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Thread: Request: Poland-Lithuania

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    Request: Poland-Lithuania

    Its uncorrect that Poland was only called Poland during 1569-1795 i think it was. The Country was officialy called The Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania. So the name Poland-Lithuania would be awesome!
    And maybe the Duchy og Warsaw could also be created while Napoleon is trying to conquer the world? And if its not to much to ask maybe Republic of Danzig? I would like to help or make a submod if you want to add them, that would be truly epic and add some cool changes on North Eastern Europe!

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    Poland-Lithuania does sound better than Jagiellon Empire.
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    It's Jagellonian Empire, and I'm pretty sure they're not the same thing since the Jagellonian empire region extends into Hungary and Bohemia.
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    Jaggelonian was actually a rather short lived dynasty if I rememberer correctly!
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    since austria hungry is in this already poland-lithuania wouldn't be that bad of an idea as well. Especially if the event is like the spanish event where you have to be in personal union by a certain date for it to happen.

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