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Thread: Suggestions and wish list

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    Oh, the British East India Company HAD their Own Navy, and even Had Indian/Hindou Soldiers on their Warships - the Sepoys.

    Men that were just as good as "european" Soldiers, and because they knew their climate, language and culture.

    That are reasons they were of great help to the "Bombay Buccaneers" as the Warships of the Honrourable British East india Company were called back then.

    But... in the same sense of Company/Kingdom

    The companies were looking for Money, the Kingdoms are looking for Power.
    Does a Company need "Battleships" --> Ships of the Line?

    I know they had a few Sloop-of-War ships, Kind of small Frigates of 20-26 Guns, But did the british EIC operate Ships of 40, 60, 90 Guns?
    I doubt it, and cannot say much more, because i do not know the subject well enough.

    Lets see what Google Tells me about the Bombay Buccaneers, Bombsy Navy, John's Company and the likes...

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    This is the Only Book i have red about the Subject so far, and it has been a wonderful trip back in time.

    On the cover you see his ship - kind of a small frigate, one deck and small elevated Deck on the rear.
    The rearmost mast is surprisingly close to the mainmast... a lotta sails for a small ship. had to be pretty fast...

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    The companies did have armies and warships, but they were not allowed to use them in Europe, only outside in for example India, Africa and China.

    Wikipedia says on the British EIC in India "with the backing of a disciplined and experienced army", so they did have an army there.

    The author Ellis K. Meacham has written a trilogy of the Bombay Buccaneers called "The East Indiaman", "On the company's service" and "For king and company". I have the books in my bookcase and have reread the some times. Perhaps I will reread them now again.

    The Swedish EIC did not have any army or warship, perhaps because the company was existing later, from 1730 to 1800.
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    A few suggestions

    Excellent Idea with this game ...and for those that are all gun ho about the battles. This game is more of a financial strategy game then a battle strat/tactics. Dont get me wrong the tactical is a nice break from the strat but the game is more geared toward a finance strat.

    Few simple things i would like to see added, some have been posted but its all the same.

    1. Yes i would LOVE to see a West Indies expansion.
    2. Pop-ups with detailed information ie a popup of info about fleet compliment with homeport and destination port, total fleet cargo capacity.
    3. Supply function for ports that allow "tools" for port expansion to be wharehoused automatically on supply routes to a player preset amount.
    4. Alternate homeports therefore creating strongholds and supply lines or waypoints of max range in which ships have to port (this is an automated function of the game but wish this could be manually set) after max range you could loose crew and eventually ship adrift. This option holds some possibilities for some super dynamics to future expansion of game play. Like random generated points to be discovered as supply line ports that would make ideal locations for waypoint/resupply points for fleets to stop on way, would force a progression around the map. And fights for the supply lines would become vital increasing demand for fortifications and increasing cost. Making ships carry money to pay for resupply if not at one of their ports. Also creating a booty for the agressor or a pleasant bounty for the dfender.
    5. Fleet size and dynamics increased. Fleet= trade + Escort which at battle points would allow option for trade to break away and continue unattended from escort or fight with them.
    6. Fleet screen where fleet list can be seen and things like what ports are being serviced can be seen, and # ships in fleet, total of cargo capacities/marines, fleet speed max..set by slowest ship.
    7. Ports need a bit af realism to them. The level of fortification/garrisoning would depict the importants to the "Crown" and would cost climb astronomically if both were used at max level. Same would be said about wharehousing, shipbuilding, and tradebuildings. So devise a system that only allow so much to be built at first and a port could be managed to increase as it makes money. ie if it remained neutral and serviced other ships it could have a fee charged (standard fee be modified by diplomacy or repair fees) in which it could invest in expansion,exploration of surrounding area to find resources, buy items from passing ships (raw materials if it has a manufacturer, blacksmith, or end items like cannons, tools) that the port has on buy list of tools/items it needs to expand.
    8. Blockades
    9. Last but not least, Euro Homeports should be Ominous but not impossible to force a player out of game...again Blockades could serve this function as a means to shutdown a euro homeport. but would take a huge number of fleets to do this cus a homport would have its own defensive fleet. therefore you could only initiate a blockade if you had twice the number of ships as the port. OF course the blockade could be broke by raising the number of ships to that of the blockade fleet.. if blockade not lifted after said time then port is dfeated. this would force battle of all incoming ships

    So with all this being said... looks liikes a total restructure of the internal dynamics of the game for West Indies expansion. But its a good foundation and fun. But yes i would like the strategy side to get an overhaul, to make it a bit more dynamic and strategic.

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