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Thread: Scandinavian Empire

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    Scandinavian Empire

    Hey everyone this will be my first AAR and first serious game of HOI3 so i might as well kill two birds with one stone.

    My main goal is to conquer Norway and Finland and and part of the baltic staes to establish a scandinavian empire like sweden once was. but my first sub goal is to decied if i want to focus on building up an army or try and build factories to increse my IC. Sweden starts out with 26 ic so it will be a rough going but hopefully i can secure enough ICs from the surronding countries or build enough that i will be able to build a competent enough army to hold off invaders from the sea and the russians.

    i will be playing on Normal with no mods no resets what happens happens. Time to start playing

    sweden starts with few troops

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    Oh great, a Scandinavian AAR, we don't have any of those yet. Are you planning th join the axis? If so, it is even better
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    Ya i will be joning the axis asap..

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    Quote Originally Posted by KampfGrun View Post
    Ya i will be joning the axis asap..
    My motherland! I'm subscribed =)
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    Now we'll see just how overpowered Sweden is!
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    Operations Center
    Gustav 5 to the Armed forces
    Alrighty Men.. Since weve decided in all of our wisdom that we need to wipe the vile norwegians off the face of the planet were going to have to come up with a battle plan of somesort.
    Well i decided to call it Get the victory points as soon as possible but Public relations did not like that to much they thought the public might not get on the side of the war and we all know that when conducting war we need to be united under one banner.
    So to condduct this war properly we have divided the country into two operations. the first operation hence forth know as "Operation Hellcat" will be concentrated at securing the capital and the area around it. Operation will be split into two stages stage one marked in red will consist of securing the area around the capital. stage two is marked in green is to take the capital the middle divisions will be marching towards the capital were the flanks will be supporting the attack and holding the area down from enemy incursions

    The second operation consiting of only one stage is hence forth know as "Operation dont freeze my balls off" this will take place in the deep north were our forces will attack and hold the Norwegian port city of Narvik.

    you have all been given your orders carry them out to the best off your abblities

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    Norway and Finland has never been under sweden at the same time.


    - The status of the Grand Duchy of Finland, ruled from 1809 to 1917 by the Czar of Russia as the Grand Duke of Finland, closely resembled a personal union and is often described as such by Finns.[citation needed] In accordance with the Treaty of Fredrikshamn Finland was legally a part of the Russian Empire that was granted autonomy at the sufferance of the Czar; the autonomous status was temporarily repealed later on.


    - Personal union with Sweden from 1319 to 1343
    - Personal union with Denmark from 1380 to 1814 (the Norwegian Riksråd was abolished in 1536)
    - The Kalmar Union with Denmark and Sweden from 1389 to 1521 (sometimes defunct)
    - Personal union with Sweden from 1814 (when Norway declared independence from Denmark and was forced into a union with Sweden) to 1905 (Sweden did almost only controll the foreignpolitics of Norway. The norwegian Storting was controlling almost all politics.

    Just too point it out =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by toreopp View Post
    - Personal union with Sweden from 1319 to 1343
    Under those years both areas were under Swedish control at the same time.

    - Personal union with Sweden from 1814 (when Norway declared independence from Denmark and was forced into a union with Sweden) to 1905 (Sweden did almost only controll the foreignpolitics of Norway. The norwegian Storting was controlling almost all politics.
    Not completely true. Sweden had majorily control over large portions of the Norwegian politics from 1814, though it was removed yearly in bits. By the start of the 20th century the control of Norway was just the official part, it was barely anything Sweden controlled in Norway.
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    I will give you that.

    But the Kings of sweden on that time was week. Also, Norway was highly influenced by Denmark.


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    Sorry i should have said this sooner but i got the inspiration to create the Sandinavian Empire from Eu3. Here is a map of my overall golas.. Norway needs to be included thou..

    UFF DA!!!
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    With Germany on their border, Denmark might be out of the question.

    Unless Sweden is REALLY overpowered
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    Update coming soon with action real action and invasions but its not who you would expect it to be
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    Hey this is really nice...I haven't seen a Scandinavian AAR for some time now...I look forward for the updates
    I'm planing to make a Croatian AAR...My last game with Croatia was really great and for some reason I stopped being Germany's puppet...But I'm going off topic...

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    Very interesting AAR Seeing lots of opportunities for sweden-will follow this one..

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    you should take denmark aswell if it wasnt for those lousy french and dutch denmark would've been swedish >*:
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    Well try and get a Update out but todays my Brthday so i have to spend it with the family but sometime during the week i will. it will be great of swedens conquests

    Hastatii- im going to try and conquer the industrial section of denmark before germany..

    Welcome to the AAR everyone
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    I hope thee had a merry birthday.


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    Enewald- Welcome!! and yes i did have a good birthday except for some minor speed bumps but good otherwise.. Well i have a question to ask all of you.. When the british isle is under control should i make the puppet of Scottland or just retain all of the ic and leadership for myself.. and update on the progress after England has been delt with
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    Well here is some unfortunat news.. i saved my game in october of 1940 and now when i got back to open the save file my HOI3 game crashes anyone have and idea how to resolve this or am i going to have to wait tell a patch
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    I'd prefer a Sweden AAR with a slightly more historical approach. But I'll follow as it's a Sweden AAR.

    And to all Swedes, I hope you've all noticed the Sweden Improvment Project.
    I used to be the commander of the Swedish Forum in the Fatherland.

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