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Thread: HOI 3 Not Time Limit Patch

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    HOI 3 Not Time Limit Patch

    I hope someone is already working on this, you will be famous... lol. Also a new Compendium mode for this would be great as well...

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    editing the ending date will make me famous?

    defines = {

    start_date = '1936.1.1',
    end_date = '1998.1.1',

    now make me famous! i want to date a model

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    If it will make them famous dose that mean people know me for making the EU3: NA one

    I belive that all you need to do is edit a txt file now and you have a fully working NTL mod since (in theroy, not looked into it) the techs do not have an upper limit at the current moment.

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    Ok, newbie here. I searched all files for a similar pattern like that in the code but couldn't find anything. I was looking for a scenario file or so and also in the saved game files. Is this trick for real? And if yes where do I make those changes?


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    I believe it is in common\defines.lua

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    ittle make you famouse if you can have a multiplayer game go for more than 2 years before it ends due to crashes

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    Thanks, I found it and try it out

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    You probably need to edit the bookmark.txt file as well.
    This sets the startdate for the different scenarios.

    Also, if you want to play longer that 1970 you'll need to edit the leader-files as almost all leaders die in 1970.

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    This modification save game compatible?

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    I can't start to imagine what "compatible" is supposed to mean when you take a 1970 savegame and load it up in Default HOI3. :3

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    im sorry, but i change the defines.lua to start date 1.1.1930 and when i start the game stills in 1936. Whys doenst work ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by volksskina View Post
    im sorry, but i change the defines.lua to start date 1.1.1930 and when i start the game stills in 1936. Whys doenst work ?
    Why don't you just change the end date?

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    Because you start with bookmark (/common/bookmarks.txt), where the Road to War scenario starts with 1936.
    I don't think changing that too would work, since all the leaders and ministers originate in 1936.

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    It's a secret, obviously.
    This thread is several years old. The OP should ask this question in the mod forum because all of this information is out of date.

    I am going to close this thread. Feel free to look for an answer in the mod forum.
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