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Thread: A History Of The Roman Empire

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    Yeah, as far as I remember alone the prestige loss for missing the cores in Asia Minor is quite hefty. Yet it seems as if you won't have trouble remedying that situation

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    Enewald: Well, my storyline says that Andronikos V's mind got a bit...strange after his plague induced isolation. That way I can invade anywhere with that backstory (like Byzantine Belgium )

    Qorten: I was referring to the revolt in Burgas that was in the latest update. Thankfully, I was willing to lose the prestige and money, so in return I wouldn't have 6,000 rebels in my heartland while most of my army was in Flanders.

    L Lawliet: Regaining all cores is a priority, however the oppurtunity to conquer Flanders was there, and I figured I might as well add a little weirdness to the AAR.

    Milites: O, don't worry, I won't.
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    I assume with the death of Manuel II that the "no going west of Serbia" rule is gone...

    Go conquer those Trebizondian Komnenoi, before they are eaten. And make them your ruling dynasty somehow... That, and kill all those Balkan Slav nations for your land. If Croatia just broke from Hungary, they'll be easy pickings.

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