier doesn't like negative values.

    Have you come up with any other solutions for the overpowered Civic faction?
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    I suppose it won't be a problem if buildings are unlocked gradually, as in vanilla.
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    I find the populists dominate, cause in order to do anything you need a decent army, but the peasantry don't seem to agree.

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