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Thread: Rising Nations — Suggestions

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    I'd really love a way for the version 1.2 of the mod to work on the mac version of the game.
    The Magna Mundi mod made it possible, so, why not the Rising Nations? I've tryed everything, but still no success.

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    Is there a way in the next RN for a bookmark for every nation to be a 1 province minor or something?

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    can you incorperate that really cool looking map mod TOT into RN?

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    Crossing the Bering Strait

    Big fan of this series of mods.

    One issue I have is the difficulty of travelling from Alaska to Siberia/Chukchi and reverse in the current map; you have to cross 5 or so ocean tiles. The Aluetian chain should extend so that it is only one tile away from Eurasia.

    Probably not necessary for each island to be a sperate province, but they should form an "islands bridge" from the old to new world.

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    I would like to see the state religions of modern nations fixed according to this

    Oh and a few things about my home country, Indonesia
    Surabaya, Ternate and Tidore should be Sunni
    Menade, Ambom, Ceram and the whole lot of West Papua should be Protestant
    Flores and Sumba should be Catholic
    Aceh should only have core in their old capital province, and Papua New Guinea shouldn't have cores in West Papua, it would be more appropriate if you have a new revolter West Papua.

    Also I would like to see the nation of Singapore and move the CoT there instead of Sunda

    And I seem to notice that Italy loves to attack the pope using "nationalism" and instead of objecting, the rest of Europe helped destroying them
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    Quote Originally Posted by theconfusedone View Post
    I would like to see the state religions of modern nations fixed according to this
    I had to be a bit moderate in giving religious freedom, because otherwise Great Britain or Argentina would never ally with religious tolerant countries. So all countries are religious tolerant, where people of other religions don't get too much discriminated.

    I think the other wishes are no problem. Singapore is still there in my beta-version 1.5

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    First, congrats on this mod. It is THE best mod for EU3; I actually do not play regular EU3 anymore


    Geographically, South America is a mess. I can vouch for at least Argentina, my home country. The provinces have really weird shapes and strange names; I don't ask for every single one of Argentina's 23 provinces to be individually represented, but the map and provinces could be tweaked a bit for sure. That probably applies to Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay to say the least.

    And why does Buenos Aires not have a COT? It was the biggest port this side of South America and the point of entry for many goods (and contraband), from the days of the Spanish viceroyalty to, well, today.

    Also, although it's shared in part by Argentina and Chile, the Tierra del Fuego province is mostly on Argentine territory but in RN it is Chilean.

    Back on the revolutionary times, what would be Uruguay was part of what RN calls La Plata, as was Paraguay. Uruguay was never part of the Brazilian Empire.

    Finally, I think most new countries in South America, especially Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, should start at war with Spain, yes, but allied with Great Britain, which historically lent its support to these countries in their independence struggles, even if GB was not on an open war with Spain.
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    For the creation of Israel start point, you have Israel at war with most of the Middle East, which is accurate. However, they only start with two units of infantry while at war with multiple nations who have a total military strength of 50+ units. Suffice to say, I found Israel gets overrun very quickly.

    In terms of accuracy, the size may be appropriate, but it makes them almost impossible to play at this start point.

    You should consider giving them a stronger starting force so that they are playable at this time and actually have a somewhat more realistic chance of surviving that war.

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    You have the Republic of Tuscany in the game.. however it was the Republic of Florence from 1197-1532 and the Duchy of Florence from 1532-1569. It was not until Pope Pius V granted Grand Duke of Tuscany to Cosimo I de' Medici that Tuscany would become a country.
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    Could you add these countries following:

    Krajina (Croatia)
    Srpska (Bosnia)
    West Bosnia
    --with adding provinces for them as scenario about civil war of Croatia and Bosnia.

    South Sudan
    Rif Republic
    West Sahara

    East Turkestan
    South Moluccas
    Kurdistan (Iraq)
    Tannu Tuva
    (Russian) Far East Republic
    North Caucasia

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    Big Wish List
    1- Fix the Middle East and Caucasus (Badiyat ash Sham should be cut out, major to Iraq as new province 'Anbar', the rest is taken in by Dar Ez Zor, Damascus, and Hawran)
    - Basra should be renamed Kuwait, since modern day city of Basra is in Iraq'i'Arab. The sea border of Iraq'i'Arab should make the province of Basra.
    - Armenia does not border Iraq, Seperate it into 2 parts, Northern should be Armenia, south should be called Kurdistan and is a province of Turkey. Also create a nation that has cores on Sharizhor, Van, Mus, Kurdistan (the one you should create) and name it Kurdistan (it will be like Baluchistan, just having the cores, and Iraq or Turkey can give it independence), and change their cultures to Kurdish which should be an Iranian culture.
    - Palestine should have cores on Negev and Judea.
    - The North African Arab states, should have their province's cultures changed from Tuareg and Berber to Maghreb Arabic (Morocco, Algeria and Libya) and Misr Arabic (Sudan, Egypt)
    - The Province of Azerbaijan should be given to Iran, and the nation of Azerbaijan has it as a core.
    - Even though Khuzekstan is in Iran, it culture is actually Iraqiya Arabic and Iraq should get it as a core.
    - The Province religion of Al Hasa and Bahrain should be changed back to SHiite.
    - Mosul and Sharizhor are actually Sunni aswell.
    -A new province that consists of the sea border of Aleppo should be created called Al Alawi.
    -Rename the province of Palestine to West Bank
    -Rename province of Judea to Nazareth (since modern day province of Judea is in the West Bank)
    -Syria should lose its core on Badiyat Ash Sham/Anbar on Iraq's Independence in 1920
    I know this is much, but the Middle East is the Modern Day center of war, and it would be nice to clear things up. Love your mod btw!
    -Like the European Union there should also be an Arab League.

