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Thread: Rising Nations — Screenshots

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    Rising Nations — Screenshots

    In this thread you can post your empires, played with the RN mod. Anyone built up a Canadian republican empire? Or an Australian communist empire? Show it here!

    Here is my united Holy Roman Empire, built up from Vaduz (later called Liechtenstein, available in v1.1). Yes, it was made with cheats to check if the decision for unifying works:

    (To create a map shot like this press F12 during the game. You find it in the screenshots folder.)

    You can upload a screenshot with http://imageshack.us/
    The generated code you have to copy into your message here.
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    Castile a OPM, but Granada still breathing? Heresy!

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    Here's my game as Italy, 2050 in 0.9 (gotta upgrade sometime).

    Major powers:
    Italy = Controlling Italy, Northern Africa, and part of the Balkans.
    Ukraine = Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, most of the Balkans
    United States = United States, Mexico
    Brazil = Brazil, Kongo, northern Madagascar
    India = Pakistan, Afghanistan, India
    Indonesia = Indonesia, Saudi Arabia

    Northern Africa got carved up. On the coast by Tunisia, is Poland, Germany, Turkey and Sweden. In Western Africa, you can also see little one-province Senegal (orange). Their province has 10 people in it >_>

    Poland is not yet lost: A narrative AAR for MEIOU v1.3

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    Playing as Ottoman Empire, started at 1399 screenshot is from 1790.

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    Roman Empire

    This was started as Venice, then later after a long period of total ownage on my part, it was transformed into the roman empire. the year is like 1476 i think.

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    I have a really good screenshot that I made, but I can't find it. But where would I find it in my folders?

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    norway, FTW
    year is 2084.2.1 my roman empire have never been so mighty as it has now, castille, and france have fallen to my crown, soon following most of the european nations.

    Major powers: in europa and asia: Roman empire, russia, and soon to fall ming.
    united states: cananda
    Africa: Roman Empire....still me , got the throne of castille, which made a me a few provinces richer

    was planing on doing a major offense attack on the russians, but seems i cant get past a month that make my game crash

    Alas, i can atleast be happy that i got a emperor that was worthy of ruling the empire:

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    Roman empire? is this Byzantium or some kind of mod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickle_mole View Post
    Roman empire? is this Byzantium or some kind of mod?
    Indeed, it is. It is RN (Rising Nations), best mod I've ever played.
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