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    Oh i forgot-
    -Why is the provincial capital of Gaza, Palestine (West Bank) and Shamal Sinai all Gaza????
    -Change population of Damascus and Iraq'i'Arab to 9999999 like Jerusalem, since they have both 6 million and 8 million, and Jerusalem has got 1 million. This should apply aswell to Athens, Jabal Shammar, Basra (not Kuwait but the Iraqi Basra).
    -During the Arab-Israeli War, Israel should be more stronger. I myself am an Arab and would like to crush Israel, but Israel did prove a worthy and tough foe.
    -Right before the creation of Israel, their was a state of Palestine for a year.
    -I wouldnt call Hamas Palestine a Military Dictatorship, since it was elected into power.
    -Iraq under Saddam Hussain was a Republican Dictatorship, not a Military Dictatorship.
    -Kings of Iraq should have Al Hashemi (e.g. Faisal I Al Hashemi, Ghazi I Al Hashemi, Faisal II Al Hashami)
    -During 1958-1961 Syria and Egypt should be one state called the United Arab Republic who have the modern day Syrian Flag.
    -During 1957 to Abdul Karim Kassem's coup in Iraq, Iraq and Jordan should be one state called the Arab Federation under King Faisal II Al Hashemi.
    - Jordanian Monarch History should be added with Al Hashemi as their last names - This should also be applied to the short lived nation of Hedjaz.
    -Greece should be a Constitutional Republic and have cores on North and South Cyrpus.

    Btw i also noticed modder (convict) hasnt posted in a while. is this mod dying? PLZ NO!!! I would like to help with history but i dont know much about modding, i do know Monarch and Leader names and stuff.
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    i self modified most of the things above, but i need help with :
    -The sea border of Iraq'i'Arab should make the province of Basra.
    --A new province that consists of the sea border of Aleppo should be created called Al Alawi.
    -Arab League
    -During the Arab-Israeli War, Israel should be more stronger

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    RN 1.4 - Development

    Hello. Im new in modding, i know the main things, and I really like this mod. But I do not see the mod maker post anymore which scares me. I would like to start a RN Development group. Whom develops Rising Nations into a more realistic and broader mod. For example, creations of new provinces in the Middle East for more deadlly wars. Boosting up Israel's Strength. Fixing cultures and histories. Creating unknown future events and possibly Future Factions. Till now im doing quite well. I have fixed the cultures of North Africa. I have added Palestinian, Greek, Jordanian and Fixed Iraqi history. I have added a Kurdish cultures with a Kurdish state claiming provinces in Iraq, Turkey and Iran. I have fixed positions of certain cities.
    I would like to recruit people in charge of certain areas in the World, myself would be the Middle East. I would also like a modder who is capable of creating provinces, since i can never get the hang of it.

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    I don't know how to mod but i would like to help as i really enjoy this mod so if you need a hand with stuff like researching possible things to put in the mod i will be glad to help.
    "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" - Karl Marx

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    Modding is pretty easy, From my experience all you do is copy - paste - change. Just creating provinces is difficult for me.

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    I am still looking for people!
    Overlord90 and others who are interested, please email me : huss_khash@hotmail.com
    or we could discuss our plans here.
    Till now I have made a few changes in the Middle East, Greece and Cyprus. What I really need help with is creation of new provinces.
    I plan to create many new provinces in Israel/Palestine, to strengthen Israel. Also in Iraq.
    I have added to new nations in North Iraq to show the civil war. Assyria a Sunni Arab Nation has a core over Badiyat Ash Sham (renamed Anbar), Mosul (renamed Ninawa) and Syrian territory: Dayr Az Zor. Kurdistan , a Sunni Kurdish (new Iranian culture) has cores over SHarizhor, and 3 Turkish provinces and 1 Iranian province. I added Greek, Jordanian, Palestinian history. I fixed Iraqi, Greek History.
    I plan to develop the rest of the world in Modern Conflicts and Future Projections.
    I added a new bookmark that currently has a Unified Greek Cyprus, Palestinian Liberation, Greater SHiite Iraq, Kurdish Nation and Assyria.

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    hey. let us know what needs doin n what u have done and i will try and have a go and do some.
    "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" - Karl Marx

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    I need you to make sure every European, North American country has its history. Eg its Leaders and its population. Im concentrating on the Middle East atm. I have created new provinces in Iraq, i will in SYria, Israel (make them very strong), and Greece, and Lebanon. i want RN to be developed stronglly.

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    I plan to release a version of the mod with a greatly developed Middle East and Greece soon.
    My progress
    -Added all greek, cypriot and arab history (except Lebanon) , by history meaning their leaders.
    -Added provinces in Iraq and i will do the same in Lebanon, Greece, Syria, Israel, Palestine and Jordan.
    -Added a decision for Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Palestine and Jordan to unite. (Levantine State) Need help with deciding a flag.
    -The title Statholder for Administrative Republics has been changed to Prime Minister.
    -Renamed and changed the shape of a few provinces as well as adding their current popuation.
    -Added a Kurdish culture and a Kurdish formable nation.
    -Plan more
    -Need more ppl for other parts of the world. Preferably Central Asia, Africa and South America.

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